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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a Shia lady , I seem to be attracted by women , even Shia girls Have you or do you ever get sensually attracted to a female, sisters? And i'm sure this is ok , isn't it ? W salam x
  2. LOL well I'm not trying to turn this into meisamchat , and if you really didn't care ... You wouldn't bother to read my threads like this one :) but it seems you just can't get enough of my rather interesting topics , eh? ;D And hameedeh ... What was so funny about the OP ? Lol ... It was a serious query :) thanks to everyone who tried to answer the question and didn't scoff at me aka macisaac W salam
  3. Sure , you'll tell me it's genetics .... I wanna know WHY people (like me) have thick eyebrows with a monobrow ? I mean, Is it healthy to have it ? Is there a reason we have this? And also, is it considered part of the eyebrow or not? Because , I can grow a big bush in the middle of my brows ... But then I look untidy and my family literally Forces me to shave it ! Although I prefer not shaving it , I admit I look way better without it ... But then I have to shave it like every 3/4 days which is annoying ... So overall , tell me what's the reason for the Monobrow , if you know.. ? W Salam
  4. salam, yes , you're probably right , because jinns do procreate also. I didn't say I took an oath , it's just that we were told to keep quiet about it .... It's ok to send it on here because no one knows where the address is , and I'm only showing you so that your imaan may be stronger :) it's ok ,bro
  5. of course they can write in Urdu , they can write in any language! And plz don't doubt the mojeza , and don't be scared ... It was a blessing and hameedeh , yes we knew it was water , only it had the scent of musk which was very strong ... It is miracle water that leaked from the wall , it wasn't dangerous , it was normal ... And guess what ? .... Even when the musk water in the bottle was starting to finish , I filled it up with alot of normal tap water ... And the scent of musk was still there ! It's like the musk is Part of the water ... And no one can put musk in water themselves , even i
  6. Lol very true , some Wahabis are corrupted or their knowledge of islam is corrupted ... Btw, I wouldn't want khameini to lead prayers there, nothing against him. It's just that I'd prefer a Shia Aalim who can recite the Quran nicely ... The ones who Lead prayers there have amazing quranic recitations , I'll admit .. Much better than the way us Shia recite our prayers, personally. But I don't think we Shia pray in congregation in masjidul haram .. Do we? I haven't been there so I wouldn't know ... Btw why do these Salafi recite only half a chapter in their obligatory salah .. Doesn't that make
  7. Ok ok ! Geez take a chill pill lol ... Everyones just clawing at me and I'm like EDITED ? Lol Mod's Note: Do not use vulgar words even in its short form.
  8. Erm ... Your mum ... Btw I'm not totally khoja , but I go khoja mosque
  9. I soo wish a Shia could lead prayers at masjid-ul-haram ... But will that ever happen ? I doubt it :( ... I mean , what a blessing it would be to lead millions of people in prayer and pray right in front of the most sacred structure on earth? How would you feel if you got that chance ? ... And finally pray the way the Ahlul Bayt (as) pray ,.. Not the Salafi way ... ? I just wish I could pray there so that in the end of the prayer , I can say "Allahhumma salle ala Muhammad wa Aalie Muhammed!" 3 times in the loud microphone speakers Instead of "Salam alaikum w Rahmatullah" so that everyone, eve
  10. Huh? Where did you read this ? And anyway , if it is true , then this must be the soul of jafar jinn sent by the Ahlul Bayt (as) to do these miracles and show the signs ... Because I don't think any normal jinn can do these sorts of miracles for the ahlul bayt .. I think jaferi jinn serves ahlul bayt (as) ... Tell me what you think . W salam
  11. ^^ right there , you answered the query yourself .... Allah gives permission to whom he wills to hear the Duas through waseela which is intercession towards Allah (swt) the verses you randomly picked out were talking about idol worship BESIDES God not TO God... You see ? Big difference .. The latter is shirk .. But intercession isn't ... The Ahlul Bayt can intercession for you as they have been given this power by the Permission of Allah (swt) , ofcourse Allah can hear ... But if you intercession with the beloved of Allah there's more chance of your dua being accepted .... This has been talke
  12. Psychopath (lol what a name?) what have I done wrong ...?
  13. sorry for describing my sexy self to the Shia girls ! Lol I better be careful , ive already been locked out once ! Lol ;P By the way, I use shiachat on my iPhone ... And I got some messages from the brothers concerning this topic , how do I access it on my iPhone ? Thanks for all the information guys , I'm 17 so that's why I'm discussing it , because time flies and before you know it I'll be 20 ! Omg ... My family will probably expect me to marry some "Khodja" girl .. But ... It's just getting old .. I wanna mix cultures a bit .. I don't mind any culture (although I'll probably go for Lebanes
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