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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well, if the prophet's family is not mentioned salawat wouldnt be sent upon them, its fard to send salawat once on the prophet in a gathering, aything more is mustahab/mandub. or maybe that image is incomplete, as it doesnt include the salam that is order upon us on the quran you ought to learn "husn ad dhunn"
  2. In what occasions do sunnis not send salawat on ale muhammad (pbuh)?
  3. nothing wrong with calling sunnis bakri
  4. Rafidhi: One who rejects (íÑÝÖ) Abu bakr's imamate/virtues/companionship. Its not a slur (not originally) but description of sect.
  5. Dont be a hypocrite, you imamis bellieve ALL 12 imams were "rafidhi", so you have no right to criticize someone for pointing out historical realities.
  6. There is alcoholic and non-alcoholic nadbidh...do your homework kiddy before jumping the gun to defame the a'imma of the Muslims.
  7. How do you interpret these narrations in light of shia fiqh/aqeeda?
  8. It goes both way, this subforum has deteriorated severely in quality
  9. Why don't you let us (Shias) explain to him about our own madhab.
  10. nice! redefining words I can do as well...those who believe in nass are ghulat and an atom shy of kufr hows that, ghali?
  11. Correct, since the death of the Prophet (pbuh) we cant judge the intention of people as we cant tell what resides within someone's heart, which is why we are commanded to judge people by what they outwardly show and do
  12. THats all you have, accusations of nasb, its meaningless as they ceased to exist centuries ago. What is your definition of nasb, might I ask?
  13. What do the Ahlul bayt have to do with any of what I wrote? And where have I mocked them? bro you are a ghali through and through, and I dont throw such accusations until I'm 1000% sure. Its pointless discussing with you as its pointless to discuss with atheists about fiqhi matters, understand where I'm coming from?
  14. Dont waste time with ghulat, they have no understanding of the concept of tawheed/oneness of Allah so how can you convince them of lesser issues?
  15. Some truth to that categorisation, though I'd add sidna Ali b. Hussein into the first category, though he was a tabie, and also place Ali b. Musa into second category as he was well known and respected and book that are attributed to him such as Al-Risala -Al-thahabiyya are read till this day.
  16. Do you mean to say the other aimma of madhabs permitted it? I have issues with that: 1. no one was going to harm your precious Imam for holding differing opinions, if that were the case there woulnt be 10s of differing madhabs in the first few centuries. The claim of taqiyya is unfounded and baseless. 2. The "non-shia" imams of that time overwhelmingly prohibited/disliked anal sex. Truth of the matter is, there are no explicit authentic narrations from the Prophet (pbuh) either permitting it or prohibiting it. YOu did, in fact one of the fist posts was mine where I answered all your questions :)
  17. I dont see the problem, as jimjam highlighted, umar "performed many good deeds as expiation for the improper questions..." Are you going to hold it against him AFTER he sought expiation? didn't "aba abdillah" teach you otherwise?
  18. I've heard it so many times yet have been unable to find a source for this 'event'. the 'doors' of ijtehad have never been closed, I have no idea where such idea originated from.
  19. Allah said: ÃõæáóÜٰÆößó Úóáóíúåöãú ÕóáóæóÇÊñ ãöøä ÑóøÈöøåöãú æóÑóÍúãóÉñ æóÃõæáóÜٰÆößó åõãõ ٱáúãõåúÊóÏõæäó "Such are they on whom are blessings (salawat) from their Lord, and mercy. Such are the rightly guided." (2:157) BTW, how long will it take you until you make takfeer and send la3nat on sheikhian?
  20. I read, here in shiachat, that it was Umar (pbuh), Have you never doubted?
  21. The Abbasids werent short of gold to demand money for "recognition", its likely a fabrication.
  22. Its nothing to do with being fair, if you were an Imam who lived in year 120 hj, you know what sects were innovated and what werent, so you arent going to take religion from innovators as they innovated and lied to produce their sect. Its about maintainin the status quo and religion of he early Muslims and making sure no new innovations seep through.
  23. your halfway there, a lying fabricating narrator is usually an innovator with a "corrupt madhab" so to speak. rawafid and ghulat are considered innovators therefore its expected they would lie.
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