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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (wasalam) You missed the best bit then. It is after the 3:16 mark that he starts telling us about his 'beautiful thought'. I just find this guy funny. He uses absurd logic, and yet seems so sure of himself. I'm not sure what exactly the purpose of these videos is. It would be interesting to get the thoughts of a non-Wahhabi Sunni, because I can't imagine that any Shia, no matter how much he was questioning his faith, would ever be convinced by this nonsense.
  2. What part of this are you not getting? They gave bayah in order to insure that real Islam would survive. That is your version of what happened. The faults of Aisha are numerous and well known. She was clearly a very jealous person, and often showed hatred towards Imam Ali (as). If she was so great, then why didn't Allah (swt) bless her with any children from the Prophet (pbuh)? According to Sunnis, Bib Khadija (as) was 40 when she married the Prophet and had 6 children from him, but precious virginal Aisha didn't have any. How strange. Tell me, is Aisha one of the 4 greatest women of Paradise
  3. Some Sunnis pray with their hands by their sides (read this for example http://thegrandverbalizer19.blogspot.com/2010/07/why-it-is-wrong-to-pray-with-your-hands.html), whereas no Shia prays with their hands on their chest. Why not come to the common ground and pray with your hands down by the side?
  4. They didn't practice taqiyya, they avoided fighting for the sake of unity, which is what we are doing. It's not the Shia who are blowing up mosques and religious processions. It's not the Shia who invade other people's countries to destroy their holy sites. It's not the Shia who are saying that fellow Muslims are kaffir. Now, you might say that it's the Wahhabis doing this, not the Sunnis. However, the fact is the Wahhabis are taking over your sect. They style themselves as the pious members of the Ahlul Sunnah. You need to wake up and deal with them, and then worry about the Shia. I think it
  5. LOL. What's funny is the Wahhabis just expose themselves with these videos. The more I watch them, the more clear their hatred for the ahlul bayt (as) becomes. Did you see the video I posted a few posts back where the guy says he has had a 'beautiful idea', and then says that all the fitna was during the time Imam Ali (as) and Imam Hasan (as) were caliphs, and things were so much better before and after. For some reason he doesn't mention that Muawiya was one of the principle causes of that fitna. I have never seen a Wahhabi say anything genuinely positive about the ahlul bayt (as).
  6. Do you seriously believe either of these explanations?
  7. He seems to consider all such ahadith authentic, so it's kind of pointless to ask for that. Better just to ask for the hadith and then find out if it is authentic afterwards.
  8. Thanks. I guess you were right about the purpose of the picture then.
  9. I'm not so harsh on everyone. But even if I was, a war then would have killed the Ummah off completely. Why did he have to do it twice? And considering Fatima (as) was very angry with Abu Bakr at that time, I doubt he would have given bayah then.
  10. I must be really dumb. I assumed the point was to make an unfavourable contrast between the two. Maybe it would help if I understood the Arabic sentence under the picture. Who is the Salafi in the picture anyway?
  11. This proves that some people of the time thought that Imam Ali (as) had been appointed the sucessor by the Prophet (pbuh), but that certain individuals conspired to prevent it.
  12. Do you have a hadith for this? Anyway, here is some more Wahhabi madness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReMGtiLMVnQ Look at his 'beautiful thought' at around 3:10 in the video.
  13. If all other beliefs stem from Allah and the Day of Judgement, then it should be that you cannot believe in the Messengers and Imams without believing in Allah. There are people that believe in Allah without believing in all the Messengers or Imams. They are just misguided about how they should worship Allah(swt).
  14. Yeah, old news. Some parts of it are interesting, for example the parts on the media, and others are very far-fetched. They just dumped a load of infomation in there without really checking how factual it was. However, they do warn that what they say might not be the truth, they just want people to think about certain things.
  15. Yes, there is evidence that the Prophet (pbuh) joined prayers, but that doesn't mean he always did it. Otherwise we would be looking for evidence that he seperated them. So yes, you can do wudhu 3 times a day, or even1 if you somehow go through the day without breaking your first wudhu. However, if you seperate your prayers, then you would typically do wudhu 5 times. In fact, doing wudhu is a good act even when you aren't about to pray. For example, it is recommended to perform wudhu before going to sleep.
  16. I agree with brother zzaveri. It's none of our business, and noone else should be advertising their sins either. I'm sure every single one of us has done something we shouldn't have. Everytime a Muslim backbites another, he is making a major sin which is at least as bad as drinking alcohol, but backbiting is rife among Muslims.
  17. This guy is like a less extreme version of Wafa Sultan, or maybe Wafa Sultan with half a brain. When you question the authority of the Qur'an, you are no longer a Muslim, period. He doesn't even believe in God by the sounds of it. He is culturally Muslim, and that's it. His vision is for Islam to become like Christianity in the West. If you believe in God, and you deliberately put yourself at odds with him, then you are a fool. The interviewer seems more informed than him. He is blaming Islam for problems that would exist even without it, just like all the other Islamophobes. He doesn't und
  18. Yeah, I agree. The way some of the verses are taken out of context to prove all kinds of things is pretty laughable. It's like when the ennemies of Islam take 9:5 from the Quran on its own, and refuse to look at 9:4 or 9:6, let alone the historical context. If we are going to object to other people doing that, then we can't do it ourselves.
  19. LOL. That Wahhabi is too funny with his attempt to refute Shi'ism. Imam Ali (as) was ordered by the Prophet (pbuh) to be patient and to keep the unity of the Ummah. That is why he gave bayah to Abu Bakr. The fact that he waited until he was 'forced' to, is to show that he didn't agree that Abu Bakr was the rightful leader. There is no contradication. If Allah (swt) wanted Abu Bakr to be the leader, then Imam Ali (as) would have given bayah from the beginning.
  20. (wasalam) Yeah, I'm not clear on this either. Yes, but there was no Imamate when these verses were revealed. However, as the inheritors of the knowledge of the Prophet (pbuh), the Imams (as) take his place in our understanding of these verses. The Quran is after all for all time, so these verses must have some relevance after the time of the Prophet (pbuh). I don't think this was necessary. When the Prophet (pbuh) announced his prophethood, he was expected to be believed based on his qualities and signs that he brought. It wasn't as if he pointed to some other book to justify his claim. The
  21. (salam) Orion, are you talking about the kind of accent people have from growing up in ethnic communitites in the West, or the accent of someone who has grown up in a different country? For example, Amar Nakshwani could be said to have an 'accent', but I don't think it is a problem as he is obviously fluent in English and speaks clearly. As for me, I'm not so concerned about accents, but I would like to see some debates. Not just Shia-Sunni, or Shia-Christian, but Shia-Shia. There are some difference of opinion that exist on certain issues, so why not have them aired in a debate? My guess is t
  22. Great post, but too many people are in love with their 'good bidahs', and they won't give them up under any circumstances.
  23. I think you mean his marriage to Aisha, who was not his first wife. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 's first wife was Khadija, who was older than him. Anyway, here are some threads on the topic :
  24. Well, it's obvious that Shias and Sunnis have different ideas about who is a reliable narrator. Given the ridiculous assumption of the Sunnis that all companions are good, they will accept all kinds of stuff that Shias wouldn't. Just look at how much is narrated from Abu Huraira and Aisha, two individuals Shias wouldn't consider trustworthy.
  25. It's not a question of what the majority do, it's what the authentic ahadith say. For example the majority put Aliun wali Allah in the adhan, but there are no hadith to back this up. The reason it is allowed is because the Adhan is not obligatory in itself, and you have to say the 3rd shahada with the intention that it isn't part of the adhan. If you say it with the intention that it is part of the adhan, then you will invalidate it, according to most scholars anyway. Now, personally I think it's nonsense to add something with the intention that it's not part of it, but it doesn't affect your
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