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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Of course it’s not, but it’s necessary to follow it because of the reasons I stated. If mutah is halal but can be very harmful, then by logic it is wiser to refrain from it.
  2. Even if she is financially responsible she would still need permission.
  3. Not praying doesn’t make you a kaffir, it’s when you stop believing it’s an obligatory act in Islam that makes you a kaffir. If one drinks alcohol they are still Muslim, but they turn kaffir if they don’t believe alcohol is haram.
  4. If she’s not divorced or widowed then no. Although it’s halal (given the father or paternal grandfather’s approval), it will do more harm than good for her. In the Arab culture if a virgin women is known to have done mut’ah then say goodbye to her reputation and future, no man will ever permanently marry her. Just because something is halal it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
  5. I wouldn’t say that, Enjoining the good and forbidding evil (Amr bil ma3roof) is a form of judging other humans, and this is an obligatory act in Islam.
  6. Praying while seated should be the last resort. If you prayed while seated when you were able to stand, the validity of your prayer would be problematic. If you can’t pray in the back try the bathroom or the hallway.
  7. Not surprised by their behaviour, hatred for Iran and Imam Khamenei is imbedded in there hearts. I don’t know why, maybe they are still upset from the Iran-Iraq war defeat, or maybe the Shirazis just have a strong influence there. Then they feed there kids with propaganda, and the kids grow up thinking Iran is the boogeyman of the Shia world. Shias need to be a united force not enemies, look at Shias in Iran-Lebanon how united and strong they are, why can’t Iraqis join this powerful alliance? Israel/America and Isis can’t touch us, they are scared of us. But Iraq? Always being bullied. Every time anti-Iran Shias go to ziyarah in Iraq, they should remember without Iran’s help Karbala and Najaf would be isis strongholds by now.
  8. It’s what people in your area consider what a beard is. If you live in the Middle East where everyone has beards, they may not consider 1mm hair to be a beard where as in the west they may consider it. It’s on you as a person to figure that out. If it’s not considered a beard, and you don’t have enough moist on your eyebrows, then your wudu is void and you must repeat it. If you understand Arabic I can show you evidence.
  9. @Moalfas @Ashvazdanghe You made a shari’ claim so it’s on you to show evidence. Don’t confuse the brother please.
  10. If it’s considered a beard by the common view (‘urf), then yes.
  11. I like cats and as much as I would want one it’s not worth the risk, they shed everywhere even if you clean and groom them. You have to clean and vacuum your house daily and even doing that will not guarantee every single hair to be removed from your home. Every time you want to pray you must change your clothes and must have a special praying matt, if there’s one single cat hair on you (according to a lot of Marjas) your prayer is invalid.
  12. It’s only obligatory to say “Asalamualaykum” in tasleem, anything said after it is mustahab. If you turned your head more than 90 degrees from the qiblah, your prayer may be problematic.
  13. In the context of the verse both words are a synonym of each other.
  14. Right after the video men of al musawi gave him a good beating in the middle of the street.
  15. Assuming the door knob was dry, it remains the first mutanajis because the same liquid that was on the cloth got transferred on the door knob.
  16. The order of mutanajis applies only on liquid state, not solid material. If something najis touches a dry door knob it will not become 1st mutanajis, but if it touches a wet door knob the wetness on the door knob that got mixed with the nijasah becomes first mutanajis.
  17. Imam Khamenei: If the girl is also non-Muslim, the permission of her father or paternal grandfather is, by obligatory caution, a must but if she is Muslim, there is no need for her non-Muslim father or paternal grandfather. But you should notice that a Muslim man is not allowed to marry a non-kitabi non-Muslim woman permanently. Also by obligatory caution marrying a woman from the People of the Book permanently is impermissible. However, there is no objection to marrying the latter in a temporary marriage contract. With prayers for your success If a virgin girl's parents are non-Muslim, is it still obligatory to obtain the fathers permission for temporary and permanent marriage?
  18. Lebanon has become more secular than turkey now, and will soon surpass Israel making it the most secular country in the Middle East.
  19. Zuhr prayer time expires few minutes before sunset which is just enough to offer `asr prayer while `asr prayer time ends at sunset. Offering zuhr prayer at the time special for `asr one is invalid and it is considered as qada' [I.e. if you have only time to offer four rak'ahs before sunset, you should offer 'asr as ada' and then zuhr as qazaa]. With prayers for your success If one can pray duhr before sunset but has no time to perform asr, does my intention have to be qada for duhr and asr or just asr?
  20. Permission of a Non-virgin Girl's FatherIn case that the girl’s virginity has been lost through an intercourse by mistake or fornication, there is no need to obtain her father's permission (like in virgin girl) for marriage but one would not neglect the caution in obtaining this permission. However, if her virginity has been lost through means other than intercourse, concluding marriage with her should be with the permission of her father. The bolded sentence is telling you that the deciding factor for a women to lose her virginity is intercourse. If she loses it other than intercourse, like masturbation, she is still a virgin. Whatever Imam Khamenei’s definition of “through means other than intercourse” means, it doesn’t change the fact that intercourse through haram means will make the women lose her virginity, because he states it very clearly. This argument between us shouldn’t go this far over basic English my brother.
  21. His definition of virginity is a women who has not had sexual intercourse, whether haram or married. Why are you over complicating it? It’s very simple.
  22. Caution means caution, it’s not wajib. The last part of the ruling means if the girl lost her virginity other than sexual intercourse, she will still be regarded as virgin.
  23. No you do not need permission from wali, read carefully what he says brother. “as far as the necessity of obtaining her father’s consent for her marriage is concerned.”
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