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  1. Arabic has it rules. Devote some time in ramadan to practise tajweed. You are writing english, which has one of the hardest and irregular phonetics, so why do u complain about arabic?
  2. http://aou.ir/login.php?ctype=4〈=en Do you know how the procedure and the fees of these online courses are? Or are they free? Have anyone of you taken some of these online courses? What is your opinion about it?
  3. Salamun 3aleikum wa ra7matulahi wa barakatuh Dear brother and sisters, I began to read al_kafi and I have as only reference majlisi gradation. Is it ok? I think he is a classical mohadith and Perhaps it was criticized, especially by mohadithin of our era. I have many doubts...It is ok? or should I read another gradations by other persons? Why do you suggest me? I made the same question to a sheikh, but he seemed not to know the answer, so I did not insisted wih him...
  4. Salam 2 all: Does anyone know which books do they use in Qom to teach farsi? Is it available somewhere online for free download in pdf? Some good stuff available online for download: "Colloquial farsi" (all transliterated) "Irib farsi for you" memrise persian vocabularies list book2 persian audio vocabulary lessons teach yourself persian http://uz-translations.net/?category=iraudvid&cstart=7
  5. I received two books in arabic about Imam Khomeini and islamic revolution. This is in commemoration of the islamic revolution anniversary. I hope to receive more books during the year. Just be patient cause I e-mailed them about 2 months ago
  6. :) Thank you so much for your kind replies. You really relieved me, I thought I was commiting a sin, or at least something that is makrooh, or something like that. May Allah give you the best. Fi aamanillah. :)
  7. Salam aleikum. Please help me with this doubt. 2 days ago I was praying dua Jawshan kabir, but at the middle of it I was interrupted by my brother who arrived to my house with an urgent familiar issue to tell me. 10 minuts later he left, but As you know this dua is very long and so I restarted my dua from the point I was interrupted. I want to know If my dua will be accepted even if it was done in 2 parts? Sometimes, during the work in the shop, at the hour when there is almost no costumers at noon, I try to say ziarat ashura, but also with this risk of being interrupted. Is dua-ing in these situations worth? Thank you if you can hel me
  8. As salamu aleikum bros and sis. I have a simple question, please: are prescribed ansiolytics and antidepressants considered khamr ? What do your maraaji3 say about this? If i do take these drugs can i do salat or not? Thanks in advance! :)
  9. Salam alaykum. I am interested in studying in the iranian almustafa online university. I'd like to know how much are their monthly fees and if there other university with low fees. I am interested in hadith, quran,farsi or ethics . I also wanna know about the procedure of application. I E-MAiled them a month ago, but I had no reply. Is anyone studying there online?
  10. Thank you very much for the help brothers. Now I´m working on the "Daad" letter...it is really very difficult, Arabs don´t use the real sound of this letter in nowadays dialects anymore. Tajweed is not so easy as I thought but it is very interesting.
  11. Mashallah! This is awsome.He's a proud for all shias Thanks for sharing. Is there any video of him reciting at that age?
  12. Salamu aleikum I want to learn the tajweed rules, but i just see sunni webs. I Found "abouttajweed.com" very interesting and they teach Hafs 'an asim qiraat. Is this qiraa ok from the imami point of view? Which qiraat is the best following shiism?
  13. Until this moment I have memorized just 4 short ayahs fromt he joz 3amma. 3 days ago I started with sura yusuf and now I know by heart 10 ayahs (I did not know I was good for memorization :) alhamdulillah : This is how I do: 1 -first copy the 4 ayahs in my notebook while I read it in arabic and isolate the words of the ayah that I do not know 2-Read the spanish translation (my mother tongue) and try to relate with the root of the verb which it comes from (optional) (or you can look up in some quranic vocabulary dictionary) 3_get the meaning of the whole reading directly in arabic 4_listen to the recitation once 5_ Repeat it 5 times (more if needed) .... ...continue with 3 more ayahs using this method ...... finally: repeat all the 4 ayahs together and to the recitacion recording (In my cellphone) 2 times more (this you can do in other moment of the day) //This method is modifiable// A question: One´s memorization is acceptable even if you don´t have a teacher who can help you? I see we need volunteers that help us to check our recitations. Thank you very much for your post baqyatullah, inshallah your divine reward will be immense by all the ayahs and suras memorized by us. May Allah bless you.
  14. Salam aleikum well brothers, simply I wanna know which 3ibadats one can do while being in state of janabeh (after ejaculation). This question is because I woke up while working in that state and I could not do ghusl bath. So, I couldn´t do salat nor read or touch Quran. What 3ibadat are not forbidden in such state in order to be closer to Allah 3azza wa jall ? Even one Can not read islamic books or magazines?
  15. Salamun alaikum How are you all? I have a simple question...I wanna know if you know if chill out music is haram. I follow Ay. Sistani (May Allah prolongue his life). I started to listen to this kind of music while reading (not islamic books) and while studying because this helps me to reach concentration. But I do not know if it is forbidden, please help me (I´m a convert, not recent..) If you do not know how this music is I add here some samples.
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