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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm sure they have all been presented in previous threads on this topic, as have your proofs. []quote What's unconvincing about it? Would you like to present an alternative view? Go check out all of the tafasir from the school of Ahlul Bayt (as) and this is what they say. In fact, you might be interested to note that even Sunnis use these verses to prove to Wahhabis that the Prophet (pbuh) is alive and can hear us. Hearing and knowing your thoughts aren't the same thing. Neither does this say anything about having the power to answer prayers. We are going to go in circles on this issue. I bel
  2. I never said mourning was haram. You can also mourn without hitting yourself. I'm not sure why things have gone down this road anyway. All I said was there was much more evidence for the benefits of reading, reciting, learning, and listening to the Quran than matam. I wasn't even arguing that it wasn't allowed, or had no benefit. No one has shown why my original point was wrong. I am aware of all these hadiths about people beating themselves after the death of a loved one, but there are a few problems. First of all, do we know if they are authentic? And most importantly, there is no evidence
  3. The problem is you wouldn't accept what the sources say. Instead of accepting the clear verses, you want to twist the less clear ones, like you did later in your post. Did I say is wasn't possible? No, I didn't. Anything is possible by the will of Allah (swt), but just because something is possible doesn't mean it is actually happening. The burden of proof is on proving that it is happening, not on saying it is possible, or asking someone to prove it isn't happening. Quite frankly, the fact that this tired argument of it being possible get brought up every single time indicates how weak the c
  4. Very weak. There are many other ways of showing love, and I am not so presumptious as to assume that the way I show my love is better than what the Imams (as) and their followers did. I know you will all say that isn't what you think, but the emotional attachement you have to this practice shows you do think it is extremely important. Funny how something so important and so simple never occured to the Imams (as) or their companions.
  5. I'm sorry, but even if you are aware that the Imam (as) gets his power from Allah (swt), I don't think it is right to make dua to him. You talk about asking a normal human being for things, but when I ask someone for something I don't speak to them in the same way as when I make dua to Allah (swt). What you guys argue is that nothing is shirk as long as you know that Allah (swt) is the prime source of power. Could someone show me an example of an Imam 'praying' to a previous Imam, or the Prophet (pbuh), in this way? Can someone show me a hadith where an Imam says that after he passes from this
  6. We don't need to go to channel 4 documentaries. There are people on this site, and even on this very thread, that say it's ok to pray to Imams (as) as long as you have the right 'intention'.
  7. There are numerous hadiths on the benefits of reading, reciting, and learning the Quran. Show me one hadith on the the benefit of matam.
  8. Well, I agree with brother Nader. Learning how to recite the Quran properly is infinitely more important than doing matam.
  9. Do you mean only one verse has been abrogated? If so, do you know which one it is?
  10. I highly doubt this hadith is authentic, and I really question the people that would believe this kind of stuff without thinking.
  11. I haven't yet watched Adam Deen's debate with Dan Barker, but all the arguments he has presented in that interview are recycled William Lane Craig arguments. For those that don't know, William Lane Craig is a leading Christian apologist, professor of philosophy, and a word class debater (which is part of what makes him so effective). However, this is already quite a step up in sophistication from Hasanain Rajabali, who far all his qualities is not a debater. If Adam Deen is even half as effective as WLC, he will tear Barker to shreds. Barker tends to use the exact same arguments and examples
  12. I was just thinking this when I saw yet another 'how to do muta' thread earlier.
  13. That isn't the argument here, it's between asking Allah through the Masumeen (as), and asking the Masumeen (as) with no mention of Allah (swt) but supposedly with the 'right intention'. Do you have a reference? Yes, they aren't dead, but how does that prove that they can hear us? Do we have any hadith that say martyrs can hear the living? Praying to Imam Ridha (as)? That doesn't sound right to me at all. If I have the correct intention can I be alone with a non-mahram woman? Can I shake her hand, or exchange kisses on the cheek, if I have the right intention? I find it strange that someth
  14. So in other words, we should lower ourselves to their level? I can't imagine the Imam of our time (as) approving this course of action.
  15. At this moment in time? There is never a place for swearing, full stop.
  16. Some of the so-called Shias in Pakistan are an embarrassement. I don't think I would want to unite with such people. What Pakistan needs, and this isn't just among the Shia population, is some education, both religious and secular. They listen to all kinds of people with no qualifications over there, and their religion is more based on culture and tradition, than on the Quran and the teachings of the Masumeen (as).
  17. I can't speak for the brother, but this does sound childish to me. The headlines sound like those of a cheap tabloid, at best.
  18. Lol. This is one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. Then again, this stuff is in their books, so I guess they should follow it.
  19. I am completely opposed to this way of thinking. Allah (swt) told us that 4 witnesses are required, and this was the standard used by the Prophet (pbuh) and Imam Ali (as). It's not for us to start guessing what the reasons were, and to think we can start using modern technology in order to convict people. If it has become nearly impossible to catch fornicators and adulterers, then so be it, but I don't think it was that easy even back in the time of the Prophet (pbuh). Hearing noises isn't being a witness. To count as a witness you must be of good character, and you must see the act taking pla
  20. Just because someone has been granted intercession, it doesn't mean you can pray to them. All this intention stuff doesn't really wash with me. It might be fine for the people that really understand what is going on, but the less educated don't know the difference. I was watching ahlul bayt tv a while ago and some guy phoned in and made it explicit that he was praying to the imams (as), and he continued to do so after being told it was shirk by someone he met. The guest and the presenter didn't even flinch, and they didn't tell him to at least make sure he had the right intention. What we need
  21. Muta is marriage too, it just has a fixed term. Permanent marriage is still preferable to muta, and women who haven't previously been married can't do muta. As for why muta is so uncommon, it probably has to do with the influence of Sunni and non-Muslim cultures.
  22. There are Sunni ahadith that say the mashaf of Ibn Masud didn't contain Surah al Fatiha, or the last two chapters of the Quran. Are there any similar ones in Shia books about chapters being omitted in certain mashafs? There are also supposed to be some textual variants between the mashaf of Ibn Masud and the one of Zayd, and in some cases these correspond to the textual variants found in the mashaf of Ubayy. Ok, there is nothing major in these variants, but it's a bit troubling anyway. I don't understand how given we have all these hafiz of the Quran these days, even 5 year olds, how a situati
  23. When Imam Ali (as) found someone masturbating, he beat him on the hand until it turned red, and then got the person married using money from the treasury. I didn't read anything about concern for the person's maturity. As for what the Imams (as) said about mutah, the ahadith are numerous. Just got to http://www.*******.org/hadiths/marriage/muta , for example, although many of these ahadith are available in other places on the internet. In fact, probably any article on muta has a good selection of them. I have a feeling that if you read all the hadith in the link I gave, you might be a bit sho
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