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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't wear one, but I love them... if i was in a different life situation, I would love to take on the niqab inshallah. I think that it is a confirmed sunnah of Fatima (not sure the appropriate thing to say after mentioning her name... I apologize... ) I am new to becoming a shi'a... but even before this "second conversion" I had this knowledge and this feeling. I also look at it this way... In a class, a person will do whatever they can to get the highest score possible on their exams. They would also do any extra credit to ensure that they will have enough points to get an "A"... should we
  2. I am also searching and I feel that asking people is not the best way to go because it is hard to show people where they need to start in the explanation. My recommendation is to read the book "Then I was Guided"... as it THOROUGHLY explains the basics... the foundation. Are you already Muslim? It kind of explains things from a Sunni point of view, so it may be really challenging to read if you do not at least have that background. Here is a link to a copy online, for FREE!!! Each chapter has its own link... http://www.al-islam.org/guided/ Here is a link to a page with many Shi'a online book
  3. I was trying to find some information and googled shia islam and I found sites for "shia ithna asheri" and I am wondering is this the same as twelver shia'ism? Forgive me, I am very new to this subject!
  4. interesting point of view... I guess one perspective might be that he HAD in fact said it many times but thought that if it were written, then there would be no dispute (as there clearly was a dispute between the sahabis after the death of the prophet pbuh. Also, there are a few hadith in sahih bukhari that describe this event, and the narrators say there were three things, but they forgot one... so it looks like he DID say it out loud then, just they forgot... or something. I think that shows right then and there the need for writing it down, as if it had been written down there would be no
  5. As for Adam, he did not disobey the obligatory commands of Allah swt; the command that he did not honor was a recommended one, not a mandatory one, and so- according to Islamic terminology he did not commit a sin. "And indeed We made a covenant withh Adam before, but he forgot, and We found on his part no firm willpower ('azm)." (20:115) His guilt was that he did not have willpower, but he did not violate Allah's rules since the commands were advisory, not obligatory, and so the result of his behavior was to lose the privilege granted him: "Verily, you have a promise from Us that you will neve
  6. This has been extremely informative... jazakallahu khair for all of the information!
  7. That is true. And i dont think the two statements conflict, because the first one was "how can I help you", which is something you can ask anyone for any reason.
  8. But we are told not to, that is why. I don't understand the disagreement here... men and women are separated for a reason... a GOOD reason... speak with a sheikh. That will be better for you. And remember everything you say/type is being recorded. Do not give someone advice you are unsure of, you will be held responsible for that information on the day of judgement. Guys and girls are no different... they both have urges and hormones, and two alone or even being friends will cause tension. and lust. We are told, no, COMMANDED to lower our gaze! are you telling me that you never look at the gi
  9. I am not very knowledgable, but I thought that the prophet Muhammad pbuh had a son named Ibrahim from his wife Maryam? Am I incorrect?
  10. it is really expensice. when i came to islam i only had t-shirts, short skirts, etc. I had only one long skirt and a few long sleeve tops. I lived in San Diego, so we did not need much in the way of winter clothes. Also, i just had a baby so my body shape was different that before so I already did not have much. A few people were so kind to donate to me a couple of abaya, and then I bought a couple more from a friend's store... it was easier to throw abaya over regular clothes than to buy all new clothes. So, ever since then I have stuck to abaya. I am able to find scarves anywhere since they
  11. The worst questions are: 1. The whole what do your parents think thing, because to me there is no ok way to say "We no longer speak" without being judged. 2. Did you have "boyfriends" before you were muslim? (what they really want to know is "how many boys did you sleep with before becoming Muslim?") 3. Is it hard to stop drinking alcohol all the time? (Actually, ma'am, I have never tasted alcohol) :angel: 4. Is it hard to give up pork? (Really? I think that is such a trivial thing to be concerned with... there are more difficult things to deal with, and besides that, it is worth giving up an
  12. Umm, I never knew about anything else... the only masjids were sunni, and it was the majority.... I have been muslim for 4 years alhamdulillah, but am only know beginning to learn about shia islam...
  13. Are there any other prayers that should/could be offered sitting down? Also, when you say 4x2 raka, do you mean four sets of two, (like fajr is two) or two sets of four (like dohr is four?) Also, do shia pray duha? (mid morning prayer) Do shia pray witr? (after isha, but not tahajjud) According to shia, is tahajjud better before going to sleep, waking in the middle of the night, or waking early before fajr? How many raka should tahajjud be?
  14. Mabrook! Congratulations! I am also a female revert/convert to Islam, alhamdulillah! It is a very exciting time for you! I advise you to make the most of it... start right away with your salaat (prayers) and never neglect them, ever. It is so hard to learn them at first, but even if you mess up terribly, Allah swt still knows your heart and your intentions. It is better to do them wrong than not at all, and on here are some excellent resources to learn how to pray. just keep trying and trying and one day you will get it! you just have to focus on salaat..... everything will come with time and
  15. You should read this article through again, because it is listing arguments that she was not 6/9 and then refuting them. It is actually saying reasons why the young age was in fact correct. It also gives many examples of others who married girls as young as nine. It also says the daughter of Ali and Fatimah (umm kalthum) was nine when she married Umar. I am not making a judgement or an opinion on this, simply stating that you are confused about the meaning of this article. This article is saying the opposite of what you are arguing. This article argues Aisha was nine at the time of consummati
  16. where did you get this advice? It is very good!
  17. So I will just say this: Alhamdulillah that my husband is more mature than some of the replies have been. It is as if you all only think fat=ugly. I will not get into my appearance or anything like that, I have nothing to explain. I simply wanted to ask a plain question and get a mature answer. I was not able to find that here (for the most part). SO lesson learned. Don't come here expecting help. Got it. I just feel like the whole c section/back surgery thing did not matter in your opinions. Who cares if the sister is in constant pain? She should be skinny and beautiful. I am very grateful th
  18. Why would Aisha lie/mis state her own age in marriage? If Aisha narrated this herself, why would it be unreliable? Is it because of a narrator that came after her that could have fabricated that she even said this?
  19. That was really interesting, and quite helpful! Jazakallahu khair! Thank you so much for this! I wonder why is it then that so many stand by the age of 6 and of 9? Also, I have another question... I recall reading a hadith that talks about the prophet visiting Aisha while they were married and she was playing with a doll... that seems to imply that she is a child... do you know of this hadith? It may in fact be narrated by Aisha herself... I am not sure.
  20. Thank you, that was an extremely beneficial article to read... I much appreciate it!
  21. Assalamualaikum, I am in the process of learning about ahlul bayt and shi'a islam... and I have to say, I was up late last night studying and I feel moved now more than ever in the direction of the shi'a. The stones that began tipping the scale are quite large... namely, as a sunni and salafi, what we are taught about the companions are actually so wrong. Not all of the companions, but some large and prominent ones. I don't want to be one to just "tell" you because it won't carry any weight. You must learn and research this yourself. I deffinately recommend you read the book "And Then I Was
  22. I was always taught Aisha married at 6, and the marriage was consumated at age 9... This was actually the first time I have ever read the number 11.... please explain (not trying to be argumentative, this is just what I was taught so I would love the true information).
  23. Assalamualaikum, So I am relatively new to this forum. I am (or at least have been) a sunni muslim, leaning slightly to the teachings of salafi islam. About three weeks or so ago, perhaps more, I began to learn for myself what Shi'a islam is since no one could tell me. Alhamdulillah, I have been finding real information for the first time. I have recently begun reading about the tragedy of thursday, aka Raziyat Yawmil Khamis. It is narrated in Sahih Muslim that: Ibn Abbas said: "Thursday! And how tragic that Thursday was!" Then Ibn Abbas cried severely so that his tears flowed to his
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