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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm fairly neutral on it, but I don't think it should be the first choice for people to marry their cousins. Other options should be explored first. It can also be dangerous if there are too many inter-cousin marriages in the same bloodline. If your parents were cousins, and your grandparents were cousins, then it might not be the best idea for you to marry your cousin.
  2. No offence, but there is a whole subforum on this. You can spend weeks there reading about mutah from every possible angle. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/forum/100-polygamy-and-temporary-marriage-distiller/ But yes, it is a blessing from God, etc, and people need to be more educated about this, to overcome all the cultural prejudice surrounding it.
  3. Yes, sorry to break it to you, but engagement is a cultural thing, not an Islamic one. Here are some threads with more information: If you want a substitute, you could have a mutah with the condition of no physical contact. However, such is the strange world we live in, most parents would never dream of letting their children do that, but the unislamic engagement is fine. Regarding your prospective husband, I think you should seek the advice of those who are close to you, but all I can say is based on the information you have given it doesn't sound good.
  4. I agree with you brother, but do you think it is proper Islamic behaviour for a muslim to be highlighting the supposed sins of others, let alone by making a video with a singing backing track? The people that make these videos disgust me. They are nothing but hypocrites.
  5. There is no such thing as engagement in Islam, so you probably shouldn't be talking to him alone in private either. Leaving that aside, if he really did say that stuff to you, then I would suggest he isn't worth marrying. Speaking to any woman in that way is utterly disgusting, let alone someone you intend to marry.
  6. Premarital sexual relations. If the person is married then it is adultery.
  7. Others might disagree with that. Anyway, I watched the Last Promise as entertainment, not as a documentary. There are many other things I would disagree with the maker of it besides this stuff about Khomeini. Nevertheless, it did contain some interesting bits and peaces here and there.
  8. It's allowed by certain(most?) marjas if the wife agrees, but is strongly disliked. You can find more details on some other threads like: Regarding not getting a wife pregnant, I would suggest that contraception might be a better way to go than the way you are proposing.
  9. Great, the guy who prays before the start of every game visits prostitutes. If you are going to make your faith so public, then you should try and live up to it.
  10. Wow. Another example of Israeli racism. The amount of discrimination that goes on against anyone who isn't a European Jew is incredible.
  11. I can't believe someone made a video of that one incident. That' just as pathetic as those who criticise Ahmadinejad for the minor things he is supposed to have done. To be honest though, if you want to get into this kind of childishness, I think what Ahmadinejad did is 'worse' than what Khatami did. Oh, and I love the irony of someone who thinks touching the arm of an overzealous woman is a huge deal, who then makes a video of it with music and singing in the background.
  12. If it was good enough for our Imams (as), then it should be good enough for any of us. The wider families can be a problem because a lot of them care more about their culture than their religion, but they will never change if people don't stand up to them.
  13. Yes and no. They quote a hadith that says there are supposed to be 3 Mahdis and 3 corresponding Sufyanis, but only the last of each of those is the real Imam Al Mahdi, and the real Sufyani. They then go on to say that the first two Mahdis were Khomeini and Khamenei. I don't know about the authenticity of this hadith, and none of this might be true, but I don't think there was any implication that Khomeini and Khamenei were supposed to be in any way comparable to Imam Mahdi (as). Another popular theory, put forward in the Age of Appearance, that has some overlap with the Last Promise, is that Khamenei is the Khurasani. Ahmadinejad is Shuaib ibn Saleh, and Nasrallah is the Yamani(see parts 5 and 6 of the Age of Appearance posted below). I think it can be dangerous to take these theories too seriously at this point, but I don't think there is any harm is some light-hearted speculation. WARNING : There is some background instrumental music, so some people may want to turn the sound off, or not watch at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySaAnXlNv9Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_jcbzUhkOI
  14. Yeah, that's the one. Honestly, people should use some common sense sometimes. There are far more important things to worry about.
  15. :o That's not going to go down well with some people. Seriously though, it's almost certainly accidental. What is the point of criticising people for silly things like this? It's like that time he was criticised for hugging his elderly teacher. Utterly ridiculous.
  16. Sunnis are no better than the Jews and the Christians sometimes. They also attribute all kinds of behaviour to their prophets that the average follower of those religions would never even dream of doing(just read the Bible for more details of the disgusting things they attribute to men of God). How can someone believe the Prophet (pbuh) is the greatest man in history, and yet think he could be so shallow?
  17. It's probably allowed, but as with some of these other things like earrings and tattoos, people should ask themselves why they want to do it. If it's out of imitation of unbelievers, then it isn't allowed anymore. Is having tattoos, earrings, and slit eyebrows really the right look for a follower of the ahlul bayt ?
  18. Pakistan is quickly turning into one of the most chaotic countries on earth.
  19. Until proven otherwise I prefer to assume the best about people. Better that than to falsely accuse someone. Most of the long term members of this site that I have seen accused of being Wahhabis in disguise, I do not believe actually are.
  20. Well documented? Have you yourself seen a single shred of evidence? What probably happens is that just like in this thread(and the other one), people accept these stories without questioning, and then repeat them to others. Before you know it, these stories are everywhere, so of course they must be true. Someone still needs to explain why most of these stories are told by Pakistanis and Indians, and why so many of the stories originate from there. Believe me, I know people that swear that they have seen shape-shifting witches and know people who know jinns(in pakistan of course). These are also the same people who are the most superstitious, and are always talking about black magic. They also tend to accept all kinds of supernatural phenomena without question, and believe they have witnessed UFOs, and are visited by ghosts.
  21. Unbelievable. Coming to a Shia website, putting (ra) after the name of Yazid (la), and then claiming not to be a Wahabbi.
  22. Well, this is a very strange thing to say indeed. However, I don't think I ever indicated that I held such a view. Agreed, but once again I don't think I ever suggested that anyone was committing any sins. In fact, I have refrained out of respect from mentioning certain things that could be brought up about this. I also agree with you on this, but I think you are slightly missing the point. The discussion isn't about whether it is possible that a person may be free from sin or from committing mistakes, it's about whether it can be reasonably established that they are. I don't see any basis for this, and it is a very dangerous road to go down which can leads to views such as : I don't think cults of personalities are a very healthy thing. By all means, let us wish the best for our scholars, and we hope and pray that they guide us in the right direction. However, when people start making certain assumptions about individual people, they can very quickly find themselves in dangerous territory. Let us try and remember that we have our own brains as well, and we shouldn't surrender our judgement to someone else. ws
  23. Yes, it is possible for any of us to stay away from sin, but that doesn't prove any particular person actually does. Anyway, the original post wasn't just about staying away from sin, it was about not making mistakes.
  24. I find that a lot of Shias ask the question 'Why couldn't this be true?' far to often. Instead I think it's better to ask 'Why should this be true?' Sure, it's possible that the supreme leader could be protected from sin, but is there any evidence for this? Is there a logical argument for it? I don't think so.
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