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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There are many reasons, many of which have already been mentioned. One I would add is that I think one of the big attractions of Islam to a lot of people is the pure monotheism and the direct connection with God. These are things that are perhaps not as promoted amongst Shias compared with Sunnis. Shias tend to put more emphasis on talking about the Imams, and the Imams are also at the centre of many of the acts of devotion Shias tend to take part in. Another factor to keep in mind in the modern age is that most famous Muslims, and speakers on the internet, are Sunnis. Even many Shias find themselves listening to Sunni speakers because they feel they get something from those speakers that they don’t get from Shia speakers.
  2. Almost by definition we aren’t going to be able to understand anything that is outside time and space, so it’s kind of pointless to speculate about these sorts of when/how questions. Why as humans do we make the assumption that we should be capable of understanding everything? We are limited in all sorts of ways but for some reason believe that nothing should be beyond our comprehension. It’s kind of comparing apples and oranges. Evolution is a naturalistic theory that makes good sense of the data that we have at our disposable. Since scientific theories a priori rule out the supernatural, so there isn’t much point in comparing a scientific theory with something for that lies outside of science’s domain. Any theory that relies on information that can’t be accessed through empirical observation is going to appear ‘silly’ compared to one that relies on hard data, regardless of where the truth lies. Most of modern science would have appeared very silly thousands of years ago. This is without factoring in the issues surrounding interpretation of the Qur’an. How much is to be taken literally and how much is metaphorical? Actually, I don’t see any obvious reason why most of the theory of evolution can’t be accommodated within Islam. The main point of divergence comes with Adam and Eve. According to current scientific understanding (and we should remember that this is always in a state of flux), it would appear that Adam and Eve can’t have existed (at least not at the same time), whereas reading that into the Qur’an would leave out in a position of not being able to take anything in the Qur’an at face value. So it would appear that to accept both the full theory evolution and the Qur’anic account, you need to assume that some sort of miracle took place. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, expect for those who don’t like to believe that God can intervene at all in creation.
  3. Do you know for a fact that there are multiple universes? If not, what are you worried about?
  4. Not that there would be a problem if there was a multiverse, but as far as I am aware there is no actual evidence for the existence of any other universes. So no need to think about how to reconcile it with the Qur’an just yet.
  5. This is probably one of the best videos to prove what a fake this guy is. I referenced it in my earlier post. Notice how uncomfortable he becomes when being asked about tatbeer and Shirazi.
  6. No, he hasn’t been denounced. Even if it ever gets to the point where he is, I doubt it will be a real denunciation. It’s complicated by the fact that they probably hate the Palestinians more for being nasibis.
  7. He’s trying to be ‘clever’. If you pay close attention you will see that he never explicitly criticises Shia beliefs or practices. He claims to be against tatbeer, but doesn’t want to criticise it because ‘it’s a sensitive topic’. He says he disagrees with Sayyid Shirazi on some things, but isn’t in a position to debate him, because he hasn’t studied for long enough (notice that this doesn’t stop him attacking Sunni scholars who have studied much longer than him). You will never see him criticise any of the members of the Ahlul Bayt by name, and in fact he has explicitly said that he takes his religion from ‘the family of the Prophet’. Perhaps someone has picked up on that, and this is his attempt to confuse the issue. But don’t be fooled, this guy still thinks of himself as an orthodox Shia. He’s just implementing an insane scorched Earth policy to try to destroy Sunni Islam.
  8. I doubt it will make much practical difference to your life. You’ll still be able to look up the rulings that are publicly available, and it sounds like you weren’t getting any response on the ones that aren’t anyway.
  9. This is the second time I’ve seen him mentioning that post, although he didn’t bother quoting it before. I don’t know what the big deal is. He’s acting like it’s some big admission, when I’m just stating what is obvious to anyone above the age of 15 who has half a brain. Deep down, even Nakshawani’s fans know it’s true.
  10. Do you have any direct evidence that they allow sex changes in the case of people suffering from gender dysphoria? But to answer your question, I reconciled myself to the idea that most scholars have done wrong on some fundamental issues a long time ago. So no, it wouldn’t really bother me even if I found out that they did allow this surgery.
  11. I’m not saying it’s not possible, although it would seem strange to me that every element of a person’s body could be male apart from the brain. In any case, all of this is purely hypothetical, since to my knowledge scientists haven’t objectively demonstrated that such a phenomenon actually occurs. What difference does it make whether I can rule it out or not? You don’t decide what should be allowed based on theoretical possibilities. And even if it is actually true, it doesn’t follow that the solution to this is hormone and plastic surgery, which only superficially address the problem. The body might look a little more like how the person ‘feels’, but it’s only window dressing, and there are still going to be thousands of little reminders that they don’t actually have the ‘correct’ body, which will still contribute to their mental distress. This may be why there are such massive rates of suicide among post-operative transsexuals. They probably thought surgery would be the solution to their problems, only to find that it didn’t really address the fundamental issue. I can’t really say that I care, since I don’t outsource my brain and morals to scholars. For what it’s worth, I doubt anyone has asked them, but I find it hard to believe that any self-respecting scholar could actually believe that a man who has been married three times and has had six children, is in reality a woman.
  12. What would you say about people born with certain physical abnormalities that make it impossible for them to find a spouse? Or simply those who for whatever reason can’t find someone to marry them? Should they then try to obtain sex by any means necessary simply to fulfil their needs? Homosexuals are not the only people who are in situations where they can’t lawfully fulfil their desires. And by the way, most homosexuals could have a relationship with members of the opposite sex if they wanted to. It may not be their preferred choice, but they could do it, as many homosexuals are now acknowledging. Like most things, it’s probably a mixture or nature and nurture. Although an interesting question, it’s not really that relevant to the legality or morality of something. The fact that something may be ‘natural’ doesn’t make it moral. Why would we want to unite with the left, when they hate everything we stand for? They seek to unite with us out of a desire to attack what they perceive to be a common enemy, but make no mistake, sooner or later they will no longer tolerate orthodox Islam. Who says ‘Shia Islam’ allows such a thing? Certain scholars may allow it, but I have yet to see any conclusive proof of that.
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