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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yeah i was 9 and a half stones before i was pregnant and towards the end of my pregnacy i was about 15 stones :o and i wake up at about 9ish.
  2. To Shay going to be totally honest with you now and give you every thing in detail im 5.3 weigh 13 and half stones Breakfast at 11am A bowl of cereal have biscutes choclates or crisps in between lunch at about 3pm chicken tuna or cheese sandwich with brown bread butter and mayo have some friut or biscuts dinner about 8 ill have 1 and a half chapatii with curry and no salads and then 3 times in the week i'l have takeaways pizza or a burger and chips. every night before bed i have ice cream during the day i have 2 small glasses of water
  3. thanks a bunch for all this advice, i am definatly going to try it and let you guys know how iam getting on, my eating really does suck!!! iv realised after what you guy have told me what i should be eating, i hardly drink any water or salads, i really do need to make lots of changes, it is coming to a point that i have no self confidence and just get depressed over ever thing, esp geting over suspious on hubby, but definatly i am going follow these plans and eating idea u guys have given. :) :)
  4. yeah ur rite thanks so much for ur advice i just nedd to cut out al these snancks i have in between and a home work out video wud be ideal bec of the baby and its hard to get out to a gym plus its started to snow now and i cant put baby in the buggy and go for a walk guess i have to wait for the summer
  5. Awwwwwwww thanks for the advice brother, i know i hardly do any excersise i find it hard bec of my baby, and just get lazy and want to just sit down and watch Tv while she has her naps i knw there should be no excuses, bec of this weight prob that i have now its making me miserable and my hubby is always moaning at me that i dont make an effort with myself and i that i look like an old woman that makes me more depressed i start thinking that he look at other girls and i start eating junk food. :cry: Awwwwwwww thanks for the advice brother, i know i hardly do any excersise i find it hard be
  6. hellooooooooooooooooooooooo in the morning i have cereal then in the afternoon i'll have a sandwich or a pie the ones you make in the oven in the eve i'll have chappati and wicheva curry iv made in between ill have snacks and after my last dinner i always have cravings for ice cream,, and iv noticed iv become very lazy and feel tired all the time, what could i do or even eat to be not so tired,.
  7. as salaam alaykum i had a baby girl zahraa in june and its been 5 months now and i still look 8 months pregnant even after nursing my baby it hasnt helped me to go back to my pre pregnacy size, :( i feel as though i am getting bigger and bigger, its making me deppressed upset and i always feel suspious on my hubby that he finds other girls attractive he always tell me im fat and to lose weight, that makes me more upst and i comfort eat its really hard for me, like eid just went past and my sisters and cousins wer all dressed up and looked nice and iam only 23 and i look like im 53 bec of m
  8. ..................?

  9. lolz i think so tooooooooo, thanks sis for makin me feel beta, look after urself , and may u always be happy xx
  10. aww sister ur so sweet naa its just didnt mean to offend any one, lolz il put it behind me now.x
  11. Walaykum assalaam sister hope ur well i think some sisters an bros wer offended by my post it prob was to personally at the time i just wanted other opinions and advice.X
  12. As salam alaykum Sisters and i spose brothers as they come into thr sisters forum i would like to appologise if i offended any one with my post i didnt mean to and i did get advice from the docter but was unsure islamically on what i was allowed to do and just wanted advice from sisteronce again very very sorry will not happen again.
  13. Please contact one of the female moderators regarding your query.

  14. As Salaam alaykum Sisters I have just had a baaby girl Zahraa and shes Mashallah 4 months i am no way near ready to have another baby yestaday went to the family planning clinic to have the coil fitted i started bleeding and it was very unconfortable and painfull i told the doctor to stop and that i didint want it it was painfull if any sisters have used a coil please let me know how it was and if it was normally for it to be painfull because i felt as though the doctor wasnt bothred and was rough with me, any way me and my husband had intercourse and the condom spilt and now i am worried th
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