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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So you are already guaranteed salvation, are you? You people sound so much like the Christians, it's amazing.
  2. Yes(aside from the fact that we don't accept everything in Bukhari), but can you really be said to worship Allah(swt) when you declare halal what He has declared haraam?
  3. Sorry brother, I didn't mean to include you. I don't have any problem with your post at all, and I don't think marjas should be smoking. I was talking about the other two, who's views border on shirk(especially YaHu).
  4. Can't people be banned for repeated, irrelevant, and lengthy copy and pastes?
  5. If science aligns itself with our beliefs, then fine, but we can't change our beliefs to suit current science, which is always subject to change. I think this is a very selective reading of the Quran. It might not sound like it, but I really feel for people in your position. I have read countless such stories, and they really touch my heart. However, I can't see any way around the many clear texts. I also don't see how your situation is any worse than countless other people with physical and mental illnesses who have no outlet for their sexual needs. The only difference is there is a haraam outlet that is sanctioned by non-Muslims, and Muslim homosexuals feel like they should have access to it as well. Can't do that, sorry. Otherwise, we should forget about the texts for everything. There are people who are never fortunate enough to get married, but remain chaste. In comparison a homosexual living a heterosexual life can have a companion (marriage isn't all about physical attraction) and children. Ok, he might not have a very satisfying sex life, but that is not the be all and end all of life. And after all, he still has an halal outlet for his sexual needs. What does the other person have? Mutah with prostitutes, maybe? I never said it was the biggest sin, but when you start trying to make the haraam halal, then you risk putting yourself outside of Islam. It's better to lead a sinful life and recognise that you are sinful than to pretend you are doing nothing wrong. Not necessarily. This scenario probably applies mostly to those influenced by the West who think they should have the right to live a homosexual lifestyle. Sex with a post-pubescent girl is not pedophilia, regardless of her age. These age of consent laws are completely arbitrary, vary from country to country, and from era to era. The only meaningful limit is puberty. I have already said why the consensuality argument leads to more trouble down the line. You haven't answered the question as to what a man who is only attracted to pre-pubescent girls is supposed to do. How the morally bankrupt western world classifies homosexuality is of no interest to me, especially when it's done in a pseudo-scientific field such as psychology. I'll take a look, but if what you say is true then I don't approve of it. I would like to think that I am as tolerant as I can be within the bounds of Islam. There is one key question you haven't answered. Even IF it were possible to somehow reinterpret the many texts in such a way as homosexual acts weren't deemed sinful, then how do you propose that they be acted on since any sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful? It should be obvious that Islamic marriage can't support same sex partnerships(just look at all the laws regarding it and try and imagine how they would apply to same-sex couple, starting with 4 wives and dowry), so how could homosexuals get married?
  6. So this is the same Zafar jinn who was supposedly at Karbala? According to Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari, this story is a fabrication. http://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/ashura/1.htm Where did you hear this? The version I have read is that Imam Ali (as) received this name from the Prophet (pbuh) when he found him lying on the floor of a mosque with his back covered in dust.
  7. You guys are too funny. You hold all kinds of deviant beliefs, and you are talking about smoking as if it is a deadly sin.
  8. Who is this Jafar jinn? Is he any relation to Zafar jinn?
  9. It's one thing to be tolerant and accepting, and another to condone what is haraam.
  10. Yes, I believe that if sharia is applied properly, homosexuals should have no real complaints. What they do is between them and God, unless they are being shameless about it. However, I would rather make sure sharia is implemented properly than to decriminalise homosexual sodomy. That is not for us to do. Science is irrelevant to this discussion as far as I'm concerned. The Quran and the hadith litterature are clear on this issue. We can even forget about the story of Lut (as), and there are still more than sufficient verses to show not only that Allah(swt) considers homosexual acts to be wrong, but also that they should be punished. Even if for argument's sake we were to ignore those verses as well, then you would still have the problem that sexual activity outside marriage is strictly forbidden. And since there are no provisions in Islam for same-sex marriage, two people of the same gender can't get married, and therefore can't engage in sexual activities. To be honest, I'm willing to concede that homosexuality may not be entirely a choice for some people(but not all), as I've read too many stories of sincere-sounding people who have spend years praying to Allah (swt) to make them straight, without success. However, just because they have these urges, doesn't mean they are allowed to act on them. Yes, it sounds harsh, but we should remember that everything will be accounted for in the hereafter. Those who have had to go through this will be compensated for it, just as those born with physical or mental disabilities will be(btw, I would classify homosexuality as a mental illness). Other people may be attracted to pre-pubescent children instead of adults, and they could argue that life is unfair for them since they aren't allowed to act on those desires. I know that people bring up the consensual aspect here to say that the two cases aren't the same. However, Muslims shouldn't worship at the alter of consensuality, because ultimately that will lead to other abominations such as legal incest(all the same secular arguments apply to it). As for sex changes, I have never knew that it was allowed to be used as a 'solution' for homosexuality. Do you have any references for that? As far I know it is only to be used for people where the gender was unclear at birth, and they were brought as the 'wrong' one.
  11. Here is an interview with him, where amongst other things he talks a bit about the birth of his daughter(at around the 12 minute mark).
  12. If they've come to a site called Shiachat, I think there is a good chance they may be looking to find out about Shia Islam. The ABC stuff you have posted can be found all over the internet in a few seconds. And by the way, I don't think a Wahabbi is in any position to talk about divergent sects. Not to mention that it is your twisted brand of Islam that is giving the rest of us a bad name. The best thing for the whole Islamic world is for outsiders to realise that must of us want nothing to do with your kind of ideology.
  13. Just a small point, Slave of Allah, but I'm curious as to why you would write RA after the name of Imam Ali, when in Sahih Bukhari he writes (as) after the names of the members of the Ahlul Bayt. Seeing as it's at the very least permissible for Sunnis to write this, don't you think it would be more appropriate on a Shia website, especially when quoting a Shia writer?
  14. The problem is that most Shias, especially the women, do not believe in mutah. The ones that do accept it usually do so after extensive research, which most don't take the time to do. I don't even think this due to the influence of the Sunnis(although I'm sure it's a factor), since as I understand it mutah isn't seen as that culturally acceptable in Iran either. The general Shia population need to be educated about mutah first, and then we can worry about the Sunnis.
  15. There are also female virgins who are independent and live by themselves.
  16. Wouldn't the same logic apply to marrying an Ahlul Kitab woman? The father has responsibility for teaching his children about Islam. If he fullfils that obligation, and his children later make the decision to become Sunnis, then that is their responsibility, not the father's. The children could just as well make that choice with two Shia parents, or even worse completely change religion. In the grand scheme of things, I don't think the fact that someone becomes a Sunni is the worse thing in the world.
  17. That would only apply if lives in the West, and puts an earring on his right ear(which is the traditional ear for gays in the West).
  18. I agree that no one should be harmed, let alone killed, based on suspicion or anything that falls short of the four witnesses. However, the punishment should remain in law to remind people of the severity of the crime in the eyes of Allah (swt). At the very least, it will encourage people to keep their homosexuality private. I'm curious, do you think Allah (swt) approves of other non-marital sexual acts? Because the evidence against such a position is overwhelming.
  19. I am not defending them, but I read somewhere that Khamenei stopped smoking once he became president of Iran in 1981.
  20. If you are going to quote someone, make it clear that you are giving your own translation, and when translating keep as close to the original as possible. Do you actually have the book yourself? If so, is a reference given for this hadith? The author seems quite well respected in Pakistan, and although that doesn't mean he might not hold some unorthodox beliefs, I find it hard to believe he would write something this extreme. However, if he does then it would be good to know. Does anyone know if this book is available online? It would be nice to be able to check the original ourselves.
  21. That wikipedia article is a joke, and so are the views of that man, assuming they are his real views. What kind of Shia puts RA after the name of Imam Ali, instead of AS?
  22. You are mostly right. Television itself can be useful and has many positive applications. However, what is shown on television 99% of the time is certainly very harmful. Children in particular should be kept away from it. The best thing is to select programmes yourself and show them that.
  23. Can this be shown to be authentic? The reason I have my doubts is that if this could be dated to anything close to the time of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as), then it could be used to convert virtually everyone on earth in an instant. Everyone would have to aknowledge that such knowledge could only come from God, and there is nothing ambiguous about the statements so that people could discount them.
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