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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How can I take someone as an example sent by God, when he is capable of doing something I couldn't even imagine doing? By the way, don't Sunnis also claim that the Prophet (pbuh) turned his back on the blind man? How so? The meccans were shown clear signs, and knew Muhammad (pbuh) to have exemplary conduct. Musa (as) accidentaly killed someone before the start of his prophethood. It's hardly the same thing. Yunus (as) had to put up with stubborn disbelievers for years and years, and finally had enough, and left. It's true that it was against the advice of Allah (swt), but it wasn't a sin.
  2. Let me tell you this, if I witnessed someone who claimed to be a Prophet of God be so disrespectful blind man, I would never believe in him. It's ridiculous for anyone to claim this is just a 'mistake'. Would you behave in this way towards a blind man? Would any decent human being, let alone any decent Muslim, do so? No. But somehow we should believe that our Holy Prophet (pbuh) did. What nonsense.
  3. It's not just the Shia. Most people of every race and religion are sheep. However in my experience born Muslims tend to be more close-minded than a lot of other people. A disproportionate number of them also use ridiculous arguments like 'my parents told me', or 'my shayk told me' in discussions. You even see it on this forum sometimes. I have never heard an adult Westerner say something like that. This goes to show that a lot of people don't do any research themselves, and are far too trusting of what they are told by authority figures. I know middle-aged Shias would have hardly read anything
  4. Jazakallah brother. Very interesting post. The fact that its recent popularity is partly due to the Wahhabi influence gives some insight into why it is so frequently quoted by the ennemies of Islam. Can you suggest any references for further reading on Ibn Kathir?
  5. Why is it Ibn Kathir quoted so often by anti-Muslim writers? Do Sunnis really consider it to be one of the most authoritative Tafsirs of the Quran?
  6. I don't have anything to add to the posts of mcisaac and Nader Zaveri. You sound like you are well within the fold of Shia Islam to me, and I wouldn't want to associate myself with anyone who says that you aren't.
  7. I agree. I think these two are by far the two best English Shia speakers.
  8. What about Zayd ibn Harithah? Isn't it likely he would have come before Abu Bakr? Or did he hesitate before accepting Islam?
  9. I'm sorry, but that isn't evidence. I have already seen similar sketches in other places. What is needed is some proper documentation. Supposedly there are pictures available, where are they?
  10. I don't doubt that some of the Shia are the true Muslims, but from what I can tell the majority don't have a clue about their religion, and just repeat the stuff their parents told them. The Shia community doesn't consist of ShiaChat, it also includes many, many, people who have never even read the Quran or Nahjul Balagha, never mind anything else. That's not my business. I'm assuming the sister has good reasons. Anyway, maybe the person has never been properly exposed to the concept. As long as he isn't very adamant on his Sunni beliefs, there are good chances to convert him through example,
  11. You keep repeating this, but I disagree completely. People should be Shia because they have come to the rational conviction that it is the right path, not because their parents told them what to believe. As long as the husband agrees to let the children decide for themselves later on, then I don't see the problem. The only ones that will have to answer to Allah are the children if they think the Sunni path is the better of the two. I agree.
  12. Some prominent members of the community are convinced this story is true, so I'm bumping this thread for those that have some evidence.
  13. Where is the evidence? Where are these pictures that were mentioned? I'm well aware of the story that has been circulating on the internet for many years, but this has been shown to be a hoax. If this story were true, it would be published in a scholarly journal, and it could be used to convert people. Why has this not been done?
  14. Excellent post. Even some of the most famous and respected of our speakers often quote very weak hadiths, or so-called 'facts' that wouldnt' stand up to a moment's scrutiny. I have never seen anyone say that a hadith they are quoting is thought to be weak, whereas they will always point out if it is mutawatir. A favourite way of bringing these weak hadith in by certain people is to say something like 'certain traditions state...', and then proceed to say something that they must know is extremely far fetched. If the famous guys are doing this, I can only imagine what the local zakir in Pakista
  15. Considering the Pakistani public keep electing the same crooks over and over again, they get the governments they deserve as far as I am concerned. I have absolutely no sympathy for them when they turn around and complain about the corruption of their politicians. When you elect the party of 'mr 10%', I'm not exactly sure what you should expect other than corruption. Another criminal, Nawaz Sharif, is waiting in the wings to get another go at ransacking the country, and the public is probably dumb enough to give him the chance to do so.
  16. Do we know anything about the other two games mentioned? Shouldn't this translate into a more general ruling than simply that chess is haram? There are many things that I could think of that Muslims regularly do that aren't generally considered haram, but would certainly be worse than chess according to this criteria. Chess at least has some proven educational benefits. What benefits are there to watching nonsense programmes on TV?
  17. Some people see Wahhabis everywhere. I wonder if they check for them under their beds before going to sleep?
  18. I said nothing inaccurate, you perhaps simply misunderstood what I said. In my first response to you I quoted him word for word, and it is clear to everyone what he meant. You are also mistaken if you think it bothered me. To be honest, I couldn't care less. It's between the person and Allah (swt). All I did was point out that calling the Sayed Omar Khamenei was not the worst thing that was said on that page.
  19. According to you he said nothing wrong, so why edit the post? I hope next time you will think twice before calling someone a liar.
  20. That's why I said he insinuated it, not that he said it. The fact is one person called Sayed Khamenei Omar Khamenei, then another quotes the following from Mohammad Shirazi: and tells him to follow in their footsteps. The first person then responds with "Did you read the part where he says what we do to apostates?". http://shirazi.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/26-finally/ I am the first person to give the benefit of the doubt, but I don't know how else to read this.
  21. I don't even think that was the worst thing on that page. Later on someone insinuated that Sayed Khamenei was an apostate. Anyway, if people want to have a forum with very little moderation, then I have no problem with it. There is no moderation in real life after all, and everyone will be answerable to Allah (swt) for what they write.
  22. It seems I might have been confused about something. I always assumed that the age of bulugh for a girl must mean that she menstruates, but it seems that it just means she has passed a certain age, usually given to be 9. If so, this means that it is halal to have sexual intercourse with a woman who isn't physically ready for it. On the other hand, a boy is only considered of age when he has nocturnal emissions. Do I have this right?
  23. I have also heard this many times but never seen a reference. I always thought it was permissible to marry a girl of any age, and long as there is no intercourse before the age of 9, or the age of bulugh. Let's not forget Sayed Khomeini's infamous ruling on what it is permissible to do with an underage girl you have married. Obviously in order to have such a ruling it must be permissible to marry in the first place.
  24. Do you know of any ahadith confirming that there can not be sexual intercourse until the age of bulugh? Obviously this is what anyone would expect, but it would be nice to have some clear ahadith on this.
  25. Some people say that Prophet (pbuh) consummating a marriage with a 9 year ol girl is a huge slander on his character. But surely this story would have been in circulation during the time of the Imams (as), and they would have corrected it had it been wrong. And as brother Nader points out, Bibi Fatima (as) wouldn't have been much older than that when she married Imam Ali (as), unless her age has been miscalculated as well. However, I have never met a Shia who had any problem with her being 18 at the time of her death, so it sould follow that they have no problem with her being around 9 or 10 a
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