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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. [EDITED: Such talk, especially to a sister is not tolerable here.]
  2. Let him speak for himself. Are you his sister you seem to have intimate knowledge of him, his family and goals?
  3. Perhaps you should inquire of the many Muslims who terrorize and blow up Pakistanis every week. It appears that the problem starts with Muslims.
  4. Okay you can go back inside your cave now. We will call you in another hundred years.
  5. "yOUR HEART - even a goat has a heart...but it does not follow the heart, it follows the herd leader..." I hope you are wiser than a goat. Follow your heart and use your head for more than a turban rack. As far as your intellect goes don't be afraid God gave it to you to use so use it and have a little self confidence. You don't want to be led around like a bull with a ring in its nose. You may have hidden talents you didn't know you had.
  6. "Brother, you need to look a few verses back from 3:36 to find a few points which prove that Isa (a) was a related to Ibraheem (a) through his mother. 3:33-----Allah did choose Adam and Nuh the family of Ibraheem and the family of Imran above all people. 3:34-----OFFSPRING OF ONE ANOTHER; and Allah heareth and knoweth all things. This verse means that Nuh (a) was from the zurriyah of Adam (a), Ibraheem (a) was from the zurriya of Nuh (a), Imran was from the zurriyah of Ibraheem (a). And it is undeniable that Isa (a) is related to Imran by being his grandson, through his daughet Maryam (a). Thi
  7. I'll say! It's something in a lot of peoples' jeans that is why I suggest vasectomies for the men.
  8. There is not enough water on the planet for there to have been "The Great Flood" but many ancient civilizations have great floods in their mythology. The probable reason is that many civilizations lived in flood plains. The early civilizations on the Nile for example depended on the annual floods to support their agriculture. Civilization in what is now India and Pakistan has been dated back to 6,000 years I believe. I hope I have helped you out some.
  9. That answer is not good enough. C'mon get to the bottom of it. Why would some lobby decide to take on Iran? What I am trying to say is this. Different groups, nations, and people didn't decide to condemn Iran for no reason. The positions of so many did not come first and then go looking for faults with Iran the faults of Iran came first and that is why there is so much opposition. These accusations are real, again not dreamed up or fabricated to shame Iran, Iran is shaming itself. Iran is at the point where the rulers are adopting a siege mentality struggling to maintain control. If you know
  10. How about Your heart, your conscience, and your intellect?
  11. A fine post but our opposition will discredit the letter by discrediting the author.
  12. This thread has generated so many pages and no progress is much to be expected. Some people are blinded to the truth because to open their eyes would incur abandonment of much they believed for a long time.
  13. I guess I should clarify my question. From my experience many Muslims here can only see one extreme or the other. "The roof leaks and it is going to crash down on our heads" not "The roof is leaking let's put some pots down to collect the drips and fix it when we can." Perhaps a better example is the homosexual issue. There are many different ways to feel concerning homosexuality. There is the live and let live position, condemn the acts but no the person or "they are going to destroy society and the human race so we must kill them" position. I think most here take the third option. What it a
  14. What do you think is the root of this bias or cause?
  15. AI knows it is Iran's interpretation of Islamic law and it does not change their opinion. Take it to its logical extension.
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