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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i was there live last night to hear him speak, it was so amazing, i was getting chills just being in the masjid and hearing his voice and the power of his lecture mA mA inshallah may he be blessed with a long life and more knowledge to continue influencing all those that hear him.
  2. Salam Bro Congratulations on your new little one! inshallah may she grow up to be a true kaneez of Bibi Fatima (as) and Bibi Zainab (as) i was thinking you could keep her name as...Rida Zainab--the veil/hijab of Zainab you could also choose: Amatul Zainab--servent of Zainab i thought it sounded nice hehe mashallah you have chosen a beautiful name for your daughter, best of luck iA!
  3. Salam All! what does goli baaz mean??
  4. salam :) i live in richmond, va as well, and im an alumni of Virginia Commonwealth Uni. do you go to school here? or do yo live with your fam in Richmond? well if you ever need to come to a masjid, there is a shia one here called, Imam Mehdi Center ( IMC) heres the website if you ever want to attend majlis, but we do our majlises in english and urdu only. www.imammehdicenter.org :)
  5. not sure if you found a masjid, but i know there is another masjid in atlanta known as "Dar e Abbas"
  6. Salam Alaikum, I was once told about a tasbee that is done with the Name of Bibi Ruqaya (as). But i have forgotten how it exactly is performed. I know the beginning is done by reciting tasbee 315 times, and with each bead you would say " Ya Ruqaya " then on the 315 bead you say something like, " Ya Ruqaya be haqqe Abbas...."? or something along those lines. has anyone heard of this? i really just cannot remember the end. jazakallah.
  7. are you looking for nohay in urdu? www.nohawriteups.com has nohas but they are all in urdu/punjabi, but written in roman english.
  8. Salam Alaikum, I was wondering if anyone had the words to these 2 salam/nohas: Ya binte Nabi, Fatima tashreef le aao, baitay hain aazadaar azakhanay mein aao. and also.. Negh mehndi ka laylo Sakeena, lab pe bewa Hasan ki... (noha) jazakallah
  9. im wondering where in the world i got this horrid sickness from? my head hurts and that pain is creeping into my eye and my jaw, and these OTC pills (advil) is just not cutting it :(. but im happy i learned a new word today :)
  10. have you ever tried proactiv?
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