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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://purifying101.blogspot.ca/?m=1
  2. :) I've been busy with baby but I have not forgot about my Shia chat sisters. InshaAllah you are well sis.
  3. Zaynab McCabe


    if only this rain would have fallen down in karbala if the wetness would have hit your lips Ya Hussain if the water was there to quench the thirst of lady zaynab if only the rain could have moisten the tongue of baby Ali asghar if only the rain could have hit the mouth of Abbas before his last breath if only the rain would haven fallen down in karbala
  4. I agree with repenter. I had to do the "cry it out method" with my first a few nights at most and he should be sleeping through the night. :) 4 kids :) it only gets better from here ;)
  5. I believe having a Phisyotherpist degree would be a start but as you have said you don't want to get to the point of using drugs unless truly needed. In such a case having a in depth look into holistic approaches to this type of illness is another step that indeed would be needed. On top of this having your Islamic degree and learning the Islamic way to help cure this illness should be learned (self purifying etc.) these are just some suggestion. Inshaallah you succeed
  6. When your gonna come out of the room slightly open the door and say "Ya Allah" the women will go get their hijabs and tell you when it's ok to enter
  7. Please sisters be careful not to say something bad against another sister. To each their own.
  8. Does your period stop for sometime on the 6th day and come back on the seventh day? If you see bleeding for more than 3 days and no more than 10 days this is hayz. Who do you follow sister? Sistani has a good sec on this in his book as well as his office replies to questions very quickly.
  9. If you'd like to stay anonymous from other please pm me. This is for research project that InshaAllah you all will see. I will leave you anonymous in my research paper.
  10. Zaynab McCabe


    Grave what will it be like to feel the grave the screaming voices to be saved the moment of death when I see the angels face will I be greeted with kindness or torment to be faced my body crumbling, blows away with the winds my soul remains, will I be forgiven for my sins don't forsake me in the dark hole I will lay if I'm granted hell in the grave let me tolerate that day
  11. Please sister seek a scholar in your area for help. The main thing is to keep yourself and your Children safe. May Allah help you sister. Pm me if you need help maybe I can help you find a scholar in your area or a woman's shelter for you to go for safety. Allah keep you safe always
  12. Zaynab McCabe


    Fatima Zahra
  13. without You the tree would not stand up without You the sun would not shine without You the river would not flow without You the sky would not rain without You the birds would not fly without You the lover would not love without You the soul would turn dark You are everywhere the reason for everything.
  14. shattered pieces of me on the floor a once made up dunya begins to sore fearful voices deep within this retched soul pain from failing starts to take its toll standing on the edge of a rocky cliff my body goes limp as my heart gets stiff Your who I long to be near to but what can this lonely servant do
  15. Go talk to your Dr. You may need a blood path done to your spine. Yes headache from it can last a long time! I had one done and am now suffering from numbness in my left toes once in awhile. I also had ringing in the ears (rare but it does happen)
  16. dragging on my dragging on my lonely forgotten soul piercing harsh words begins to unfold frantically searching for who I am shaytan tries again to grab my hand tiered knees start to get weak pacing in my mind it's You I seek treacherous world with far to much guilt crumbling down of what I had built dragging on my lonely forgotten soul piercing harsh words begin to unfold
  17. Is anyone else still preg? Hope all is well with your preg or New addition to the family
  18. Salaam mashaAllah sister he is very very adorable! What did you name him? InshaAllah you and baby are well. I'm 35 weeks :) InshaAllah it will be soon :)
  19. Once I decided to be Muslim in 2007 before I performed my shahadah I put hijab on.
  20. Eid Mubarak on this blessed moth
  21. I'm 30 weeks counting down the day's :) how's everyone else doing?
  22. I have to agree with maryaam on this as I think brother you missed the point. They are not at all say "be like a man" woman are capable to run and fight we are not built just to be in home and cook men food lol. Islam teaches us individuality. There is halal and haram things for men and woman ans never once in my life did I read a hadith that woman have to do what you think is considered "being like a woman" in fact many woman with hijab are doing what you consider to be "a man's position" and it is deemed halal!
  23. May Allah accept all your fasts and duas. InshaAllah we all grow nearer to Allah. Ramadan Mubarak!
  24. In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Yes, as long as no non-mehram looks at her Wassalamu Alaykum -----Original Message----- Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:20 PM To: eanswers@najaf.org Subject: Salaam alykum Can a woman go swimiming if she is covered with appropriate swim wear that has hijab and full length shirt and pants?
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