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  1. Hassan-

    Nail Polish

    You don’t need to be a marja’ to answer fiqh questions as long as you can guide them with the correct ruling of a qualified marja’ or scholar. According to Imam Khamenei, you must repeat your salah if your nail polish did not allow the water during wudu to touch your nails.
  2. Ruju’ divorce is decided by the husband and khali’ is decided by both husband and wife. If he decides he wants ruju’ divorce then he must pay his wife the Mahr, but if it’s khali’ then the wife gives up her mahr to him. It seems like he chose ruju’, and in that case he must pay his wife her mahr and give back her presents once her ‘iddah ends.
  3. Before accepting a job you should see what scope of work they will make you do. If they want you to do something haram, you should reject it if you live in a non-Muslim country, because a kafir will most likely take that job. If it’s in a Muslim country and there is only Muslims around, then that’s a different story and I’ve mentioned already that it becomes permissible if it’s necessary. It is wajib for a baligh man to circumcise himself, and one of the scholars (Sayed Sabah shubbar) talked about this issue. It’s haram for another person to circumcise another man, unless it’s absolutely necessary. First the man must take lessons on how to circumcise himself safely, or get his wife to do it. But if for some reason that’s not possible then someone else can do it for him. Generally speaking, In Islam doing something haram should be your last resort. You must always try to go for the halal way first. As for your question, it’s pretty simple. It is haram to see the private parts of an old person the same way it’s haram for an old person to show his private parts to someone else. However, if it’s necessary, then it’s halal, and you as their child can give them the care they need.
  4. Hassan-

    Najis or not?

    1. In our fiqh if you are unsure where your leather came from, it is ruled as tahir. As per Imam Khamenei, you cannot pray with it unless you are certain it’s tahir. However if you are a precautious person, you would treat any leather that you are not certain of it being tahir as najis. Let’s look at the facts here, 9 out of the top 10 producers of leather in the world are non-Muslim countries. Indonesia, being the only Muslim country in the top 10, accounts for only 4% of the leather export in the world. That means 92% of all leather in the world are produced and exported by non-Muslim countries, which means 92% of all leather in the world is najis. Wherever you see leather, whether a wallet, car’s interior, clothes, couches, etc, is most likely from a non-Muslim country. Even items that are fake leather are still made from leather, but very cheap leather. 2. When you say the nijasah must be dry first or else it’s classed as the same wetness, where did you get this from? Do you have proof for this? As for your question, I will answer you with my own opinion but I have no evidence for it.when you are in doubt of something being najis or tahir, you usually go with the easier option as per our fiqh, which becomes tahir. The same concept would apply here, if you are in doubt whether it’s the first mutanajis or second, it’s ruled as second. If you doubt whether it’s second or third mutanajis, it’s ruled as third.
  5. First you got to ask yourself a few questions. Is it possible for a person to care for the elderly without seeing their private parts (e.g. cover their parts with a small towel when showering them) ? If that’s not possible, then are their non-Muslims around that are able to care for them? If not, then it will be permissible for the man to see his private parts just for the purpose of caring for him, if the elder needs it. If any questions are a yes, then it is impermissible to see his private parts.
  6. Doesn’t matter if it’s the norm and doctors do it, it’s impermissible for a man to see the two private parts of any baligh man or women except for his wife , unless it is absolutely necessary.
  7. If showering them means you have to see their private parts, then it’s haram.
  8. Hassan-

    Nikah after fiqah conversion??

    It seems like that women was a kafir, and it’s impermissible for a man to marry a kafir non-kitabi women. Therefore the nikah from the start was invalid, and a new nikah must be done after her conversion.
  9. Hassan-

    Takbir when moving from sujood to sitting

    Only the first Takbeer to start your prayer is wajib, but the rest of the takbeers are all mustahab and can be said during Sujoud or while rising after sujoud.
  10. Hassan-

    Absolution of Yazid - Tabari

    The immaturity is too much on this thread. The personal attacks from specific members will be dealt with.
  11. Learning the truth comes in steps and each step takes you closer to the truth. It’s unlikely for a non-Muslim to become shi’a without being Sunni first. Sunnis have a much bigger population which means more wealth and mosques are being spread to popularize their version of Islam and attract the non-Muslims into it. When the person becomes Sunni, he has moved one step closer to the truth, but now he has 2 options: continue his journey to seek the ultimate truth or remain ignorant. Many Sunnis have chosen to continue that journey for the truth, hence why most shi’a converts are ex-Sunnis.
  12. Hassan-

    Cat bit my hair whilst in prostration

    Then there is nothing that invalidated your prayer.
  13. Hassan-

    Cat bit my hair whilst in prostration

    Was there fur or saliva on your head after you got up from prostration?
  14. Hassan-

    Tattoos in Islam

    Tattoos are generally halal.