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  1. Salaam brother, nice to see you posting again, I hope everything is going well.
  2. Salam, The bigger problem with mut'a is that most Shi'a women hate the idea of it and as such look down on people who have practiced it or even speak positively about. So you'd have issues finding someone who would agree to marry you if you've been temporarily married before.
  3. I understand where you are coming from, my mum is Irish and I've told that "I can't be Muslim in that case" and it is really hurtful. But in some cases, such as going to Hajj, 'Umra and Ziyara I think it is better to play the game and let Allah deal with those kinds of people. I'm sure there are many instances in which reverts haven't had any issues going to Ziyara, so don't let hearsay put you off.
  4. I imagine that they probably go by your name on paper. I remember reading a thread on the forum in which the guards in Qom asked a convert to prove they were Muslim before letting them in and the person had to smooth things over with the guards for them. So it isn't only the Saudis who behave like that. The ridiculous thing about the Saudi situation is that I have heard that they allow people in Mecca and Medina to hire non Muslims from the far East to work for them. So there are Christians from the Philippines living in those holy cities.
  5. Salam, You may need a certificate of conversion in order to go to Mecca and Medina. I've heard about it before, but you can see people talking about it online. https://muslimtravelgirl.com/the-one-thing-every-muslim-convert-should-have-when-going-for-umrah/
  6. I've seen lots of Shias bring up the fact that he made some uncharitable statements against the Hazara after another massacre was carried out against the community not too long ago. Saying that he shouldn't compare his plight to Karbala if he can't even stand with the oppressed.
  7. wa 'alaykum assalam, The easiest thing would be for her to travel on Eid so that she doesn't have to fast and she can celebrate with her husband. As for the first day, in future she can fast when he starts, just not with the intention that it is the first day of the month of Ramadan. Shahr Ramadan Mubarak.
  8. Woke: aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice) Originally, 'woke' wasn't pejorative and people with sjw inclinations would use it to describe themselves. However due to the ridiculousness of their behaviour and beliefs, regular people started to use it as a slur, even though they understood the word in the same way that the sjw's did. I'm guessing that most of sjw's don't use it as much anymore because they are seen as a joke, not because the definition has changed.
  9. Values are deteriorating because the 'left' is and has been waging a relentless culture war for the last ten or twenty years - longer even, but they have upped the pace more recently. They control the media and academia and have been able to pass laws to make it so that even those who aren't totally brainwashed are unable to speak out because their lives could be destroyed as a result of it. On the flip side, the 'conservatives' are for sale to the highest bidder, so for the right price they won't stand in the way of the of these satanic plots. The loss of religion in the west has also accelerated things, people don't have moral positions which they can cling to in order to fight what is going on. Even people who practice a religion can't put up much resistance. We need look no further than our own community to see how many people support transgenderism and sodomy. Last year when a new abortion law was passed there were Muslims all over social media criticising the law and joinging the liberals in insulting people who don't think getting an abortion should be as easy as getting a hair cut. I'm sure we all remember the BLM riots, we also had Muslims cheerleading the destruction of people's personal property and joining the liberals in vilifying anyone who tried to put up a defence...the list goes on and on.
  10. @zzaveri Thanks for the talk yesterday, you have a great lecture. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end and even though there was a lot of worrying content, it was fun. If you happen to have enough free time for some other discussions in the future, we would appreciate that - although we may not have that much time left.
  11. Imran Khan pulling out the big guns
  12. I saw these rulings from sayed Kamal al-Haydari, they are a bit different from sayed Sistani's.
  13. Good luck, I used to work near there and sometimes I'd walk that way with colleagues of mine who weren't Muslim. I found it pretty embarrassing to be honest, the behaviour of a lot of those guys isn't really something you want to advertise. Half the time they need to the police there to maintain order (that isn't necessarily only the fault of the salafis, but you can see from the videos that they don't give off peaceful vibes.)
  14. Are the centers in your areas advertising any programs for the month? I'm not seeing much for London, I wonder if they are still afraid of covid.
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