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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I liked what you said in the Isma'ili thread and I look forward to more posts by you. Welcome. :)

  2. A few topics to consider for all muslims!!! *not intended to hurt anyone If you are sunni:---- Allah says in the quran that there are messages/revelations in the Quran that are simple to understand ( i.e. do good, be righteous, don't murder etc). Then there are messages that are presented as parables or similitudes which are very hard to understand. (Which leaves room for interpretation) ----- SO,how can we solve the problem of TWO INDIVIDUALS INTERPRETING ONE PARABLE DIFFERENTLY WITHOUT ONE OF THEM BEING ABLE TO CALL THE OTHER NON-MUSLIM? (Read it again :) ) Unless you solve this issue there will always be problems. If you are shia: ---- You believe in Imam Ali as successor of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). The rationale is that, Allah declared Imam Ali as successor of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) so he could give the TRUE/RIGHT interpretation of the Holy Quran as time progresses and change (especially large ones) happens. Through this Allah solved the above problem, which the Sunni faith muslims have a really, really hard time solving. (especially in different eras.) (i mean look at different scholars disagreeing with one another or declaring fatwas against each other,,, and etc) another question for Shia: Since you believe in Imam Ali. Imagine you lived during Imam Ali's period, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has passed away and Imam Ali changes some of the things that Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had asked us to do. WOULD YOU FOLLOW IMAM ALI'S COMMANDS? ---- If you are true shia, you must answer yes because Prophet Mohammad PBUH had declared him as his successor and said whoever's master he was, after he passed away, Ali was his/her (the follower's) master. Now imagine if you lived at different time periods and different situations that range in centuries and millenniums. I am a proud Ismaili. I try to follow the commands of Allah, Prophet Mohammad PBUH and Imam as closely as I can. and you know what he always asks me to do is Build bridges, maintain the ethics of islam wherever I am (i.e. brotherhood, help the needy and aged, ...). And I see some individuals coming here and running their mouth about my faith. Show some respect because I have always respected my Sunni and shia friends for their beliefs. A piece of advice for you: Know your own religion first then come and talk to me about mine. Now I am no scholar but I think ALL the above rationals makes sense, don't you? unless you come in terms with the above, I request you respect others faiths which is what Islam REQUIRES you to do. Salam alaikum.
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