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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't have a problem with stoning, as long as the only proof used to carry out the punishments is either 4 righteous witnesses, or an unretracted, uncoerced confession(with some other safeguards). Nothing else, not DNA, or any other modern methods. It should be obvious to anyone that under such strict conditions, only the most brazen people would be stoned for adultery. No one who isn't insane will confess either. And if they are insane, they can't be stoned. In other words, it is a punishments that should hardly ever be carried out, but it's severity should make people stop and think.
  2. Why? Sunnis believe in a Mahdi too, so unless there were some more details given about imamate, they would probably still be Sunnis.
  3. Well, if Al Aqsa was the direction of worship at the time of the birth of Jesus(as), but the Kaaba wasn't at the time of the birth Imam Ali (as), then it's not the same thing, is it? As for this theory of the Kaaba not becoming the direction of prayer before the birth of Imam Ali(as), there are a couple of problems. Firstly, the Kaaba was originally built by Adam (as), and I would guess that it was his direction of prayer. It was then later rebuilt by Ibrahim (as) and Ismael (as), and I suppose it was their direction of prayer too. So the Kaaba being the direction of prayer was nothing new. Secondly, the Muslims prayed in the directon of Al Aqsa for many years before Allah (swt) changed it to the Kaaba. Imam Ali (as) was already an adult by that time, so what connection does this have with his birth? If there was a link, Muslims would have prayer in the direction of the Kaaba from the beginning, or at least Allah (swt) or the Prophet (pbuh) would mentioned that the change of direction had something to do with the birth of Imam Ali (as). The fact is, by praying in the direction of the Kaaba, Muslims were simply reverting to the practice of Adam (as), Ibrahim (as), and others, and this had nothing to do with Imam Ali (as) being born there. Of course, it is a great honor that he was born there, but I don't think too much should be read into it, such as the change of the Qibla.
  4. I'm not sure, but I think the timeline is first Imam Mahdi (as) comes back, closely followed Prophet Isa (as), then Imam Mahdi dies within about 7 years, and Prophet Isa (as) live out the rest of his natural life. During that time there will be peace in most of, if not all of the world. However, there may still be a relatively short period between the death of Isa (as) and Qiyamah. There may not be peace during that time, and no one will know exactly when it will end.
  5. I'm not an expert on this topic, but I think it's understood that the Quran is talking about fornicators in the verse on lashing, and not adulterers. Both Shias and Sunnis have hadith about verses on stoning adulterers that were revealed, but for various possible reasons didn't make it into the Quran we have today. Someone with more knowledge will have to give you the details, but I think the main points are on the thread I gave a link to.
  6. You can't be serious. You are giving Ahmadinejad way too much credit. He is not an infallible, nor has he probably don't the required research in order to have any credibility on this issue whatsoever. It's just a load of nationalist nonsense that has no place in Islam. No only that, but he is making himself look foolish to the entire outside world. So you are judging their IQ based on how they vote in elections? That makes a lot of sense...
  7. It's permissible under Shia law, although I think there is some debate as to whether it's a punishment that should only be carried out in the presence of an infallible. It has been used in Iran, but I think they are considering dropping it, since in any case it is very hard to gather the required proof. There are many other threads on this, such as this one: .
  8. I'll just be happy to get there. The houris can be green for all I care. Allah knows best. Just use this as motivation to better yourself. You could start by not abusing other people who you think might be better Muslims than you.
  9. I think they have a form of engagement in Indian/Hindu culture as well, so it's not just a Western thing. But yes, there is no such thing in Islam.
  10. Yes, it's sad to say, but some Shias obviously have no interest in making it any easier for others to come to the faith. They selfishly only want to cling to a practice they have no evidence there is even any reward for. On the other hand, we know there is a lot of reward in helping someone come to Islam.
  11. I'm not sure of the details in Iranian law, but she should be able to get a divorce if she has a valid reason, and argues her case in front of some jurists.
  12. It would have been a bit hard for Jesus (as) to have been born in the Kaaba since his mother was from Israel. Anyway, this whole thing isn't that significant. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) wasn't born in the Kaaba, and no one is better than him. None of the other Imams (as) were born in the Kaaba either, and it doesn't lower their status.
  13. Let's just hope he/she doesn't google it, although hopefully the first thing that will come up is the World Taekwondo Federation(http://www.wtf.org).
  14. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/aug/06/sakineh-mohammadi-ashtiani-iran-interview Ok, once again some new things coming out, and I'm even more confused. First of all, why did the son forgive his father's murderer?? That just makes no sense to me. Secondly, it would be really nice to know what the situation is with regards to the conspiracy to murder charge against her. There are so many stories flying around. I'm not sure if she was found guilty, acquitted, found guilty but pardoned by her son, etc? And finally, if she has been found guilty of adultery and is to be executed for that, why aren't the two men she is supposed to have committed the adultary with? Were they both unmarried? And if so, have they already been lashed for their crime? To be honest, there are some elements of this story that are starting to look like propaganda to me. I mean, all this stuff about how she is being punished because she is a woman, that women can't get divorced in Iran(aside from being untrue, what does this have to do with anything?), not understanding that she was to be stoned until she got back to her cell(couldn't she ask her lawyer what was going on?). I still think it's unlikely she should have been sentenced to death for adultery, but I also think it's very likely that this story is being manipulated by enemies of the current Iranian regime. So I'm in a postition where I don't trust either side anymore.
  15. Yes, tattoos are technically halal, but the reasons for wanting one have to be taken under consideration. To be honest, I can't think of a good reason why anyone would want a permanent tattoo, so personally I would advise against them. You might always regret it later, and if you aren't yet married you should take into consideration that your future spouse might not like it.
  16. I agree with the mother, but she shouldn't have embarrassed him in front of everyone like that. She should have told him off later in private. By the way, would his behaviour fall under 'imitating the disbelievers', and therefore be haram?
  17. Does your 4 year old ever ask you what 'WTF' means?
  18. Ahmadinejad really does say some stupid things sometimes.
  19. We'll have to wait for someone who speaks Farsi to give an answer on this, but as a general point I will say that you should be very careful about anything coming from MEMRI. They are anti-Muslim Zionist organisation known for mistranslations(usually fairly subtle but meaningful ones), and dodgy editing. To get an idea about them, read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East_Media_Research_Institute.
  20. Two out of five of those qualified Shia jurists found her not guilty, so how compeling could the evidence really have been?
  21. Go to this website, it has all the information you should need on mutah.
  22. I find some people's 'love' for Khamenei, and the whole Iranian government to be a bit scary at times. People should try and remember that these people are not infallible, and even the most pious-looking person could potentially be a deceiver. Obviously no one should be wishing death on anyone, or slandering them, but on the other hand I don't think the IRI supporters should be so aggressive towards anyone that dares to question some of the government's behaviour. The way some people act, you would think it's tantamount to blasphemy to say anything critical about Iran.
  23. Regardless of whether the woman is innocent or guilty, or should or shouldn't be executed, why was her lawyer being harassed?
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