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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, Forget about best friend for a second. As the popular saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Can someone provide any authentic narrations about Abu Bakr helping the Holy Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) while he was in the Shi'b Abu Talib? When the Holy Prophet and his clan (Banu Hashim) were under siege for 3 years, there is no evidence of Abu Bakr's attempt to relieve the distress of the beleaguered clan but there is evidence that several unbelievers brought essential supplies to it. Is that a deed of a friend? Treatment of Prophet's family post his dea
  2. The answer is in your post itself. The hadith you have quoted from the Holy Prophet pbuh is from the chapter dealing with virtues of knowledge. If one wants to learn about the inheritance then they should check the chapter dealing with inheritance. The narrations quoted above are about knowledge and not about materialistic wealth. So it would be wrong to take these narrations out of context.
  3. Tell that person to throw all the ingredients required to prepare bread like flour, water etc together into an oven without proper mixing and see if that results in bread. If not, then how can such a complex universe come into existence without any divine interference.
  4. Brother, We only follow what we have been advised by the Holy Prophet pbuh and his Ahlulbayt. So if it was 10th of Imam Ali (as) then the Imams would have told us. We cannot add or remove anything based on our preference.
  5. Fitra should be taken out on the eve of Eid and not before that. However if you want to give it to the needy before Eid prayers then you will have to give it to them as a loan and change the Niyah on the day of Eid to make it a fitra. Hope this helps.
  6. Ammar Nakshawani had recently given a lecture on this topic. Link to the same is as below:
  7. Usurping of Fadak was indeed an oppression towards the daughter of the holy Prophet (pbuh) as she was in control of that piece of land when her workers were chased away. So the onus should have been on the one making the claim to prove that it was a property belonging to the state. But unfortunately, the person making the claim not only took control of it, asked the owners of Fadak to present witnesses but also presided as a judge on this case. Logic defied from every angle. Regarding the wives, they escaped the oppression because the target was the daughter of the Prophet (pbuh). T
  8. Brother, I know you are trying to play the Devli's advocate here but I am sure you can see the flaw in their logic. 1. Did the Prophet kill those people who refused to pay him the Zakat? 2. People like Malik Ibn Nuwayra (ra) were killed for not paying zakat yet he was a Sahabi, so how does this fit the adala of Sahabah? 3. Muwaiyah (la) did not have the right to ask for justice of Uthman's blood as Uthman's sons were alive, did they go to the Caliph of their time? 4. Even if we ignore point 3, how many killers of Uthman did Muwaiya (la) punish after he became the caliph?
  9. Dare them to do the same to those who fought against their first caliph.
  10. Inna Lillahe wa inna ilaihi Rajeeoon. Sorry to hear about your loss brother. May Allah swt grant her a lofty place in the paradise and give your family the strength to deal with this loss.
  11. If they criticize one Sahaba, then they are opening up a floodgate to criticize many more. There lies the danger of their concocted fairy tales being shred to pieces and the very foundation of Adalat-e-Sahaba being punctured. So for them instead, it is better to alter history, distort facts, forget Quranic verses and praise everyone who fought against the Ahlulbayt. All because they can call those individuals stars and add (ra) at the end of their name. Remember, Muwaiyah (la) only used to write letters for the Prophet (pbuh) and they changed the historical facts to make him a scribe of
  12. Brother, the problem here is that in trying to prove that Shias are doing things wrong, you are cherry picking on the text which is presented to you. Please re-read what I had mentioned in one of my replies to you: I clearly said saying Ya Ali Madad is one of the ways of doing Tawassul. When did I say that it is the only way? So if you had read my reply completely, you would have gathered that there are different ways of doing Tawassul; instead of highlighting different ways of doing Tawassul and attributing each way to an individual, you should have tried to understand
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