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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi Son of Placid, Can you tell me which books of the Bible you think the Qur'an confirms as authentic?
  2. It should also be noted that the Jews had just seen the sea split and walked through it, and they still worshipped an idol. Judas had seen all kinds of miracles from Jesus (as) and still betrayed him. We know that certain companions were still questioning the Prophet (pbuh) as late as the treaty of Hudaibiya. If they weren't convinced by then, why would they ever be convinced? They also question several decisions of the Prophet (pbuh), such as putting Usama ibn Zayd in charge of the army. So why shouldn't they question the appointment of Imam Ali (as). Even today you hear people saying he was
  3. Since the conditions are set in the Qur'an, I don't think it should.
  4. His comment may or may not be appropriate, but in either case, I don't think it was the late Sayed Fadlallah that he was insulting here. He seems to be praising him for being a freethinker, and saying that others hated him for it. It's usually a positive thing to be a freethinker isn't it?
  5. What is the problem? Just think of it as a warning, and not of something that is meant to be implemented in practice, and then it will make sense. Adultery is something Allah will punish, but some earthly punishment had to be set to warn people of openly committing fornication and adultery.
  6. Take a look at this post from brother Nader Zaveri :
  7. The reason why some people have trouble understanding this is because they assume adulterers are actually meant to be stoned. They aren't. As brother Photi has said, it is those who are shameless enough to have it witnessed by 4 people that should be stoned. However, the fact that the consequence of being seen by 4 witnesses is stoning should tell people how serious this sin is in the eyes of Allah. In practice the only way anyone can be stoned is through a confession, but even then I don't see why any sane person would confess to a non-Masoom. It is completely unrealistic to imagine that anyo
  8. ^ Yeah, it's a bit annoying when you record something and then part of it is missing because the show didn't start on time.
  9. It's quite revealing when you see some Sunnis avoiding using the (pbuh) image, and instead type out salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Some maybe are just unaware, but I'm sure some are going out of their way to avoid mentioning the Ahlul Bayt (as).
  10. Ok, but I want to know if you think He can give all of His powers to his creation. Whether he has or not is a seperate question, that you are also free to answer. Also, in another thread you said that you were currently unsure whether Allah (swt) delegated creation and sustanence of the universe to the Masumeen (as). However, would it be correct to assume you believe that the Masumeen (as) are currently sustaining the universe, even if they perhaps haven't been doing so since the beginning?
  11. Bukhari, Muslim, Nasa'i, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah were all Persians, so if we want to talk about Persians distorting Islam, we know where to look.
  12. I agree that it would be unwise for a Shia to choose these names, but Imam Ali (as) had sons named Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman didn't he? Obviously they weren't named after the infamous 3, but he did name his sons after the Caliphate had already been stolen away from him, so doesn't this indicate that Imam Ali (as) didn't see anything inherently bad with using those names? Even with the name Muawiya, there was Muawiya ibn Yazid, who was good. He had to fight not only against the name, but the character of his father, grandfather, and greatgrand father. So I'm sure that it's not very singifcant i
  13. Why don't you use Google? I'm not interested in discussing anything that can already be found at answering-islam, wikiislam, or any other of those sites. If you have something original, then by all means present it.
  14. Look, there are whole websites devoted to this nonsense, and we are familiar with them. Unless you have something new to add, don't bore us any further.
  15. Prove I am an usooli, or stop making unsubstantiated comments.
  16. It is no my place to comment on Sayed Khomeini's beliefs, and I will only speak for me own. I will believe anything as long as there is sufficient evidence provided, which I haven't see in this case. I don't care if every person on earth believes something, I won't accept it until I see convincing evidence. I don't even understand how it is possible to take a different approach. Am I supposed to believe in something on the word of other people?
  17. Are you talking about Nade Ali? Do you also believe that creation and/or sustenance of the universe was delegated to Masumeen (as)? Thanks for the links, I'll take a look at them later. No, we are asking for strong evidence for these things. Since when do you care about what Khomeini says? You are bringing up the opinion of the scholars, but you would go against them in a second if they disagreed with any of your practices, as would Socrates. You don't care if the scholars say a certain hadith you might like is weak, or that a dua isn't authentic, or forbid zanjir matam.
  18. I'm not sure how true this is. There are definitely Sunnis who admire and respect Muawiya. Some give his name to their sons. Imam Hasan (as) was basically forced into gaving away the Caliphate, so why should that elevate the position of Muawiya? Anyway, what you have said means that not all companions were necessarily good, which is also our belief. Therefore using the fact that someone was a companion is not a valid defence for their crimes. Now, who was on the side of Muawiya after the death of Uthman, and what does it say about them that they would choose a person like Muawiya over Imam Al
  19. My favourite excuse of theirs is when they say a certain person did ijtihad and came to the wrong conclusion, but still gets a reward for it even though many Muslims died as a result and it created so much fitna. :huh: Sometimes I wonder what planet the Sunnis are on to believe such nonsense.
  20. First time I have heard of this. Are you aware if any ahadith on this issue? And do you have any other examples of the 'specialties' of different Imams?
  21. I know what people are using as their signature on this site, and what they are greeting each other with. So if you were living in the time of Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as) for example, then it would be just as effective to ask Imam Ali (as) for help as to ask Imam Jafar (as) in person?
  22. If Imam Hasan (as) is the 5th rightly guided Caliph, then what does that make Muawiya, who will have opposed 2 rightly guided Caliphs? And if Muawiya is bad, then their whole Sahaba ideology falls to pieces.
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