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  1. What makes you think it's a doll? It seems to be that the Iranian woman protesting is the one buried up to her neck. I don't see the big deal anyway. People should have an idea of what stoning looks like.
  2. (wasalam) I was making a general point that it doesn't matter if they execute someone by stoning or hanging, the method of proof should be the same. If the head of the Majlis judiciary commission considers that in most cases it's difficult to prove guilt for adultery(which is an understatement to say the least), then what difference will it make if they replace stoning by hanging? Is less proof required to hang someone than to stone them? With regards to this specific case, if the woman has been charged with having something to do with a murder, then that's all Iran need to say to put an end t
  3. Where did MysticKnight compare Imam Ali(as) to Yazid(la)?
  4. Forgive me if I am wrong, but wouldn't the burden of proof for hanging someone for adultery be the same as for stoning? Also, isn't stoning the correct Islamic way of punishing this crime, and is it wise to change that?
  5. I think it's a dangerous thing to speculate too seriously on whether various political leaders are people prophesied in the hadith literature. Once you convince ourself of something like this, then you will automatically stop questioning, and just blindly follow. I don't think there is any harm in indulging in some light-hearted speculation, but it shouldn't be taken too seriously, and people should keep their minds open at all times.
  6. So adultery is so difficult to prove, that it is unecessary to include in the new punishment bill? How does that square with all the reports of people being sentenced to death in Iran for the same crime? Are all these stories fabricated? Any reasonable person can see that under the most commonly available rules for proving adultary(fpr example the ones posted earlier in this thread), it is virually impossible to prove. The same goes for proving homosexual acts. So in theory, as long as adulterers and homosexuals don't go around confessing their crimes, or exposing themselves in front of four m
  7. Do these local ulama consider themselves more educated on Islam than Syed Fadlallah? I thought it was our belief that only the Qur'an could be taken as 100% authentic, but now it seems that if someone questions whether some event from history is completely proven, then it is as if he questions the Qur'an. If people disagree about some event, then they should have a scholarly debate about it, but they shouldn't react with the kind of over-emotional response that greeted the product of Syed Fadlallah's research. To be unhappy with someone because they have praised a scholar of the stature of Sye
  8. There are some Syeds out there who aren't even Muslim. Genealogy doesn't have much to do with faith.
  9. 'New' stooge? The house of Saud has been a Zionist stooge for a long time now, and any anti-Israel talk is just for show. The fact that they have agreed for Israel to use Saudi airspace in the event of an attack on Iran shows their true colours.
  10. (wasalam) Why would she confess, when she knows what the penalty for that is? How do we know a confession wasn't forced out of her? Did she confess on 4 seperate occasions, as required? If not, she has the right to recant her confession, does she not? Is any of the other evidence such as statements from the neighbours, confessions of the other men, and statements from her children, considered admissible in Islam in order to convict someone of adultery? If other evidence is going to be admitted, then it should be just as convincing as having four reliable witnesses, however 2 out of 5 of the j
  11. If they are still going to execute her, it makes little difference that it won't be by stoning, although of course the suffering will be much less. I wish Iran would just give an outline of the evidence against her, and why she was found guilty. As far as I'm concerned, if any other evidence is used other than 4 reliable male witnesses or a uncoerced confession, then this woman should not be sentenced to death. Does anyone here understand what this 'judge's knowledge' stuff is about? Has anyone ever read any ahadith were such a way of deciding someone's guilt for a similar crime was used?
  12. Personally I would agree with you, but I think these pictures have been allowed by most scholars haven't they? I'm not aware of any fatwas forbidding them.
  13. According to the Times of London, Iran have backed down over the stoning, but may still hang her. No other sources have reported this yet as far as I can tell. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/
  14. Does that mean that if someone makes a picture of the 12 Imams(as) and represents them all as white or chinese, then you are fine with that? I don't think anyone should use the possbile race or colour of the Imams(as) for any kind of 'race war' purposes, of course not. However, I don't think such information should be suppressed either. Considering the racism that exists within some of our communities, I think it would be good for people to be more aware of the diverse origins of our Imams(as). It is also a good lesson for those who think that racial or cultural purity is something important(f
  15. I never said it was a big deal. First of all, I don't think what the person did was that bad. I consider him to mainly be unlucky that these videos became public. Even if he had commited some major crime, I still won't use it to discredit anyone else other than him. I think it's just ridiculous to for anyone to use this minor incident to call into question Ayatollah Sistani's judgement. How is he supposed to know what kind of things a person does in private? Actually, you are right. I'm just assuming that making recordings for personal use isn't allowed. The reason I assume that is because is
  16. I'm not sure I understand your point here brother. Could you elaborate?
  17. Miscarriages of justice can happen anywhere. Personally, I'm not so interested in whether she is innocent or guilty, but rather what kind of evidence the judges used to find her guilty. I've read that she is supposed to have confessed, but in that case wouldn't she still have the right to withdraw her confession? And anyway, if she claims she is innocent, why would she confess in the first place?I'm also curious as to why she is now being stoned if she has already been lashed for the same crime(as far as I understand it).
  18. As far as I can tell, the only thing he did wrong was to make the recordings.
  19. I don't know if it is that simple because Imam Mahdi(ajt) first asks Nabi Isa(as) to lead the prayers. It could be argued that this shows that Nabi Isa(as) is greater in stature. In any case, I don't think we should worry too much about it. I don't see what difference it makes to our faith, whoever is in fact greater in the eyes of Allah(swt). The most important thing is that we love and respect all of our beloved Prophets and Imams, and make sure we remember them all.
  20. This is what I have been trying to find out in another thead: Unfortunately nobody has yet been able to enlighten me on this topic. If the judge has complete discretion to take into account whatever evidence he feels like, then you might as well throw the conditions about 4 witnesses or a confession out the window. It would really be interesting to know exactly how much leeway the judge has in these cases.
  21. Thank you very much for directing me to that post. I will repost the rules here. http://www.al-islam.org/greater_sins_complete/15.htmGiven these conditions, I can't see how it is at all realistic to ever prosecute someone for adultery. You might get one or two exceptional cases where someone wants to confess of their own free will, but then you would have to wonder if they are sane. However, there is no guarantee that the Iranian laws about dealing with adultery coincide exactly with the Islamic ones. Maybe they feel like these laws are too restrictive, and they should have more leeway than
  22. Ok, thanks sister. What is the best way to ask a mod to move it there?
  23. I agree with you sister, but from what I posted above it seems like there is also seems to be some room for the judge to use his own judgement in these cases. I was hoping that someone here would be more familiar with how exactly that works, and could shed some light on it. It's pretty obvious that if the only ways to prove adultary are by having 4 righteous male witnesses who saw the act in extreme detail, or an uncoerced unretracted confession, then hardly anyone would ever be convicted. However, we hear many cases all over the muslim world, so it must be that there are some other ways that
  24. Inna Lillahi wa ina ilayhi raji3oon Very sad news. Whether one agrees with his views or not, it can't be denied that he was an original thinker who offered many of us serious food for thought.
  25. Salam, This is my first post here, although I have been lurking on this great forum for several months. I wanted to ask about something that has confused me for a while now, but was once again brought to my mind by the following article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/02/iranian-woman-stoning-death-penalty. In the article it states A search on the internet reveals that article 105 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran, in the section on punishment for adultery supposedly says http://www.wluml.org/node/3908I had first done a search on the official-looking http://mehr.org/Islamic_Pena
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