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  1. Ok, thank you. I still think it's his responsibility to check everything that gets published in his name. It is also hard for me to imagine in what he could have said in his speech that would have been distorted into what was printed in the book. Another thing, most people use notes for their speeches, and the text would be based on them. For all we know he had actually written out his whole speech beforehand, and the book was simply reproducing that. Has Allah(swt) told me to prostrate to Imam Ali (as), or his birthplace(with that intention)? If so, show me where.
  2. ???? I'm really trying hard not to jump to conclusions here, so to avoid confusion could you give a brief outline of what you believe the relationship between Hinduism and Islam is?
  3. If one good thing has come from these threads, is that it should encourage people to take a closer look into the writings of Allama Talib Johri. He is supposed to be one of the most respected scholars on the subcontinent, and he writes book with no references, which contatain some very dubious statements. If this is what the 'best' scholars are doing, then we can only imagine what the average ones are saying.
  4. It would appear that you do disagree, since you said and after that you started posting in big red letters. I don't know enough about Hinduism to say anything about this. All I know is I was told to do it by the One True God. Why do you prostrate in the direction of the Kaaba? Nonsense, and there is no way you can substantiate this. I'm also a bit confused. I thought you were Muslim. Why are you saying we took our monotheism from the Hindus?
  5. According to me? Isn't this accepted history? If you have an alternative version, please provide a source. I think your problem arises from the fact that you believe we pray in the direction of the Kaaba for a reason other than the will of Allah(swt). If Allah(swt) tells us to prostrate in the direction of the Kaaba, then it is no problem, even if it is filled with idols. In fact, if Allah(swt) tells us to prostrate to an idol(as a test for example), we should still do it. However, this isn't what we are doing. We are praying in a direction, not to something. We aren't praying to the Kaaba, or the black stone, we are praying in the direction Allah(swt) has asked us to. The only thing we are praying to is Allah(swt). You seem to wish that we were praying in the direction of the birthplace of Imam Ali (as) for that reason.
  6. I don't understand what you are saying. Please rephrase without the sarcasm.
  7. Don't Sunnis also believe Imam Ali (as) was born inside the Kaaba? Here are some references:
  8. Nice try, except for the fact that the Qibla was changed in 2 A.H and the conquest of Mecca(which is when the idols were cleared out) was in 8 A.H. Even if your course of events were true, we do not prostrate ourselves in the direction of the Kaaba because it is the birthplace of Imam Ali (as).
  9. I'm sorry, I don't care what the reputation of this person is, I don't take seriously anyone who doesn't give references. It's the first thing I check when I pick up a book, and if they aren't provided I won't buy it. Imagine reading a history book with no references. It would be absurd. As to what he is actually saying, assuming your translation can be trusted, it is obviously factually incorrect aside from anything else. Imam Ali (as) was already born before Muhammed (pbuh) began his prophethood, so why did Muslim start by praying toward Jerusalem? I'm not even bother going into what the implications would be if this stuff was actually true.
  10. Yes, that is my position as well. I think that unless the burden of proof can be met(which seems almost impossible), homosexuals should be left completely alone, but I do not think that it's ok to engage in homosexual acts. By the way, you might want to consider removing that picture. I don't think the mods will be very 'tolerant' of it.
  11. There is also the Zabur (Psalms of David) given to Dawud (as), and the Suhuf Ibrahim(Scrolls of Abraham) given to Ibrahim (as). I have no idea about the original languages, but I would guess that the Zabur was in Hebrew.
  12. Those that liked the Final Promise series might also like the Age of Appearance, which is on the same subject. There are 12 parts to it, and here is the first one: You could also watch the Arrivals series(http://wakeupproject.com/VList.asp?Series=1) by the same makers of the Divine Book(http://wakeupproject.com/VList.asp?Series=28), but I think you would need to already have had some exposure to conspiracy theories in order to really enjoy it(and it's really long). Both the Arrivals and the Age of Appearance have been mentioned by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani in his lectures. Just for the sake of completeness, Phase 3(http://wakeupproject.com/VList.asp?Series=29) is also worth watching, and may be more to some people's taste the Arrivals.
  13. Islamic laws aren't all about who is and isn't getting hurt. That is secular thinking. Who gets hurt from maturbation, zina, eating non-halal meat, drinking alcohol, not praying, not fasting? What we do and don't do is determined by the Quran, not ourselves. If science were to show that fasting had a negative effect on our health, would that mean we shouldn't do it? If science shows drinking alcohol is good for our health, should we do that? Allah(swt), in his infinite wisdom has determined that the only acceptable way of satisfying our sexual needs is withing marriage. Anything outside that is forbidden. You haven't said how you suggest getting around that, unless you don't believe that Quran actually says this. Another thing that confuses me is that you say anal sex is high-risk. Does that mean you disapprove of it?
  14. Some people believe that Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are figures prophecised to appear before the return of Imam Mahdi (ajt), so for them any criticism of the IRI is bordering on blasphemy. Personally, I think Iran is overall a force for good in the world, but it is far from perfect, and some people should stop pretending like it is. Having said that, it goes without saying that anything in the western media about Iran should be taken with a pinch of salt, and checked thoroughly.
  15. At least we can agree on this point. It would be interesting for anyone to try and argue against this. Lol. They often quote other people's(usually 'gay muslims') articles. In this case, it was someone who said that he was willing to spend some time in hell for what he was doing, in exchange for happiness on earth.
  16. Yes, but it's extremely makrooh. is also worth looking at.
  17. How about this one? http://journaloflifeandscience.blogspot.com/2008/08/homosexuality-in-quran-and-hadith.html You yourself say that you aren't sure gay marriage should be implemented, but in that case how can there be sexual contact between two men? Are you also saying that sexual acts outside marriage can be acceptable? You don't think Islam is clear that we can't marry our daughters, mothers, aunts, etc? I'm not talking about so-called cousin incest here. In some European countries it is already not illegal to commit incest with your sister. Some people in other countries are pushing for it's legalisation, and they have logic on their side. This is a topic for another discussion, but at least you agree that the age limits are arbitrary.By the way, you, or anyone else interested in this topic might want to take a look at this website: http://gaymuslims.org/. Despite the name, it is actually opposed to homosexuality in Islam, but it takes a more understanding position that most muslims, and tries to offer some advice.
  18. Brother YaHu, I suggest we leave scholars out of this discussion, since we will never be able to agree on who is a 'real' scholar. Let us just use our own language, and our own reasoning. I don't mind if you quote a hadith here or there, when relelvant, but quoting a whole page of them makes for very difficult reading. I think a good start for this discussion would be for you to clear up some of the possible misunderstandings some of us may have about your views. There are several questions that were addressed to you a few pages back that you never answered. It would be helpful if you could do so in your own words.
  19. I am not asking you to do taqlid. I am simply asking that you don't copy and paste from another writer, even if he is quoting the Aimma (as). Put down your books and the ahadith for a second, and engage with us in yout own words. Surely that is possible? When you talk to someone in person and they ask you a question, do you quote a long list of ahadith, or direct them to a book? I would hope not. ws
  20. YaHu, you aren't here for dialogue, you are here to copy and paste long articles. Whenever anyone has attempted to engage you in dialogue, you have responded with yet another copy and paste.
  21. Brother fyst is right. How can we be expected to take seriously something that gives it's source as an email? People will accept anything without questioning as long as it agrees with whatever they already believe.
  22. The point is that people with physical or mental illnesses may have sexual desires, but find it impossible to get married. It doesn't even have to be a disability, it could be due to some deformity, or simply extreme ugliness. Do you have any idea how many people are in such marriages? Any country that has a culture of forcing people into marriages probably has a high percentage of marriages where at least one of the two people isn't attracted to the other. I agree that this is the ideal, but I doubt it happens that often, especially in non-Western countries. No, not at all. What I believe is that the current Western concept of a homosexual partership being on the same footing a heterosexual one is unique in the world today, and may be unprecendented in history. Of course, there were places where homosexuality was widely practised, but there was no such thing as 'gay marriage'. In addition, most of the people who had sex with men, would also be married to women. I know what 9 year old girls are like now, but I don't know what they were like in previous times. People used to get married a lot younger then. Now, even if a 15 year old boy were to get married it would seem absurd, but that was absolutely normal not so long ago.The fact that I don't think marriage to a girl that has reached puberty should be a crime does not mean that I think that is the best time to get her married. I her or her parenter don't feel she is ready, then of course she shouldn't get married. But to set the age of consent at 13, 15, 18, or whatever is completely arbitrary. If she consents, what's the harm? If she doesn't, then it is a crime that should be punished. What is morally right or wrong is defined by the Allah. Without religion, morality has no firm basis. The fact that consent has been made the deciding factor in deciding what is moral leads us to a situation where there is no logical basis for objecting to making incest legal. In fact many intellectuals and gay rights people, are calling for such a legalisation. If you don't believe me, I can provide you with proof. As a muslim, I can't take imperfect sciences over the word of God, so it doesn't matter what people in some so-called scientific fields find. Almost all of them now start with the presupposition that homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality anyway. Mullas came up with Mutah for the sake of their own happiness? Are you sure you are Shia? Some of your arguments, such as this one, and "Quran is very open to interpretations and Hadiths been subjected to many alteration, falsifying, insertion and omission." make you sound more like a Quran-only muslim. Although, even they probably wouldn't agree with your views, since the Quran seems clear enough on this by itself. Although no one can deny what you say about hadith has happened, it's a big jump from there to go to saying we can ignore any hadith we want. Some are stronger than others, and if you take the position that all the ahadith that clearly condemn homosexual acts are fabricated, then you will quickly find that you have no basis on which to rely on any of them.
  23. Sorry, when is said 'you', I meant people that do such things, not you perseonally. I should have written 'When a person ...' instead, to avoid any confusion. As for the rest, I am not judging anyone for being a homosexual. My argument is simply against the attempt to say that it is allowed in Islam.
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