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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let's face it, most Muslims (sadly especially shias) are total morons. I understand very well that it must be upsetting to be treated that way, but really and truly, for your own mental health you are probably better off.
  2. There is always redemption, don't ever forget that or else you will just sink further and further. Allah is always open to accepting the repentance of a penitant sinner. It might take you a little longer to feel that acceptance, but you have to take these things a day at a time. It is always quicker sliding down a hill than trying to climb it.
  3. I believe that certain scholars (Sistani I think) don't allow illegal entry into a country - going to inform on them is probably a separate issue though.
  4. I watched a few documentaries recently, they discussed some physical traits that are indicators of being a male, such as a higher hairline than women, a more rounded forehead than women, sunken eyes, a more distinct and straight jaw line, the position of the belly button, the width of the shoulders compared to the hips, the length of arms and hand size (And possibly some others) - of course they also 'exposed' some celebrities who are meant to be trans. I don't know the extent to which these theories are true, but when shown next to pictures of these celebs with no make up and from certain angles, quite a strong argument was made. I've decided to give all this gay trans stuff a rest though, as before it just triggered me, now it's making me a bit crazy.
  5. I'm not overly familiar with the ins and outs of her case, but I remember when the media first started making a big deal about her, I saw someone ask the question "why her?" there are other such stories but there is a heavy focus on her in particular. We all know that the media don't do things by accident. As for praising Assad or not, what would she had to gain by praising or criticising him?
  6. That isn't always the right thing to do, look how many maraji are trying to tell us that men can be born women and vice versa and pushing all this transgender rubbish. That is a pretty clear example of how you can stray by blindly following someone's opinions can lead to bad outcomes...especially if your 'wife' one day gets over her mental health problems and decides she wants to be a man again.
  7. I'm not sure about strength of the isnad that's why I put the question mark.
  8. Last post on this thread http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235048623-who-are-ghalis-taalis-in-shiaism/
  9. You have to question the mental health of anyone who would even debate this issue, the Qur'an is so clear about this that any antagonism towards this concept is pretty much the same as having antagonism toward the Qur'an.
  10. Do you mean, does it exist? Or does it have a sound chain of narration? For the first reference you gave, here is is 1349 / 12 Even if there were some issues with the isnad (?), the content of the narration is fine.
  11. To be fair, I've seen some shias who hate anything sunni or related to sunnis praising him - which given who mental those type of people tend to be is quite something.
  12. I didn't want to ruin your very nice thread about supplications, but any one who has any narrations that tell us we are too sinful to ask Allah directly and the only way to get a need fulfilled is to supplicate to the imams (either directly or asking them to ask Allah) please post them with their source. I'm interested to see what this belief is based on.
  13. It always makes me laugh when people play the 'we can't understand the Quran' card for every clear verse, but then when it comes to them proving something, they use any verse that they can find, in those cases we can understand it (even if the commentators of the Quran didn't understand it that way, nor was it the reason for revelation, nor does it even make sense in the context) I believe that Allah has mentioned something about people who do that.
  14. Anyone who got a little pocket money and had a mother who did all the cooking and cleaning already knows what that is like
  15. To be fair, there hasn't been much about Pakistan in the western news for a while now, the press seem to have set their sights on other countries. But given the amount of bad press that there has been over the last decade, it will take a while for people to view the country in a good light (with regards to the security situation) About the body guards, aren't those mountain areas a little bit more dangerous than the cities? I don't think that he was accompanied everywhere in the country. But it is a good service offered by the police, at least it shows a willingness to make the country more attractive to tourists - although it probably isn't very fare to waste money and resources like that when they could be better spent elsewhere.
  16. Salam, * please note that this is just my personal opinion. Don't be too harsh on yourself, we all have to start somewhere. Everyone who isn't a native Arabic speaker especially those of us who don't speak languages that use the Arabic script struggled tremendously when we first started trying to read. I can remember taking 15 minutes or more to read a single page and absolutely butchering it. But little by little it comes along in sha' Allah. You can see that major scholars have very little grasp of how to pronounce Arabic properly, if you ever watch any of shaykh Wahid Khorasani's videos, he clearly can't pronounce Arabic words in the correct way. I would say that respecting these signs is more important than getting the letters absolutely right. Good luck in sha' Allah
  17. Just to point out that the suitable for gatherings clause is subjective.
  18. This is from slightly after the medieval period, but you can see the type of music that was used for gatherings. I'm sure that even in Beethoven's day people used to boogy to his 5th symphony even though people wouldn't today.
  19. It is quite easy to find a list of things that would make one's fast void, what you mentioned is not one of them
  20. @ Pakistanis, do you think this is a realistic / fair depiction of the current state of the country? https://www.thebrokebackpacker.com/travel-to-pakistan/
  21. I've sent a group message to all the admins, need to correct my post before I loose any credibility that I have
  22. It all comes down to experience, obviously younger guys will react differently, but you grow, you learn and you know the score. Men tend to get infatuated quite easily, and being rejected when you have that kind of emotion does hurt, but you get over it quite fast. Women on the other hand tend to be more cautious in the early days, but they tend to actually fall in love, and love makes them do stupid things, be it to stay with an abusive man or even to go full on psycho when a man leaves her.
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