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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, This is a 1st time translation of Allamah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Tabatabai's book "Risalah al-Wilayah". It's a complete translation of the original text, along with footnotes, explanations etc Regards, Kumail
  2. Salam, Please go to the link provided in the initial post, fill out the form and we'll be in contact with your immediately inshAllah. Regards, Mohamad
  3. Risalah al-Wilayah is a treatise written by ‘Allamah Seyyid Muhammad Husain Tabatabai (quddisa sirruh) on the subject of Islamic spirituality and ‘Irfan, according to the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) School of Thought, translated into English by Zaid Alsalami, a student of the Hawzah of Qom. According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA.ir), it is a book that explains the human perfection that is achieved by the saints, or awliya’ of Allah and the lofty stations they reach in the ladder of mental, spiritual and practical wayfaring. As Ayatullah Jawadi ‘Amuli said in favour of this book, “It is the best of ‘Allamah’s works’. ‘Allamah Tabatabai is the same author of the famous Tafsir, al-Mizan. The translation won the award of ‘Best English Translation’ in the Sheikh Tusi Competition in Qom, 2009. Do you Wish to know the answers to these Questions: What is the Shari’ah, and what are the realities of our acts of worshipping? How do we understand the sayings of the Infallibles (a.s.) in a spiritual way? Is there an esoteric and inner side to our religion? How do we find the true form of our Religion? What kind of world do we live in? How important is it to relinquish Dunya? Can I have access to the realm of the Unseen, and benefit from it? What is Irfan? Is Irfan a part of Islam, and the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) Tradition? Why are some people so much against Irfan? What is the purpose of the creation of Mankind? How can I know ‘Myself’ (ma’rifatul-Nafs)? How can I begin the Journey towards Perfection? What will I achieve through Perfection? What is Fana’ –Annihilation, and how can I get to this stage? Is there anything beyond the spiritual station of Fana’? How can I gain the level of Wilayah? What is Wilayah in Irfan, and how can I become one? If these interesting questions, and many more are issues that you’ve thought about and want to find a strong and authoritive answer to, then you must have a copy of ‘Vicegerency’, or ‘Risalah al-Wilayah’, written by ‘Allamah Seyyid Muhammad Husain Tabatabai, the famous author of the 20 volume Commentary on the holy Quran ‘al-Mizan fi Tafseer al-Qur’an’. This treatise is a discourse written by the heir of Islamic philosophy in the contemporary world and a master of Islamic mysticism and spiritualism. Risalah al-Wilayah explains the human perfection that is achieved by the saints or vicegerents of Allah and the lofty stations they reach in the ladder of mental, spiritual and practical wayfaring. In the author’s view, the ultimate goal of all divine scriptures is to direct mankind towards perfection and to reach the level of sainthood and absolute reality, and the particulars of religious legislation aim at creating the spiritual and social climate necessary for this path to perfection. To order your copy, please visit: http://www.kumail.me/2010/05/15/vicegerency-risalah-al-wilayah/#order
  4. (bismillah) (salam) I think one of the Maraji` living in Iraq or Iran should live in the west for a while.. Just to get a better understanding what life is like in the West, as opposed to life in Iraq or Iran.. If you walk into an interview and stare at the table, instead of making eye contact with the interviewer who happens to be a female, you wouldn't get the job. That of course is only one example, let alone all the others. Religion is not all white and black... There are certain grey areas and exceptions.. However, these grey areas and exceptions need to be detailed by the Maraji` and I think the best way to do it is by leaving the turban at home, going to a country in the West (America, Canada, UK, Australia etc) and checking things out... Anyhow, who cares... Regards, Kumail
  5. ^ reminds me of Lebanon year 10 certificate lol The exam supervisors were coming around asking us if we needed any help and sometimes exchanging papers between students lol I think they were making sure that if you help someone, they help you back in return, just in order to maintain justice amongst students lol
  6. (salam) Here's my 2 cents worth though a little bit off-topic... I think Shias should wake up and look out the window.. There's a zionist enemy working day & nigh to destroy us.. Why not do Zanjeer on them instead? ;) Just a thought :) Regards, Kumail
  7. (salam) Regardless whether tatoos are haram or not and seeing you are after protection in your day-to-day life, why not wear one of the Ahraaz (plural of Hirz) which are usually worn around the arm or hung on a necklace like: I am sure you can get your hands on one of these which contain certain duas and thikr which have been narrated from the Ahlulbayt(pbut) as being recommended to wear and carry with you all the time. I mean, at the end of the day, if this type of protection (i.e. the Hirz) bothers you, you can take the necklace or armband off and thats it. But if you get to a stage where you've tatooed something on and your skin starts to sag, hence the tatoo become blurry or messed up; or even if you decide to get rid of it, it'll be hard and painful :) If you think this is a better alternative but can't your hands on one of them, PM me and i'll help you out. Regards, Kumail
  8. (salam) The Ilm al-Jafr (Knowledge of Jafr) is not accessible by anyone; it is rather a type of knowledge, exclusive to the Imams of the Ahlulbayt(pbut) which they inherit from one another. Thus, it is now with Imam al-Mahdi(ajtfs) and will reveal it when He(ajtfs) re-appears. According to the narrations of Ahlulbayt(pbut), al-Jafr contains the knowledge of what was (i.e. past), what is (i.e. present) and what is to be till the day of Judgment (i.e. future). It is also mentioned that the Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) taught it to Imam Ali(pbuh) who wrote it on skin and with his handwritting. I hope this was of help to you. Regards, Kumail
  9. (salam) America is their stage... Bush, Blair, the Queen, Rudd etc are their puppets... Satan is their Lord... New World Order is their goal... The Illuminati OWN (NWO flipped backwards) us, they are here, right under our noses, yet we're asleep.. They are working day & night while we run after the dollar to pay our loans/mortgages/finances/expenses... May Allah(swt) protect us! Regards, Kumail
  10. Did he not realise that Saddam & American are two faces of the same coin? America is trying to control Iraq. Saddam was controlling Iraq. America is killing innocent people. Saddam killed innocent people. etc etc So why didn't this "Mujahid", this lethal warrior, rise and fight Saddam? And we wonder... Regards, Kumail
  11. (salam) When a nation finds itself indebt to the U.S. for ridding them of Saddam & Co., they will have nothing left except obedience & thus humiliation. It would have been a dream come true for the Arab world who depends on the U.S. to learn from those who took this path before them and see where they are now. Take this for example... It was Donald Rumsfeld's trip to Baghdad which opened of the floodgates during 1985-90 for lucrative U.S. weapons exports--some $1.5 billion worth-- including chemical/biological and nuclear weapons equipment and technology, along with critical components for missile delivery systems for all of the above. Some 20 years later... On March 30, 2003, 11 days into the war, Rumsfeld was asked in an ABC News interview if he was surprised that American forces had not yet found any weapons of mass destruction. "Not at all," Rumsfeld said, according to an official Pentagon transcript. "The area in the south and the west and the north that coalition forces control is substantial. It happens not to be the area where weapons of mass destruction were dispersed. We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat." The old Rumsfeld who shook hands with Saddam on December 1983 and provided weapons of all sorts, is the same Secretary of Defence in 2003 who came to "liberate" the Iraqis. And we wonder... Regards, Kumail
  12. Why get offended when they were their saviour and messiah who saved them from Saddam? And we wonder... Regards, Kumail
  13. (salam) Or could the 2012 which the Maya expects the world would end, be in fact the New Age of Transformation.. Or should I say, The New World Order? Could the above symbol be anything other than the Illuminati symbol of the Sun? More info: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=234952643 And we wonder... Regards, Kumail
  14. (salam) I think the answer has been misunderstood. Notice the bold part. My understanding of the answer is that it's permissible to sell your organs, provided a sick may make use of them, not for you to become rich. The respecful life he is speaking about here is not yours, rather the sick person's. Please read the answer and try understanding it rather than jump to conclusions, because some conclusions are far and while jumping you might slip and break your neck :) Where's the problem in this? I don't see one.. Or am I missing something? Regards, Kumail
  15. (salam) A more correct version of the quote would be: "I can change who I am but I can't change the past. Therefore, Fate does exist" What is the definition of "Fate"? is it in the context of Jabr or Qadaa` wa Qadar? Regards, Kumail
  16. (salam) There are a number of useful articles and books on http://www.al-islam.org/ Otherwise, if you have any specific question, you may post it here and the brothers & sisters can help in answering them. Regards, Kumail
  17. (salam) In the Visitation (Ziyarat) of Imam Ali(pbuh) on the 21 of the month of Ramadhan you read: ÇáÓáÇã Úáíß æ Úáì ÖÌíÚíß ÇÏã æ äæÍ æ Úáì ÌÇÑíß åæÏ æÕÇáÍ Quick Translation: Peace be upon you and upon Adam & Noah, who are resting beside you, and upon your neighbours Houd & Saleh. Regards, Kumail
  18. (salam) It has been narrated in Yanabee` Al-Mawwaddah, Page 69 that Imam Ali(pbuh) has said that which means: "I am the Nuqta (dot) under the Baa` (Letter Baa` (È) in Arabic)". In Shia sources and narrations, this meaning has been mentioned many times by Imam Ali(pbuh). Refer to the Tafsir of Dua al-Sahar, Page 87, which mentions: Imam Ali(pbuh) says "I am the Nuqta (dot) of Baa` (È) of Bismillah" Also narrated in Al-Fadhaa`il Wal Rathaa`il by Sheikh Mathahiri that Ameer al-Mo`mineen(pbuh) has said that which means: "The knowledge of the past & future is all in the Quran; The whole (sciences/knowledge) of the Quran is in Surat al-Hamd (i.e. Al-Fatiha); The whole (sciences/knowledge) of Al-Hamd is in 'Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem'; The whole (sciences/knowledge) of 'Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem' is in the Nuqta (dot) under the Baa` (È) And I am that Nuqta". This is where brother siraatoaliyinhaqqun has gotten it from. Anyhow, you are more interested in what brother siraatoaliyinhaqqun mentioned so please allow me to explain... I would like to start by saying that Hadeeth al-Nuqta (mentioned above) is considered one of secrets of the Ahlulbayt(pbut), a drop in the ocean of their Walayah.. This narration is the first step in the journey of 100 miles, and despite pens can't do justice in explaining the meanings it encompasses, we will take a glimpse into this endless ocean... The Nuqta (dot), is the center of a circle and Ali(pbuh) is the center and axis of truth. "Ali is with the Truth & the Truth is with Ali; It follows Him wherever he goes!" . See Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 3. Notice how the narration mentions that the Truth follows Ali(pbuh) and not Ali(pbuh) follows the truth. Thus Ali(pbuh) is the Axis, and everything else is rotating around. Similarily, every day millions of Muslims, regardless of their school of thought, stand facing the Qibla to offer their prayers to Allah(swt). The Qibla is the direction of the Kaa`ba. And the Kaa`ba is where Imam Ali(pbuh) was born... Again the place in which He(pbuh) appeared in this world has become the Axis of all the creation. On a small scale, the Dot is the center of the Circle.. If the Circle was the Universe, the Dot would still be Ali(pbuh).. Ok.. I can't explain anymore, this is where words stop and can no longer express. Regards, Kumail
  19. Phew! Four more years & I'll repent :lol: Regarding the issue of fighting with swords or hi-tech weapon, there is a narration which holds the following meaning: "Knowledge is divided into 27 parts; two of which people will know and the rest shall be revealed with al-Mahdi(ajtfs)". Not to mention that the natural thing is to advance and not go backwards! As for those Uni geeks who think that not having a degree makes you worthless.. Out there are many professionals who have no degree, yet ruled the world (e.g. Bill Gates)... At the same time, scholars who don't have degrees in physics, chemistry, biology etc aren't any less than those who do. Please keep in mind that every person is an expert in what they do best. A doctor is an expert in biology, a scientist in physics and a scholar in islamic jurisprudence.. I can't see the problem. Regards, Kumail
  20. (salam) Safinat Al Najat means The Ark of Salvation. According to the narrations, it is the Ahlulbayt(pbut) Regards, Kumail
  21. (salam) More eloquent & deeper in meaning than "Rabb", is the title: Al-Ism Al-A`tham (The Greatest Name). Regards, Kumail
  22. (salam) The point isn't having a degree or not... What Bro Ya Aba meant was what Imam al-Sadiq(pbuh) had mentioned 1400 years ago: "Prepare for Him (i.e. Imam Mahdi(ajtfs)), even an Arrow" We aren't prepared because had we been, the Imam(ajtfs) would have been here very long time ago... Imam al-Mahdi(ajtfs) is al-Muntathir (Muntazir), in English: The Waiting One.. He(pbuh) is waiting for us to become ready.. It is wrong to think we are waiting for Him(pbuh) because He(pbuh) is always ready, but we still have a loooong way. P.S. "We" is a figure of speech, I'm not pointing fingers or speaking of anyone in particular. I'm speaking in general and I'm on top of the list. Regards, Kumail
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