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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah its a great place. I went back a couple of years ago- a lot had changed. A lot of the original urdu speaking and khoja families that where there in the beginning had moved, some still there.
  2. I miss the Shiane Haideri Center in NDG- lots of childhood memories there.
  3. I have heard that the 12th Imam's (atf) mother, Janab-e-Nargis Khatoon (sa) was a Roman Princess famous amongst the Romans for her purity, piety, etc. and who because of these attributes saw Bibi Fatima (sa) in her dream and was told of her high status and "destiny" - because of her dream and what she was told in it she disguised herself as a slave to escape her palace and was transported among other slaves across the ocean and was then "purchased"/acquired by Imam Hassan Askari (as). Before anyone asks, I dont have any textual proofs or references about this story; If someone has any please
  4. May Allaah guide you to the real Islaam and the real Sunnah...and away from the stupid mullahs (ameen)

  5. It must really suck being so close yet so far away from the truth, from peace, from the right path. Keep sharing though we would like to know how those who practice Islam like robots without any understanding live and feel. I feel sorry for you, all I can advise to you is that when you do pray; pray for enlightment, for light, for divine recognition.You know you are confused. Good Luck.

  6. You are absolutely right we can waste time on the internet, the phone, the tv, the radio. However, as far as forums like these are concerns they are places where one can PRODUCE AND SHARE as well as consume. Watching TV is a passive activity where we ONLY CONSUME. The TV is a one-way form of communication where we consume what has been produced but can not share anything that we have produced. There are many evils on the internet as well but forums such as this are obviously examples of where time can be spent wisely and productively. Sites such as Wikipedia is another good example of where we
  7. I read your comments in the Taqleed to a Mujtahid discussion. There were a lot of points to contemplate on and food for thought. I have to admit although I have some preliminary knowledge about Taqleed I dont know enough about the Mujtahids/Ullemas personal and "professional" lives as I should. Thanks for sharing, keep it up.

  8. Safar taveel hai rahai nijaat choti hai

    Ali ka zikr bohot hai, hayat choti hai

    Aur mai kaise kahoon Ali ko Maula-e-Qayanat

    Bara hai naam-e-Ali, Qayanat choti hai

  9. Khushi sai khareeda maine yeh gham Hussain ka hai

    Merai zameer kai chat pai Alam Hussain ka hai

  10. I think it’s important for men and women to understand that it’s not so much about superiority and inferiority but about ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS. I heard Maulana Mehboob Mehdi Najafi of Chicago touch on these points briefly in a majlis I once attended. He mentioned how in a relationship whether it be father/son, brother/sister, husband/wife, etc. one person's rights are the other's responsibilities and vice versa. It is important to think more about your responsibilities than about your rights which is what they concentrate on in the Western world- women's rights, animals’ rights, e
  11. The average person spends 20 hours a week watching TV worldwide. Americans watch 200 Billion hours of TV every year. In a 2007 study from the Journal of Economic Psychology titled “Does watching TV make us happy?” behavioral economists conclude that not only do unhappy people watch considerably more TV but also that TV pushes aside other activities that produce long-term satisfaction. And more importantly, watching TV is linked to higher material aspirations and to raised anxiety. What those findings mean to the followers of Ali (as): Time is our most valuable asset. Effective time management
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