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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We have authentic ahadith that say they didn't. Why risk invalidating your prayer over this?
  2. Our scholars wear the clothes of the Prophet (pbuh). Yes, we know who the fabricators of hadith are. For example, a certain 'Father of Cats'.
  3. Actually, if you read the ahadith of the Imams (as) on who is a true Shia, then most of us aren't worthy of that title. Here is just one of them:
  4. I know. A Wahhabi talking about violence towards other Muslims is just too funny.
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I saw this video on some anti-Shia site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHCh0NAPk4g I find it quite funny how this is supposed to be at all convincing. The guy looks desperate, and reminds me of how Christians will often warn of the 'dangers' of Islam, and of how Muslims will try and trick people. Just as Muslims in general don't spend much time worrying about the dangers of Christianity, Shias don't worry about the 'dangers' of the Sunni sect. Those who are on the side of truth have no need to. Why is it Shia books are banned in many Sunni countries, but Sunni books aren't
  6. (wasalam) Jesus (as) also sent some disciples to Antioch, didn't he? Wouldn't this indicate that his message was for more than just the Jews? I'm also not sure about Abraham (as). It seems that he travelled quite a bit, so I'm not sure about which group of people he was sent for exactly. Yes, of course they are more relevant, there is no doubt about that at all. I just think that the previous Prophets (as) don't always get the respect they deserve among certain people, and they get relegated to minor figures.
  7. I'm sure quite a few American Muslims do have some doubts about what happened on 9/11, but only an idiot would say it in public. People expect Muslims to disassociate themselves from the terrorists, not say the terrorists don't exist, 9/11 was an inside job, and Osama Bin Laden works for the CIA. This would be political suicide for the American Muslim community, and it's just not worth it for the sake of a conspiracy theory.
  8. I agree. Sadly these days it seems people are acting like their is a mathematical proof of position 1. What about Noah (as)? Wasn't he literally in charge of all the inhabitants of earth after the flood, and presumably he was sent to warn all the people of earth as well?
  9. Exactly, they are a bunch of fringe lunatics. There was a documentary on them a few years ago on the BBC that gives an idea of their madness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKyxTg3K3Jk
  10. These people are clearly insane. Even if the media had covered it, to get too upset would be ridiculous considering their general behaviour.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about that. I will certainly keep your grandfather in my prayers.
  12. What is your problem? I wasn't talking about food or language. I was obviously referring to cultural practices that go against Islam. And what is this business about different versions of Islam? There is a difference between interpreting the rules and breaking them. What next, the Western 'interpretation of Islam', where it's acceptable to have boyfriends and girlfriends, and to drink alcohol? What nonsense is this? You can't pick and choose what parts of Islam you want to follow. The kind of gender mixing and lack of hijab they have at those weddings is unacceptable from an Islamic point of
  13. Socrates, I don't think you are in a position to be talking about non-sequiturs. Imamat being the completion of the religion does not in any way imply that Imams are greater than Prophets.
  14. Is that what passes for proper hijab these days? :unsure:
  15. I don't know about other places, but traditional Indian subcontinent weddings are usually pretty anti-Islamic. Then you have this who prejudice against mutah that seems to exists in all cultures. Another common cultural practice I have noticed is people getting engaged, and then relaxing hijab. Many people are shocked to find out this is not Islamic. Strange world when engagements are acceptable, but mutah isn't.
  16. So we could have a book with 2/3 of the verses missing, and of the verses we do have there might be words missing. Then there is the issue of some slight differences of wording and spelling. Given all this, some of the commentary of verses we have could have nothing to do with the original meaning. How can anyone do proper commentary of a book with words and verses missed out?
  17. You are taking what I said too literally, and I'm sure you know what I meant. Anyway, there are ahadith that state Isa (as) will marry when he returns. Of course there would have been a need to be sent. The previous revelations had been corrupted, and the true religion needed to be restored. I'm not arguing that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the greatest of the Prophet, we have been told that explicitly. What I am saying is that shouldn't be the deciding factor as to whether you are a Muslim or not. It is a mercy of Allah (swt) that he sent us his greatest Prophet to deliver His message, but
  18. That music track is starting to get overused now in these types of videos. As for the video itself, I wasn't too impressed. If someone wanted to make a video like that to get through to the Sunnis they would have to make it much longer, have some references, and have a lest sectarian tone.
  19. Are there any ahadith saying that words are missing within the verses, like some people claim(references to Ali (as), etc)? Because that would be an even more serious problem than having 2/3 of the Qur'an missing. With regard to those supposed missing verses, couldn't the Imams (as) have recited them to their followers, so that would would have at least some of them today? I find it a bit strange that the Imams (as) would allow such a corrupted version to be used with only a hadith here or there to tell us about it. I'm also not sure exactly what the use is of the Imam (as) having the perfect
  20. Culture is dominant because people are ignorant or cowardly. They either don't know any better and think their culture is part of the religion, or do know but don't want to go against the grain.
  21. Any Prophet of Allah (swt) would have been more than enough of an example for us. Do you think that Isa (as) for example would have been insufficient as a model for us? I don't, but maybe someone here knows a person greater than Isa (as) who needed an even greater model for him. So for argument's sake, if Allah (swt) had said in the Qur'an that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was equal to Isa (as) and Musa (as), that would have made a difference to you being a Muslim? I don't understand this. The Prophet (pbuh) is the best of creation, but even if he hadn't been, his message would have been enough to
  22. Salaam, What made me ask you about Rashid Khalifa was not only the translation you were using, but also the fact that you said you were a Quranic Muslim. As far as I know, among the Quranic muslims, or Quran-only Muslims, there is a group that considers Rashid Khalifa to be the 'messenger of the covenant', who brought the proof that the Quran is authentic by his discovery of the miracle of 19 in the Quran. I don't know any specific cases of him mistranslating things, but it's known that he has reversed the traditional definitions of prophet and messenger, in order to make it possible for him t
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