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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walaykm salam I have a friend who has a shredder, so i usually send him those papers and he will take care of it. What tendersoul suggested is a good solution or you could shred the part where there is Allah's name or other sacred names and verses into tiny pieces so as not to have two letters beside each other
  2. I just hope the maraji are seeing this..... sometimes i feel that some maraji are never there when the faith really needs them..... being silent is making insanity worse.
  3. Salams Fairly most girls become attractive after putting on kohl, but a little so as to mimic normal eye color is acceptable as long as it does not attract attention (because we know when it does) and yes there is brown kohl, you just have to search for it
  4. Thuglife..... you are such an opportunist!! And a showoff ( no disrespect)
  5. Salam alaykm A simple question, i posted something a few hours ago and i signed out. When i signed back in the post disappeared? Was it removed?
  6. Anyway, every person has his own package you just have to pick out what feels wright for you. For example, alot of guys prefer that their wife asks their permission for every single thing, now i am not saying that is wrong, but some girls cannot live with that, so is she considered bad as a wife ofcourse not and on the other hand you will find men giving their wives freedom in that field and again is the man considered weak i doubt it. honestly just ask her everything that comes to mind, and if she is a good muslim everything will fall into place nshalla
  7. Salams Is this hadeeth authentic? Sorry for asking but i am used to checking authentications for personal reasons I also would like to ask about what Tawheed313 said
  8. Salam alaykm thanks everyone. Personally i believe marriage is for spiritual reasons and it comes in many forms as in gaining physical security or children.... i guess i opened up to a possibility that human hearts have many lumps and blackholes and that everyone has his own bala'a..... i kinda admire her though because she is willing to face herself no matter what
  9. Haydar husayn you have a point.... will it help if i tell you she never felt attracted to a guy in her life, i know because i asked her. Eventhough she is sociable and amiable and many men were attracted to her yet she did not feel the same way, back then i thought its probably his fault..... after what she told me i cannot say the same thing now
  10. باسمه تعالى Salam alaykom My topic is about homosexual desires..... ok so you will probably say "oh god not again"..... i know this topic has been widely discussed on this website and eventhough i have read most of the threads dealing with this topic i still feel i should post it and get helpful comments hopefully i have a friend that has been attracted to girls a few times in her life, i only knew about it recently cuz things happened and she kinda told me herself, yet she does not intend to act according to her desires (frankly now i know why sometimes she gets so depressed and no matter how many times we ask her she never tells) anyway, she told me she feels like their is an imaginary boulder sitting on her chest. I mean lets face it she is a muslim an a muhajjabah and she likes her religion but she is not understanding her desire and where it came from. I didnt know what to do or what to say, and to top it off she is getting engaged soon not because she fancies the guy but merely because she wants to prove to herself that she can be normal (literally)..... I kinda felt that she is getting married for reasons other than romance, like she wants to commit herself to someone in order to forget what she desires ..... I am just sharing this to hear ur comments and if anyone knows someone with the same experience please don't hesitate. I know there is so little i can do for her anyway but homosexuality is something i do not understand myself so my question is: Will Alla (swt) punish u for carrying such desires even if a person is determined not to fullfill them? thanks for reading salam alaykm
  11. Well what's next, is she gonna bring a dog into the house as well.... look akhi u should just be plain and simple, and tell her the root of ur beliefs and what should and should not be done, and if she abides then problem solved. But if she deosn't then don't commit such an act. i know alot of interreligious marrages that failed miserably just because the man wasnt open about his beliefs
  12. Walaykm alsalam If ur husband thinks u r wearing too concervatively, just ask him why he thinks so. Your husband in the end wants what's best for both of u so he may have suggested so based on the type of environment you're living in. Basically the philosophy of hijab is to revert foreign men's eyes, so if wearing a less conservative outfit and yet maintaining such a philosophy is possible then go ahead.
  13. i am interested to know u can i ?

  14. salam alaykom so does this mean that a man can have 4 wives at the same time including amah?
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