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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was just messing with you Brother. You can call it my sarcasm lol. ;) Anyways though, well I mean, yeah I experienced that too and I understand where you're coming from completely, but I just feel those stifling debates, all that stuff you mentioned and more, there was something about that, which would excite others to come on here and join in. It was more welcoming I would say. I agree there is still some positive contributors in this forum, and God bless them for their positive contributions. However, we shouldn't create such an atmosphere where this website becomes strictly only about learning the in depth understandings of Shia Islam, and anyone who comes to this site to socialize or just for fun is chased away by that lone segment. There should be more of a neutral feel. The atmosphere could be more festive is what I mean to say. It used to be more festive. As someone else said, if you share a joke in the chatroom, or if you post something that is meant as a joke or to just get some laughs, to try and lighten up the mood, it feels like it is frowned upon and you are considered a bad person. I have experienced that. If the atmosphere is so depressing that no humor can be posted, then realistically who will come? And I know we are all different and we have different thoughts and beliefs. I understand and respect that. Diversity is very good. However, its not so good when 20 year old youth or teenagers come here and try to generate some laughs and other members older than them or even twice their age start complaining and can't seem to tolerate anything. Then those members end up leaving having been pushed away. Lol by the way good one
  2. Salaam, I appreciate and respect your opinion even agree with it to an extent. However, what your saying, is like someone saying that when Shias pack the Masjids for Muharram and there's a lot of noise, to close the Masjids down during that time so the quiet ones like you can peacefully listen over the Internet without a large number of people. Also, I cannot take your comment seriously with all due respect, since your probably not a member but rather a staff member posing as one to give a false impression.
  3. There was a special bond back in the good old days too. The golden era that's missing now. Chemistry you could say. Many of the members from the old days for example including from stuff, I knew personally and had them on Facebook etc. We had our own whatsapp groups too. Nowadays, the closeness doesn't seem to be there. I don't know who anyone is except probably one person. You can make a case that the people from the Golden Era were more in touch with your normal members and the people at present are not as connected and close? I don't want to say out of touch because that may sound offensive and disrespectful to some people. Just another thought. This kind of reminds me of the documentary I watched yesterday: Now I'm not comparing basketball to Shiachat lol but similarities can be made. Jerry Reinsdorf=Ali for example. The owner of the site, if they really care, should personally try and make some changes. I say that with all due respect. Moderators please post this or feel free to edit out whatever you deem inappropriate. But please yeah, do post the first paragraph if not the rest. Thank you so much.
  4. Thoughts: At this stage in my temporary life, I'm still somewhat confused about certain things. :'( I feel I have definetly grown up and matured. I'm not that 19-20 year year old kid that I was when I first came on this site lol. I have changed for the better. I'm 25 now and am close to or at adulthood. I hope to get married soon. I still may act a little childish here and there lol but I know it's decreasing significantly in me. I guess it's natural. :'( This site and account has been with me ever since I graduated high school/entered college. I've met so many good, intelligent, nice, honest, humble, sincere, down to earth people from here. Some of whom I have come to know in real life and outside of this site, they're some of the most nicest, sincerest, kindest people I know. :') Most of the people I knew, I think have moved on and left here unfortunately. There's a few still around though who I'll def miss. Which makes this decision a lot harder for me. :'( @Al-Mufeed, @Hazyn, @ice unicorn, @Tonks, @Ali Musaaa :), @Brained, @Marbles, @-Enlightened, @Gotham, @Al-Hassan, @Mu3lam, @laithAlIRAQI, @The Batman, @Sapphire, @Durr-e-Najjaf, @Omer2708, @Shia_Debater, @Pinata, @Ibn Al-Ja'abi, @Deewan, Ali F, @PenOfTruth, @hameedeh many many more others. :'( I remember I would get so emotional with some of the people mentioned above at times, but even through that, they were so nice. :'( I love this website to death so much lol and have done my best to make so many positive contributions throughout my time here. :'( I remember all the funny stuff that would go on with Ali F and the mutah threads lool. Grandfather Mufeed talking to us little kids in the chat 24/7. Mu3lam entering the chatroom and MA kicking him out lool. All the gossip and drama. 20 people daily in the chat lol. So many good memories. :')) But everyone's gone now and I have to move on with my life too. :'( I have given all I can to this website and done my best. To those who I hurt or offended in anyway, again I am deeply sorry. I hope you will forgive me for anything I may have said. :'( I have to move on. I can't do this anymore. It's too much. I have to get a life lol. Take care Shiachatters and thanks so much for everything. :')) Regards -Asad_127
  5. Salaam Baji, 

    Can you please approve my post again. Sorry. I'm debating LCM in the trump topic. :)


  6. I disagree with this too. I don't know if you've read about it but a while back, there was a huge controversy in Indiana and Ohio about gays and bakeries. Christian bakery owners refused to sell wedding cakes to people who were gay because of their Religion and the gay people wanted a wedding cake with two females or two males. Which goes against the concept of Marriage that we believe in. They were sued and ultimately some even had to shut down. They argued that it was their religious freedom but they were denied. There has been many other incidents similar also. If a Christian or Muslim were to goto a "Gay Friendly" bakery and ask for a wedding cake with a Male and a Female, they would be discriminated against the same way. This has happend too. But nothing happens to the Gay Bakeries. Point is, there isn't really any religious freedom anymore. Try exercising your religious freedom at a Walmart and refuse to sell alcohol or work as a teller and refuse something minor. They don't care about religious freedoms. :') What is the second amendment specifically? It's the right to bear arms. That can be twisted to fit whatever purpose they want it to fit. Hence bearing arms can mean something as little as a pocket knife etc. It's very vague. Which makes my point very clear too lol. The NRA lobby is strong and that is why the second amendment fits the current definition of what it does lol. I totally agree with this. Actually @Abu Hadi had a topic which discussed something similar. We have to make lobbies and have unity to face these challenges. Imagine if we had a Muslim Lobby similar to AIPAC. It is truly sad that the Armenian Lobby is so strong and our Arab Lobbies aren't. Money buys people(in this case Politicans) their jobs depend on it. Hence they would listen to our opinions and do we say. Otherwise they would lose our vital contribitons and eventually their jobs. Media, Businesses, Everything we need to have a presence in if we are going to succeed.
  7. I second this post. You have to understand, if the president needs something done, they will get congress to pass it. You mentioned gun control, that has nothing to do with congress or the president but everything to do with the NRA. It's one of the strongest lobbies and they pay big money to keep congress from doing anything. If it wasn't in existence, GOP would support gun control the next day. It's not that hard to think about. Just look at our nation post 9/11. All the president has to do is play the fear card and prove his point, like false flags etc.
  8. Salaamalikum :') Well let me ask you this. Is wiretapping or the patriot act constitutional? How about waterboarding? The fact of the matter is, there is no first amendment in reality. It's nonsense. There is no freedom of speech. There's no free media. They all toe the line. The right of the people to peaceably assemble is not true either. I protested once and police asked me to move somewhere else or they would arrest me. If there were freedom of speech, SC would let us air our grievances in public but they don't lool. :') I'm just kidding lol. So yeah there is no first Amendment. We have no rights. :')
  9. Salaamalikum, I have this problem often when praying Namaaz. I tend to lose focus and shaytan distracts me. LIke I do pray with sincerity I feel, but sometimes I may forget which Rakat I am on or I may worry about reciting something properly etc. I think I maybe overthink a lot when praying. How does one clear their mind and pray without worrying about this stuff and whether we recited something or which rakat were on etc. How does one ignore satan who distracts us and gets us confused lol? Regards -Asad_127
  10. Salaamalikum, Who are these westerners if I may ask? I live in the west and it still costs a lot of money to perform the pilgrimage. :')
  11. Salaamalikum, I hope and pray that you all are in the best of health Inshallah. :') I once heard that before our Imam Mahdi(ATFS)'s Zahoor or Reappearence, there would be a sudden turn away from Islam and Muslims would run away in droves. I think it was used to describe conditions in the West, mainly North America and Europe. That something would make them run away from Islam. I don't know how true or accurate it is. But, If Trump ends up winning, or any Anti-Muslim candidate wins and implements policies targeting Muslims and our life is in danger, what would you do as a Muslim living in North America or the United States? Would you leave then and there and goto Canada? Or Would you stay and try and survive it? I ask this because, recently this is the first time I have heard so many things targeting Muslims. Like the Mandatory Databases Story or Banning all Muslims from entering the US etc. I don't wish to speculate because I don't know, but to me, its kind of akin to Germany before and during World War 2, it just feels like that somehow. They would make the Jewish people wear something that would single them out easily, with which they were easy to identify etc. And then we all I think know about the Warsaw Ghetto etc. and what happend next. :'( But yeah, what would you do? I know this is different and congress still has to approve any major decisions which are made and they vote on it. There is still some balance of power if I remember lol. But our Media is so silent on this. When before they wouldn't be as much. What would you do? How would you prepare? Best Regards -Asad_127
  12. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are too Pro Zionist for my liking. Donald Trump has become too much of a wild card. Especially his comments about Muslims and actually recently, he threw a Muslim out of one of his rallies. I guess I just decided to go with Jeb Bush because his wife is Hispanic I believe and also hes not as conservative or racist as Donald Trump or doesn't seem so. In terms of being pro zionist, I think maybe an argument can be made he is but not as much as the others. I don't know. Actually come to think of it, I didn't see Rand Pauls name, I'd go with him too. I'm not even much into elections and have never voted so I don't think my opinion would matter anyhow lol.
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