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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Islamic fiqhi rulings do not apply to pre-Islam eras. You want me to prove a fiqhi ruling by only using the Qur'an, what is this QuranistChat? Just look at what the scholars say on this matter, they know a lot more than you. The only people that are halal to marry and are externally tahir are kitabi’s according to the jurists, and even some jurists consider kitabis to be a problem too. It’s frustrating when you have people on the forums preach there own beliefs and challenge the marja’iya system simply because “they’ve done some research” or the rulings of the maraji’ “don’t make sense to them”.
  2. Why are you giving out false rulings to people? A monotheist that believes in no religion is a kafir and najis according to Shia fiqh. It is not permissible to marry such a person.
  3. They must believe in the divinely appointed leaders (wilaya) of the 12 infallible Imams (عليه السلام).
  4. Yes it’s valid, you can pause during ghusl and continue it later.
  5. Great post brother, I hope one day all Muslims of all sects understand the truth more clearer and realize the truth comes only from the Prophet (s) and his family. I’ve added you to my list of conversions:
  6. We’re you half asleep when you woke up at 4am?
  7. Watch between 2:02 to 2:10 https://youtu.be/TaBGiOPl8EU notice how he pronounces the letter ‘n’ but it’s a bit transparent and silent.
  8. @AStruggler There is no such word as muhammadiw. It’s either Muhammad or muhammadi. When you attach muhammadi with wa aali, it pronounces muhammadi(n). The letter ‘n’ in the end is pronounced but pronounced very silently you could barely hear it, which would technically sound like muhammadiw in a way. You could also pronounce it muhammadin without semi silencing the letter ‘n’ and it would still be correct.
  9. Where did you get the word ‘impure’ from? Imam Khomeini uses the word اخبث which means ‘worse’ or ‘wicked’. He said anyone who fought against Imam Ali or showed enmity towards him or the Ahlul Bayt are worse than dogs or pigs. Imam Khomeini is not saying they are najis nor is he saying Sunnis in general are najis or worse than these animals, he considers Sunnis as our brothers in Islam, unless you are one of those types of people he mentioned above.
  10. There is no problem with it in Islam.
  11. Why does he refer himself as ahlus-sunnah? He’s a wahabi with isis ideology, completely different beliefs than your average Sunni.
  12. Which marja’ says it’s not permissible for a Sayed to marry a non-Sayed?
  13. Everything in Islam is permissible unless ruled impermissible, therefore the onus is on you to prove to us it isn’t permissible, not the other way around. However I can still show you evidence that a virgin women has no wali in non-marriage matters, take a look at the video below at 17:48 if you understand Arabic:
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