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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Loads of Iranians (in the west at least) are openly antagonistic towards Islam. In their case it is possible that they were torn between belief and disbelief and the aftermath of the revolution pushed them towards the latter. It's hard to think that the number would have been significantly higher had the revolution not occured, but Allahu a'lam.
  2. In the UK, people who originate from South Asia make up the majority of Muslims, so it is normal that they will be the majority when it comes to extremism. I'm sure if you lived in France you'd say the same about the Algerians or the Moroccans in Belgium or the Turks in Germany. Arabs made up the bulk of foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq. Having said that, I do still agree with you that there is a cultural issue that makes extremist beliefs more widespread in the south Asian community. Here is a recent incident that says it all: https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/sri-lankan-manager-killed-by-mob-workers-pakistan-garment-factory-2021-12-03/
  3. Joe Rogan had quite an interesting discussion about covid recently, it is quite long but the first half hour alone is very informative and worth a listen. This is the guest: https://www.uscjournal.com/authors/peter-mccullough
  4. I'm not sure, I'm a bit out of the loop. Do you ever watch Safeer TV? They have some decent content, there is quite a good show called 'It Takes Two' in which they discuss contemporary issues, it's quite interesting and the guests tend to speak quite honestly about these issues. https://youtube.com/c/safeertelevision
  5. wa 'alaykum assalam, They have two other channels it seems, one for documentaries and one for Reborn. As for the main channel, it seems to have been terminated
  6. If you mean the Messi that we see today at PSG, then he obviously isn't the player that he once was and to make out that he is, is overrating him. However given his performances in his late teens through to his early thirties, there is no overrating, he was arguably the best ever.
  7. Check this article out for a bit more info on the subject: https://bliis.org/research/malcolm-x-twelve-imams-extremist-shiites/
  8. wa 'alaylum assalam, Just from doing a Google check, there are Shias in Qatar, mainly from Bahrain, SA and Iran. They are fairly well established there and mosques and husayniyas and members of parliament. The city where you are came up as a place where Shias are found, but I couldn't find any addresses. You may need to find some Shias on the ground for exact info.
  9. I didn't say that the fatwa was embarrassing I said that the ones issuing them are embarrassed that the world will know what they believe on a specific issue. I also said that depicting Abu Bakr and co. as being black subsaharan Africans is embarrassing, the worst thing is that the people who support the film also believe that it is ok. Basically, as usual, Shias just being embarrassing.
  10. Leaving aside the embarrassing levels of racism in the trailer alone, I don't really agree with fatawa banning the viewing of this film. The issue is that most people, the maraji' included, don't disagree with the events as we can assume will be depicted in the film, they are just embarrassed that Sunnis will know what they believe and that isn't a valid enough reason to prevent people watching something.
  11. If you read the article it talks about the "Sunni block" refering to the Sunni members of parliament.
  12. Even though they are underrepresented as a group, they do have ministers in the Iranian parliament. https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/464124/Parliamentary-bloc-thanks-Leader-for-naming-Sunni-as-Iran-s-Navy
  13. Just to show how extreme these people are, this isn't really a ban on abortion, you are still allow to have an abortion within the first six weeks of pregnancy. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/01/1033202132/texas-abortion-ban-what-happens-next
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