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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you have done mutah, then you are already married. Yes, but no everyone swears, and I wouldn't advise anyone to put up with it. If you are prepared to, then fine, but I have seen many cases where it ends up severly damaging the other person. Well, the most obvious thing to do would be for you to comply with his demands, since you seem to think that there is nothing to criticise in his behaviour. My view is assuming your hijab really is proper, then he is being unreasonable, and this ultimatum he has given you strikes me as a bit odd. Why doesn't he try and compromise? You could wear loose clothes that keep you covered without wearing an abaya. What would be wrong with that? If you have been together for so long and love each other, why would he want to throw it all away because of some minor detail of hijab? Maybe you should try and see if there aren't some other issues that are troubling him.
  2. Imam Mahdi (as) will on be coming back for a relatively short time before dying (around 7 years), while Prophet Jesus (as) will live out the rest of his life on earth (around 40 years). After his death, there will be some time left before Qiyamah where no one seems to know what exactly will happen. I don't see the contradiction.
  3. Your post is full of nonsense, and you really confirmed it with that 'bounties' comment. For those innocent souls out there, a bounty is someone who is brown on the outside and white on the inside. There is no place for racial talk in Islam.
  4. This is just a publicity stunt. Neither the Americans nor the Israelis will be invading with any ground troops.
  5. I don't know about where you could find a HQ version, but others might be interested to know that it is on googlevideo (EDIT1: actually only 45 minutes of it is on there, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=185077462818310900#). EDIT2: The full version appears to be available in HQ on youtube. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm not sure how I feel about them not covering the face of Jesus (as). On one hand, it obviously makes it easier to film that way, and pictures of the Imams (as) are allowed in Iran for example, but I'm not sure if a film that had an actor playing one of the Imams would have been made without covering his face. If most people have no problem with this kind of thing, then a really powerful movie on Karbala could be made, which could potentially have wide appeal. Caravan of Pride was very nice, but it was pretty toned down compared to what really happened, and the covering of people's faces is always slightly distracting. Not to mention that there was nothing on the actual battle, or the lead-up to it.
  6. Maybe I should have phrased it differently, but the answer to my question is relevant to whether getting a tattoo would be halal or not. If the motivation for it is wrong, then it is not allowed. In principle however, there is no problem with having a tattoo. For future reference, you might also want to do search for this kind of thing, as there have been many threads on the topic. Go to google and type site:shiachat.com tattoo (for example).
  7. If it isn't, then he should have asked her to fix that, instead of demanding that she wear an abaya. And anyway, like I have said, it sounds like he has much bigger faults that need to be fixed than she does with respect to her hijab. I don't care what it means, swearing is never acceptable for a Muslim, and to swear at a woman is unthinkable. If he does it before they are married, what is it going to be like afterwards? Here is a thread with many hadiths on swearing. It is a major sin.
  8. Is it not possible to be properly covered without wearing an abaya? She said her hijab was proper, so I don't see why anything more should be demanded than her. And I'm sorry, but he does not sound like a good guy. Did you miss the parts where she said he swears? Why is no one mentioning the fact that they are not yet married, but have been in some kind of a relationship for so long, they love each other, have had many problems in their relationship, he feels comfortable enough with her to swear, etc? All this doesn't sound very halal to me, unless they have had a mutah that the sister didn't mention. And since she mutah is a marriage and she said they are as yet unmarried I'm assuming they have no had one. I can't stand hypocrites that are willing to enter haram relationships, have bad akhlaq, yet demand that their wife be more covered up than is required.
  9. Same here. The quality of those pictures is incredible for that time period.
  10. Yeah, right. Never mind being relatives, I have a feeling you might be the same person. You claim that this amazing miracle is 100% true, yet on a another thread you said you had lost half your faith. Well, if this miracle wasn't even enought to strenghten your faith, and you have first-hand knowledge of it, what good would it do us? Like your 'relative', you also make all kinds of strange threads, such as: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234978804-i-found-out-homosexuality-is-ok-and-permissible I hope you aren't the same person, but you are pretty similar.
  11. Your friends are in danger of leaving the fold of Islam. Even the Wahhabis believe in Imam Mahdi ( http://www.al-shia.org/html/eng/articles/mahdi/01.htm , http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/chapter2/2.html ). http://www.m-mahdi.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3580
  12. Ok, maybe I misunderstood your position then. Do you think that this case was actually a deliberate miscarriage of justice in order to stir up opposition to Iran? Do you think it's right to put these people on TV before being executed? What purpose does it serve? Regarding the confession, of course it's fake. Aside from how strange the interview is, why would she suddenly confess after protesting her innocence for so long? I don't see the incentive.
  13. Instead of diverting attention towards Amnesty International and the Western Media, why don't you explain why the woman was on Iranian national TV reading out a bogus confession? This is a very naive way to think. Miscarriages happen everywhere, and will always happen until the return of Imam Mahdi (as). Just because Iran is a Shia Islamic Republic, it doesn't make it infallible. Your question about why Iran would want to kill an innocent person could be applied to most miscarriages of justice in other countries. Obviously those who convicted her don't believe she is innocent. However, this doesn't mean that the method in which she was proved guilty was correct, or even that she is guilty.
  14. Did the atheist media also make her read a 'confession' on TV? I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I now have absolutely no confidence in the Iranian judicial system, especially in Tabriz, where all kinds of crazy things seem to be happening. I'm actually quite open to the suggestion that this is some Western/Zionist media conspiracy. but I need some evidence of that, which so far hasn't been provided. And when Iran starts parading a woman on death row out on TV in order to confess, like some two-bit banana republic, then that tells me that the Western media might actually be on to something here.
  15. He sounds like a hypocrite. If he is so religious, why is he having a relationship with a woman outside marriage? Why does he get angry and start swearing? Why is he trying to force you to wear one particular type of clothing, when it sounds like your hijab is already sufficient? My advice is for you to dump this guy unless he wants to reform himself. His problems are much greater than you not wearing an abaya, which is not a religious requirement. On the other hand no proper muslim swears.
  16. I stopped reading here. I hope this was the post that got YaHu banned.
  17. Considering the thread starter was banned soon after for making a bunch of nonsense threads, I think it's safe to assume this was a fraud.
  18. Do we really need a thread because someone wrote 'Marja3'? I'm sure everyone understood.
  19. Yeah, I don't think there is any turning back after this TV 'confession'.
  20. The whole thing is a sick joke. Iran is really doing itself no favours here.
  21. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/aug/12/sakineh-mohammadi-ashtiani-confesses-murder-iran You've got to be kidding me. Does anyone seriously believe this confession is genuine? Earlier in the thread, sister Hameedeh said that But putting her on state TV to 'confess' to her crimes is fine though? Meanwhile, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/aug/08/iran-mohammad-mostafaei-rights-lawyer Don't you just love that judge's knowledge loophole? Makes it so much easier to prove these things. From a different article, http://www.edgeboston.com/index.php?ch=news&sc=&sc2=news&sc3=&id=108961Maybe the problem is with the Tabriz courts? But I don't understand why the supreme court can't rule on this case itself. Does it only have the power to send it back, and not to make it's own ruling?
  22. I don't have a problem with people pronouncing things in whatever way they want in everyday language, but it's ridiculous when they start insisting that this is the proper way to recite the Quran. People should also be aware that if you pray behind someone with incorrect pronounciation, it could validate your prayer. We also have an obligation to try our best to get as close to correct pronounciation as possible. Obviously, some of us will never get it completely right, but we should at least try and not give up from the start and just decide to stick with something that is completely wrong. There have been some other threads on this topic, containing all kinds of crazy stories. and my favourite:
  23. I think most people who pronounce it that way actually believe that this is the way it should be pronounced, and not just because they find it easier to pronounce. As far as I know this pronounciation came from Iran, but it seems to be especially common in the subcontinent, particularly among the Shias. In fact, a lot of Pakistanis that I know basically just pronounce Arabic as they would pronounce Urdu (for example). So Ë becomes 'se', Ð is 'zal', Ö is 'zuad', Ù is 'zoyn'. Therefore there tend to be a lot of z's in typical subcontinent Arabic pronounciation, mainly to cover for their difficulty in pronouncing 'th' sounds, but also for the difficult Ö sound. There are also some strange stories among some subcontinent Shias that there way is the correct way, and the 'Arabic' version is the Sunni way.
  24. This is what you call a slaughter? We are talking about the Holy Prophet (pbuh) here. I think there is a very good chance the most beloved wife to him will be the best one. The fact that he used to cry when remembering Khadija (as), and loved her so much that even though Aisha had never met her, she felt jealous of her, indicates to me that it was in fact Khadija (as) who was most beloved to him, not Aisha. Think about it. Khadija (as) was his first wife, the one he was married to the longest, the only one to bear him a child that lived past infancy, the one that supported him in his most difficult days, the first believer in him, ... The Prophet also didn't take any other wives while married to her. She had all these qualities, and yet she wasn't the most beloved to the Prophet (pbuh)? Does that make any sense? So where are all the reports of other wives of the Prophet (pbuh) feeling jealous of Khadija (as)? I never said she was the only one. There was also her partner in crime Hafsa. I never said these mistakes weren't forgivable by Allah (swt), but these are pretty serious mustakes and certainly show Aisha wasn't the saint you tried to portray her as. Ok, what would you call it? Strong dislike? The fact is it is she hated Ali (as) so much she waged war against him, against the advice of other wifes of the Prophet (pbuh), against his own advice, and even though she had no great affection for Uthman. So why exactly did she do that, if it wasn't out of hatred?
  25. Try framing your questions in a less biased way, and then maybe you will get some thoughtful answers. All I will say is that you will have a hard time convincing me that Aisha was greater than Bibi Khadija (as), who according to your own books is one of the 4 leaders of the women of Paradise. Guess who isn't in that group of 4 women? That's right, your beloved Aisha, who admitted she was jealous of Khadija (as). You say Aisha was defended by Allah (swt), but you fail to mentioned that she was also rebuked for some of her other behaviour. You fail to mention that she defied the warnings of the Prophet (pbuh) to go an wage war against Imam Ali (as), which the other wives of the Prophet didn't do and advised her against. You fail to mention her hatred of Imam Ali (as), which is documented in your books. And you must know what the Prophet (pbuh) said about those who hate Ali (as). It's funny how Shias always get criticised for their love of the Imams (as), which by the way does not exceed the love we have for the Prophet (pbuh), but the Sunnis don't examine their own ridiculous devotion to all the Companions and wives of the Prophet.
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