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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I deleted before I saw your post. Let me make it simple. I don't have any issue with spiritual guidance from Prophets (as) and Imams (as) (all Prophets (as) are Imams (as)). However, Quran shows Tasjeed is really for Allah (swt) alone, obedience is to him. We obey Messenger to obey God, not due to rank of Messenger. This is why ruling by other then God was emphasized in Suratal Maeeda, to emphasize Wilayah of Allah (swt) is the principle, he has the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He is the King and Hakim. Now others want to to take legislation from him and give it to others. They put a
  2. Physically, we should not see harm or benefit, in shorter life or longer, we don't know, in gaining wealth or in poverty, in sickness or health, none of it is the face of God that remains, so it's not seeking real help, b/c it doesn't avail us. If we believe in the next world, then we know we can only seek what desire from God, there is no one to assist us and avail us and enrich us, but him. Even Rasol (saw) was told he cannot guide whom he loves, cannot avail anyone, it's all in God's hands..... No one can ask Angels to help them. This is what Sahers do. They tell you Irfan stuff, tehn they
  3. Socrates, it won't hurt to say "O Lord I have been unjust to myself..." and just leave it. I advocated this Shirk like you at one point...going back forth....... It;s confusing... but i'll make it simple... Help is only from Allah (swt), it's Risq (lvoe of Ahelbaty) and connection to the Light....now what does Quran say to seek that Risq from? That is the help of Allah, but whom to seek the help from ? It;s source.... Quran showed to turn to God through Wilayah of Ali, but to turn to God..... Imams (as) said "by wilayah of Ali", they didn't say "turn to Ali to turn to Allah", the latter is s
  4. I also want to emphasize other verses show, that the ones they call sons and called besides God, where "whom act by his command..." .... And verse show they are the elect ones, where there to be sons and daughter,s, ti would be elected ones from his creation.... so when it's saying "rather they are honored servants, and by his acts do they command..." It made it clear, that all these verses apply to Imams (as).....
  5. They follow Mutashabiha as opposed to it's clear signs. The analogy is not false because of this. It's fasle because everything in this world neither increases or decreases in anything... it's the Spiritual World that we will acount for, and it's the face of God that remains. It's like ignoring everyhting Quran has said abotu the delusion of the world..... I call Canadian government governemtn, but with true eyes, it's a false authroity based on falsehood. So we can talk "can you help me with this and that", but what truly avails us, is not anything we can seek from creation. The only avail
  6. And in Salah, we ask Allah (swt) help alone, and to seek no one's help, so kind of circular isn't it, and Imams (as) teach to only Ask Allah (swt) and address him when they guide, and in Patience, we turn to Allah (swt) and avoid the Taghut and calling others and resisting Dunya (this about fasting), and remain steadfast in calling upon Allah (swt) alone, and following his light as opposed to authorities besides that which is but following Sayateen. It means to avoid the Taghut and be firm against it, and here it's emphasizing on fasting going with Salah (Wilayah), love and resistance, just a
  7. Thee do we Worship and Thee do we seek help from.
  8. Who say it has more then one possible intrepetation. There is Satanic recition Bright signs and manifest majestic flow.. How is believing Satanic recitation anything to do with real Quran?
  9. Alayhisalam, there is still much danger that lies ahead. Lot's of confusion, lot's truth mixed with falsehood..... What do you think is the best way to never mix truth with falsehood. How do you intrepret a verse? How do you take a hadith? and what do you with it? You entered in Shiism, but Shiism has Mushrikeen, Taghut advocaters, haters of Jihahad (which menas they hate true Spirit of Ali (as)), twisters of Qruan for taghut reasons....it's a big mess...and groups all against each other...and plus they teach Jafr which is seher, so we have sorcerers amongs tus... how u gonna make it? There i
  10. Socretes don't mix truth with falsehood. Don't mix with the highness of God's servants with the Station God is unique in. Don't mix it. Fallah has stated he is not Salafi, and is searching the truth. He is right about not being allowed to call other humans. And what attributes do Ahlebayt(as) have that others Propehts (as) don't. All their attributes in Quran has been explained indirectly through Prophets (as), so we don't go this beltitling of other Prophets (as). Yes they are higher, but it's not like other Prophets (as) weren't "High exalted" or the beautiful NAmes of Allah (swt). Imam Ma
  11. Salam For a lot of things that are true, there a falsehood in it that is the opposite in hadith. Only people ignoring the rule of contradiction will not admit it, and advocate the falsehood while at the same pretending they accept the other hadiths as true to. Some people emphasize on hadiths, but then cannot realize when opposition because they ignore the rule of contradiction. I showed how Khums verse has most hadiths intrepreting correctly, while minority wrong, and they contradict. They cannot be both right, because it can't be at the very moment of Ghanantum and then at the same, the end
  12. The True Imam Ali (as) is a but servant of God that Allah favored, and would not call Lordship to himself, nor did he in his life, teach people to call upon him. Help means true help, not false help which is refuted in "his wealth did not avail him". That means with regard to wealth of akheera, increase and decrease, to only seek God's help. Iyaka Nabadu wa iyaka nastaeen To say we don't only seek help from Allah (swt) by worldly analogies, is like Sunnis saying our Imams (as) didn't rule and were not Kings. It's the same falsehood. From the Haq view, the only helper is Allah (swt) and only h
  13. I don;'t have a problem with means and guidance and Guides, however I will ask Allah (swt) for this since Ya Seen, O hearer of revelation is one part of the equaiton, the other part is that "O Hearing One" to Allah (swt), and with Mohammad (pbuh), we call upon only Allah (swt). I don't worship that which you worship. I don't have any issue with intercession, just have to ask Allah (swt) for it, but can address Ahlebayt (as) as formality, just as Rasool (saw) did Du'a as formality on Day of Ghadeer to show truth. I will addres this issue in Quran in the thread I made. It's been the same rheto
  14. You should be doing Tajweeh to Allah (swt) but the Waseela sense they have, the Quran says there is no such thing. In the sense they say, it says specifically God has not put a Waseela..... This is how Lord of Musa and Harun verses explained Waseela, and so you can by them, as they are light of Allah (swt) call upon Allah (swt), so that are the beautiful Names of Allah (swt) to call upon Allah (swt) but this doesn't mean to call them, and saying this is calling Allah (swt) through calling them. The Latter is Shirk. wa salam Waseela means connection to Allah (swt) and it means guidance from Al
  15. bro it;s like 4:59, there is Tawheed meaning, and Shirk meaning. The verses everyone can turn Tawheed verse from it's context and place and twist. Quran is about ideas. If we go against it's ideas, acknowleding words does not matter. Salafis say Allah is Ahad yet go against it. It's about the light, it's the light we have to believe in, and I believe in turning to Allah (swt) only and I mean turning in the sense it's explained in Quran, with no need to argue semantics. By Ali Hassan Hussain, we only call upon our Lord, and ask from him. Ibrahim (as) didn;t say seek from me Risq as seeking from
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