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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams

    what made u take arts?

  2. kul..il get back to u asap

  3. thts ot what i ment..dont take me wrong..i just ment i cant contact you just like tht..i need more details

  4. well..for a girl.. its not tht simple

  5. salaams

    where dyu live atm?? when did u finish ur o levels??

  6. yeah i recognize the name.....thanx anyway!!!!

  7. loool...believe me, im new ever where. i havent even been online in ages..exams are murderers..i have clearly no idea who u are :D sowwi

  8. i am sorry but i did not get ur question.

  9. that is my point. which sect is better liked by the prophet.. if you have a different opinion, post it and everyone will judge for themselves.
  10. i don't know but from what i heard, there will only be a minor population of true believers. i have also heard that before the day of Qiyamah, there will be a war in which a lady called Maleeha will stand on a mountain and throw a stone at Al-Mahdi (atfs) and he will attain shahadah like all other Aimmah. his janaza prayers will be lead by Imam Husayn (sa). i am sorry i do not have referrence to this story at the moment but i'll post it as soon as i can.
  11. yes, definitely. he is waiting for us to be ready to accept him when he comes. what i meant was, how are we supposed to prepare and be read for his arrival and Alhamdulilah, Your Best Friend, has told me what i was looking for.
  12. thank you soo much your best friend, Ma Allah bless you. i was wondering if anyone had the oath of allegiance that Shia will have to pay to the Imam when he re-appears. i am looking for it. if i find it, i'll post it but i need it urgently if anyone has it, please pass it. thanks once again
  13. and how did u knw it was riz u asked me to come hea?

  14. lol..u continue to amaze me..i'm almost 17 and yet i hate make-up and facials and ol tht stuff...and ure using it to convince me tht i shud stay a shia...btw in it comment b4, its convince not convenience

  15. That, is the reason why people debate to find out the truth
  16. I want to know, what are shias expected to do while waiting for Al-Mahdi? there is a video i found in case anyone is interested
  17. lol..i asked someone from MO to help me, and i was told to come hea.. now ure telling me to go back.. the thing is i started this discussion with my friend on the agreement that whoever is proven wrong in the end, will convert. we both have permission to do so from our parents and we both thing we have enough proof to convenience the other person..i was getting along well, but i don have the books

  18. according to me, since Imam Ali was the rightful caliph, he took it as his right to guide those who were going astray. so when Uthman and Umar asked for help,Imam did not ignore them but instead offered his help. when Umar and Uthman had any problems, Imam helped them like he would have done for any human. i remember this storyi was told once that there was a widow who was herd by the Imam cursing the Imam for sending her Husband who was a father to war and getting him killed instead of fighting himself. Imam offered his help when he saw her struggle and she agreed without knowing who he was. they went to her home together and he cooked for her and put kids at comfort. the next day he came even earlier to help out. later the woman asked him who he was and he revealed his identity. the women was taken back by his actions and she asked for forgiveness and became a Muslim. If the Imam did this for a woman who cursed him in front of him, then i think he did help Umar and Uthman as he is our role model and we learn from his action.
  19. i have some info proving that the "khulfa ur rashideen" do not deserve that position. i have proof from sunni books of hadith which are "supposedly" 100% authentic. if anyone is interested, lemme know, then i will post it b'coz i dont wana start fight here
  20. thanks..im only here to get some answers...but it eint easy..havent gotten any so far..

  21. what about this?? is it true that some shias believe that the Quran has been changed? or is it just a conspiracy made to give shia a low reputation?
  22. yup! ure ryt...its me from MO

  23. I started a debate with one of my Sunni friends regarding which sect is the best and why? The purpose of this debate was to find out the truth. My friend has been getting help from somewhere and i was advised to visit this site to get the answers i need. i hope you can help me. please if someone has any answers to these questions, post them and if there is anyone who thinks that Sunnis or Shias are better. post it with reasoning from authentic book s of narrations with reference
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