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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't think anyone is claiming it is possible to be completely unbiased, however there are degrees of bias, and there is such a thing as journalistic integrity. It's only to be expected than an Iranian news channel will be biased in favour of Iran, and the muslim world in general. It is also understandable that it will be biased against the West. However, once it starts completely fabricating things, then it looses all credibility. There is also a difference between bias and propaganda. The BBC is biased, Press TV and Fox News are propaganda channels.
  2. While Hassanain Rajabali is one of my favourite lecturers, I don't think debating is his strongest suit. The one thing that saves him is that he has truth on his side. Having said that, Dan Barker is just absolutely terrible. I don't understand how anyone can be impressed by him.
  3. I'm not sure there are any, not in English anyway. It's a shame, all the different Christian sects have debates amongst themselves all the time, and there are often Christian and Muslim one. So why not Shia and Sunni? Or Twelver and Ismaili? Or Muslim and Qadiani?
  4. I can understand the intellectual curiosity over this question, but I don't understand why some people get so worked-up about it. Does it make any real difference to most people's faith whether Prophets are higher than Imams, or vice-versa? (I can think of one type of people this might make a huge difference to, but I'm not talking about them.)
  5. This is obviously a clear NO, and in fact I don't think the question even makes sense Islamically. I think it's a sign of how depraved the Western world has become that most people in it seem to support(or at least are ambivalent about) this nonsense. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but even prophecies on the endtimes don't contain such an absurdity as same-sex marriage.
  6. Beautiful post. It's a shame more people don't think like you.
  7. Well, they deserve death if they are witnessed by four righteous men, or if for some reason they feel like confessing. Does anyone think these conditions arise very frequently? Is there anything in Islam that says you can terrorise or kill people just because you are sure they are homosexuals(maybe you even witnessed the act yourself)? Can someone tell me Islamically what can be done to 'well-known' homosexuals where it isn't possible to produce 4 witnesses to the act?
  8. Thank you, brother. Another decent side for quranic arabic is http://www.madinaharabic.com/index.html.
  9. Since I doubt he would confess four times in court, he would be exempt anyway, wouldn't he? And if he has sincerely repented, why would he want to confess in court?
  10. Ingenious solution, and medical masks are one of the exceptions to the law.
  11. Thank you, brother. It is ineed pretty shocking to completely fabricate a whole translation. In the West, even a blatant anti-Islamic group like MEMRI would only limit itself to slightly mistranslate certain words in order to skew the meaning, and even then they get criticism for it. It is unthinkable for any Western news channel to give a translation that has nothing to do with the actual quotation. I agree, Press TV is a joke. The people who say it is no more biased in favour of Iran as the BBC is against it, are like those who say Fox News is about as far to the right as the CNN is to the left. In other words, completely deluded.
  12. I kind of expected as much(Fox News specifically came to my mind), but I didn't want to say anything without proof. Out of interest, would you mind saying when this took place, and what were your criticisms of the way the country was going?
  13. And you don't think an Irani news channel would be just as biased(if not more) in the other direction? I don't know what the Farsi Iranian TV channels are like, but I hope Press TV isn't any indication of their level of bias.
  14. I think the answer to your second paragraph lies in the first: Islam simply isn't keen to carry out such punishment. My view is such an extreme punishment is there in order to provide a deterrent, and to make people realise the seriousness of the crime. I don't think it was ever meant to be a realistic way of killing off society's adulterers. If that is the case, then should we really use a method of proof that would dramatically increase the number of people being punished? How do we know that this is what Allah (swt) intended? And in my view the fact that pregnancy can't be used as proof, even though it can be at least as reliable as DNA evidence, shows that reliability is irrelevant.
  15. Yes, around Karachi to be more precise. There is another identical thread with more replies and information here:
  16. Thank you for reponding, brother. I agree with your analysis of the case. How reliable can the evidence really be if two judges find her not guilty? I doubt it's even DNA otherwise they would probably all have come to the same decision, unless they thought she was raped(which I don't think the woman is claiming). However, I'm not sure if I agree with you that it's ok for other evidence such as DNA to be used. As far as I know, even a pregnancy can't be used to prove someone has committed adultery, so why should DNA? The rules on proving adultery have been clear since the time of the Prophet (pbuh), and were given to him by Allah (swt). How can we now change that because some new technology has appeared? Just because we can't stand for most adulterers not to be punished? I'm sure the Prophet (pbuh) and Imam Ali (as) knew for a fact who was guilty of adultery and who wasn't, but they never used that knowledge to punish anyone, even when the 'evidence' was pretty overwhelming anyway. They always required that the proper rules be followed. Of course, if someone can give some authentic hadith that shows that it is permissible to impose a lesser punishment than death based on some other evidence than what I have cited, then I will have to change my views. Even something written by a scholar on the issue would be good. Everything I have read so far has pretty much been in line with what I posted earlier in the thread.
  17. Why? I believe we are responsible for ourselves. Nevertheless, the mother can always influence her children(and even her husband) through her good akhlaq and strong faith. It is better to come to the truth through choice rather than compulsion. I don't think calling yourself a Shia, or a Muslim, has that much value if the only reason for it is because you were born into a certain family. You should come to the truth through rational thought, not luck. Of course, you can still do this even if you are born into a Shia family, but to simply be Shia through imitation of your parents, without giving any thought to it, doesn't make you much different to the people of Ibrahim (as). Even if the child does end up being a Sunni, at least he is highly unlikely to be a nasabi, and will probably have a lot more appreciation for the Ahlul Bayt (as) than the average Sunni. And let's not forget, he will still (hopefully) be a Muslim. The most important thing is that he be a good one. Anyone that think Sunnis are going to hell, or such things, probably wouldn't marry one in the first place.
  18. I doubt this story is about Your-Best=Friend, as I have found it in several other places on the internet. I think some of the details in the story also show it is unlikely to be him. However, it is still a beautiful story that contains a lot of truth, and we should be thankful to him for sharing it with us.
  19. Honestly, some of the things on this forum need to be seen to be believed. This is now the third seperate subforum where in the past few days I have seen a thread containing some form of shirk. Coincidently, I read something very similar to this stuff on an old thread I was reading earlier today. And to make it worse the next three people agree with him! Imagine a Sunni coming to this site in the hope of learning about Shia Islam, and coming across this kind of stuff. He will decide that we are even worse than what he has heard from the anti-Shia propaganda and run away for ever.
  20. Is there really no one here who knows anything about this?
  21. Mash'Allah, beautiful story. I will certainly remember it.
  22. According to which scholars? Because I have never heard that from any of them before. Regarding the question, the children are considered Muslims, which is the most important thing. As for the childrens' upringing, I think it's best if the parent focus on the 90-95% Shia and Sunni Islam have in common while the children are young, and encourage the children to do their own research as they get older. To make this work, it's important they neither parent is too sectarian, and are understanding of the other side. It obvious that people who aren't capable of this shouldn't get married outside their sect(and why would they want to anyway?). Such a marriage can have certain advantages. The children will hopefully grow up understanding of the other side, will be more open minded, and whatever form of Islam they end up practicing, it will be because they have looked into it deeply after considering both sides, not just because they are imitating their parents.
  23. You should probably consult a tafsir of the Quran, but it seems to me that it is just saying that whether on heaven or earth, there is only one and the same God, Allah.
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