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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The ADL are just another side of the argument. The Shariah/IRI supporters are no better than Zionists. I forgive you. You must remember that USA is a friend of the KSA, so that is something as an Arabian citizen you shoud respect (by law). How to combat Islamaphobia. Hmm.... Let's see... How about not being a hypocrite and whining about Westen decadence. If you want respect for your values, then it must be mutual. We need to see more muslims embracing tolerance for other ideas and cultures. Until this happens, Islamophobia is justified.
  2. An operating system should not be based on religious values as this is an extension of extremism and intollerance. EDITED You are banned.
  3. This is sinful. How can an entire nation, with multicultural, ethinic input follow one religion? Tolerance is the key to any successfull country.
  4. Yes they must assimilate or they should go back to where they came from. This makes no sense to be in a country whose values you cannot respect. If you do not respect America, then please leave. I would be happy to give you a kick out with my boot. Mod's Note: Ignore him, he is banned.
  5. I am not trying to offend or insult you, just trying to open your eyes. You have more freedom and sel-determination in the West than you do in KSA. Why can't you see that?
  6. I am not here to defend America or the West. I agree they has committed many injustices, but it is striving to move forward every day and improve. America is not a perfect nation. Still, many people choose to immigrate here from all over the world every day, including Muslims (Sunnis and Shias). They obviously have a better opportunity in the USA economically as well as culturally. This is something you cannot deny. I would be willing to bet that most of the Shia posters on this site are living comfortably in Western countries. They are not forced to swallow any state propaganda and can
  7. Muslims in Western countries must assimilate and adapt to Western values. On another point, this is descrimination which is contrary to many Western laws. You should not descriminate based on gender, religion, or race. Your choice should be based on recommendations from other patients or friends or based on customer service and quality values. Now I could see if it was a gynecologist, I would want a female doctor, but we are talking about a dentist. All they are going to see is your teeth. Let's not get to caught up in the importance of this.
  8. This is only acceptable in Muslim countries.
  9. This is true. There are too many muslims killing other muslims. There is too much intolerance and hate in muslim nations toward the West.
  10. Iran has Stuxnet running in their power plant at Beshir.
  11. I see no problem with this. In Iran if you are not loyal to the Islamic Regime, you are arrested and put in jail or executed. Shias should have no say in this.
  12. I doubt any of this has to do with "secularism". There are many secular countries that don't practice population control.
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