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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I don't know about generally but it is sunna to rest on your left thigh with your feet behind you when eating - which is logical because you don't want your feet close to the food.
  2. My main concern is that it makes people apply weird logic that they then broadly apply to their religious practices in general. I don't actually think that there are any individual issues with most of these practices, the issue is how people promote and then defend them - and as we have seen in recent years, things have just snow balled to the extent that there are nearly too many issues to address. Also the promoters of these have gone from claiming that these are cultural practices to claiming that they are religious practices backed up by the Qur'an and the sunna.
  3. Prove that this has been a practice for 1400 years, interested to see your answer.
  4. Why do people not try and find out what the Prophet (s) used to have on his flag or what was on the flag that was used at the battle of Karbala'? If people really want to link it back the ma'sumeen they should go down that road. In my family they keep flags that say 'ya ghazi 'Abbas' (complete with the little hand symbol on top) and revere it as if it is holy. It isn't healthy behaviour.
  5. Well sleep is the brother of death as is stated in a narration. The ancient Greeks were also of that opinion
  6. Che (Persian: چ) is a 2014 Iranian biographical war film directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia. Che depicts 48 hours of Mostafa Chamran's life, who was then defense minister of Iran. On August 16 and 17, 1979 he was sent by Ayatollah Khomeini to command several military operations in the civil war in the Kordestan region which was besieged by anti-revolutionary forces.[1][2] The film was submitted to the 32nd Fajr International Film Festival.[2] and won two Crystal Simorghs in the fields of best editing and best visual effects.[3][4] In addition to Chamran the film is also about Asghar Vesali who was
  7. I'm not sure that she has a biography in Shi'a books because when she is mentioned by sharif al-Murtadha in al-Nasriyat, the editor adds some information about her in the footnotes taken from Sunni books. http://shiaonlinelibrary.com/الكتب/18_الناصريات-الشريف-المرتضى/الصفحة_249
  8. Unfortunately and I'm not even exagerating, loads of Shias support transgenderism on the basis that their marja'supports it. To these people using your brain will bring about the fall of the marja'iyya system. I actually get how some old men who live in a world of legal theory can be misguided into somehow thinking this is ok, I really can't understand how people living in the west, who can see that the trans agenda is from Satan can support this. Some even go further and act like it is something to be proud of, you find many of the radical WF type supporters praise this nonsense. At
  9. Have you heard of the racism controversy behind it? Abu Bakr, 'Umar and 'A'isha have been cast as 'black' people (I guess literally Africans rather than dark Arabs) because he says something along the lines of there was no trace of beauty in them - so of course they had to be 'black' - furthermore he doesn't believe that any of the Imams were 'black' using the same logic in reverse. I saw the trailer, the audio made me cringe, it was like one of those English dubbed Iranian films Ahlulbayt TV show.
  10. Actually I've seen both Shias and Sunnis questioning the narrative, they point to things like doctored videos - different audio being put over a different video (the one one where the guy is supposedly selling a child bride) or that some videos weren't translated correctly, that the official push promoting this started with fundamentalist Christian groups in America and things like that. The thing is that even if only 10% if what's being reported is true, it is still pretty serious.
  11. Morocco tipped off Israeli intelligence, ‘helped Israel win Six Day War’ King Hassan ll sharpened Israel’s edge by providing secret recordings of Arab leadership discussions in run-up to war, says former military intelligence chief Israel largely has Morocco to thank for its victory over its Arab enemies in the 1967 Six Day War, according to revelations by a former Israeli military intelligence chief. In 1965, King Hassan ll passed recordings to Israel of a key meeting between Arab leaders held to discuss whether they were prepared for war against Israel.
  12. In sayed Khamene'i's (unfortunate) statement he said: “This war is a bitter incident and it threatens the security of the region. Of course, all Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia should be freed. All these lands should be given back to Azerbaijan. One of the main conditions is that these lands should be returned to Azerbaijan. The Republic of Azerbaijan is entitled to be in control of these lands, and therefore, all of them should be freed,” Now to be fair at the time he said this it was obvious that Azerbaijan were going to win so there was no point backing a loosing hors
  13. Has anyone watch Unorthodox, about the girl who abandons her Hasidic Jewish community?
  14. I don't think people feel the need to dress poorly, adopting a constant holier than thou attitude is enough for most.
  15. Salam, I saw this, the video that I saw was of this young Pakistani kid who was saying that leaving Islam has allowed to start questioning things and to think for himself. He seemed really awkward, you kind of had to feel sorry for him. But he was young, insha'Allah he'll come around, he may just need to meet some more open minded Muslims who can handle and reply to issues that are considered to be controversial.
  16. I think that you'd be surprised about the amount of Muslims who actually visit Palestine, don't forget that for Sunnis it is a very holy place. I see lots of Palestinians who live in occupied territories telling people that they should come and visit. So whilst in Shi'a circles it may be a taboo (easy for us to say) it is different for Sunnis. In the west many Muslim travel agents offer tours to Jerusalem, I've never seen anyone have any issues when regular people go there, the issues are more when prominent figures such as religious leaders or heads of state visit.
  17. You can also 'pull out' but I think I read there are some rulings about this, like you need the permission of the woman if she is your permanent wife.
  18. What I don't get with the gays is that they always seem to make this question about having a partner and having physical relations some kind of human rights issue. There are probably countless normal people who live the celibate life, even if they would rather not, without making it into some big issue. If they want to act on their desires, no one is stopping them, but they always seem to feel the need to announce it publicly and go through the whole 'how will the family react' when it is unnecessary. This is all down to the influence of the media.
  19. What about the argument that it was written using a ball point pen before they were invented?
  20. Ann Frank's diary is also a work of fiction written by her father.
  21. Kebab sandwich and chicken shawarma, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.
  22. You should probably double check the source, because similarly you can find articles online which claim that al-Jahiz wrote about the theory of evolution is the early centuries after the Islamic conquests. But you can also find articles saying that that is a misrepresentation of his views.
  23. His family didn't even know he was religious and said that had they known they would have kept more of an eye on him (paraphrasing) - so his level of religiosity as well as that of his people is clearly being blown completely out of proportion. Loads of thugs are attacked to the violent aspects they can link to the religion, it doesn't make them pious.
  24. I think that the majority of Shias who hate Sufis do so because there are narrations against them. You do come across some people, funnily enough many Shirazis, who say that it is the beliefs and practices of the Sufiyya that they find abhorrent, but that is ridiculous as they believe in things that are just as crazy as the wildest Sufi beliefs and behave in a way that is just as dumb as the dumbest Sufi ritual. It could be that it is tough to look into a mirror and acknowledge that you are actually looking at yourself rather than at some fantasy.
  25. Salam, If you look through this site there are a few different Sunni tafsirs https://www.altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?tMadhNo=1&tTafsirNo=74&tSoraNo=10&tAyahNo=3&tDisplay=yes&UserProfile=0&LanguageId=2
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