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  1. Bro learn English and stop lying I never said vaccines will do anything of the sort. If you don’t have anything of substance to say it’s better to stay quiet.
  2. Lol you havnt posted any sources, any names of doctors neither any quotes. Your just blindly following the media like a good sheep should. On top of that you claim the deaths in india are five times whats reported WITH ZERO EVIDENCE. You believe in conspiracies only when they fit your preconceived notions. You don’t need to be in the convo if you have nothing of substance to add. What your doing is only to stroke your ego. You’ve never made a good point and most of your posts are barely intelligible.
  3. You’re literally a hypocrite, you should be embarrassed at yourself lol. I guarantee you everyone sees how weak your arguments are as you’ve never posted anything of substance on the matter. You believe in conspiracies like this but shoot down others without even examining them? Oof what kinda intellect is this? It’s clear for everyone to see your just here to troll.
  4. Again nothing at all to with where we are now. It would’ve been nice to try and discredit my points if I had stances as such? What I’m saying is why would you want to be part of this forced vaccine experiment? Your deflecting from the question and point. I guess if I was tryna argue your position I’d deflect as well, just like the ones who blindly follow the media constantly do.
  5. This is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen. You saying it doesn’t harm ppl is conjecture as we have no idea the long term effects. So whats the percentage of people protected from illness?
  6. Nobody knows the long term side effects of vaccines. If not stop transmission then are they vaccines supposed to do? LOL so you only believe in conspiracies when they suit your preconceived notions? Where is the logic in that? Lol so it only protects 65% people? Yet Shia Muslims all over the world are willing to just get jabbed with this experimental drug just so the government can let them get back to “business as usual”
  7. The point he’s making, that your trying to ignore. Is that these governments have no regard for human life.
  8. Lol what???? Wat do you think the vaccine is supposed to do?? The death rate attributed is like 1/5 of the deaths in America, and America has like 1/4 of the population. What your seeing the Indian government’s lack of effort to have adequate medical care for its population. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as the modi government has no regard for human life. They don’t care about 150k working class ppl dying. Why would they ?
  9. Wat does that have to do with what I asked? Or what does it have to with the modi government not caring enough about its people to have enough supplies for this plandemic? Or this
  10. You can’t even tell me how the Indians are treating those who are infected? But your absolutely sure everyone should be vaccinated. Physicians can tell you if a prescription is right for you or not, everyone is different. The deaths attributed to covid in India are 1/5 of the deaths in the US which has like 1/3 of the population of India. What we are seeing is the indian government letting people die by not having adequate care for covid patients. Once again vaccines are not treatments. The modi government has no regard for human life.
  11. Uhh yea that’s why your supposed ask a physician before using prescription medication as everyone may have a diff reaction. Not five vaccines for the entire population . We have no idea how the Indian government has been handling covid. It’s been obvious for a long time that Modi and his administration have no regard for human life.
  12. Lol he’s trying to imply that we are trump supporters. Typical liberal accusation.
  13. I have posted nothing from those sites that you’ve mentioned. Everything I’ve posted I’ve literally posted the names of the doctors who said it. You just wanna ignore that tho and blindly follow the little box in the corner of your room. I’m not saying there isn’t a problem in India right now, I’m saying don’t blindly trust these big pharmaceutical companies to experiment on you. What are the treatment methods being used in India right now to treat those infected? That’s crazy this is the only thing the vaccines claim to do, and your saying in some cases it doesn’t even do that?
  14. You didn’t inform about it you just confirmed what the video of the professor said. So yea you’d want your fellow Shia to trust the disbelievers with this kind of technology that can directly affect your faith? Maybe there’s not as much pressure where you live but over here every time you fly they ask when are you getting vaccinated if your not already. There detailing plans to make vaccine passports to limit your rights of movement. Anthony Fauci, on this network, actually said that 75% of Americans are going to have to get vaccinated to reach what they call “herd immunity". But what he says has to be wrong. And this is also what we have taken great lengths to explain in the book. And why -- you know, someone who says this, has not the slightest inkling of the basics of immunology. And this is very, very surprising for someone of Dr. Fauci's standing. - Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
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