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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just to show how extreme these people are, this isn't really a ban on abortion, you are still allow to have an abortion within the first six weeks of pregnancy. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/01/1033202132/texas-abortion-ban-what-happens-next
  2. I haven't heard anyone mention anything about bounties for turning in your neighbour, nor have I seen it mentioned on the news. Either way how would that work in practice? That would only work for the really sick women who think it is ok to have late abortions or else no one would know if you have an abortion before you start to show. "Punish" really isn't a nice term to use when talking about babies, but in Texas the biological father does have to pay child support - ( https://www.divorcelawtexas.com/txpages/childsupport/whopaychildsupportFAQ.asp ) - is that a form of punishment? Women in different situations get abortions, married women as well as women in long term relationships get them even though the father would have stuck around. I would like to see some statistics, but people seem to be assuming that women get abortiond only after one night stands or when the man has run away, which isn't the case. It is also completely hypocritical for those who support abortion to make that argument because they also argue that a woman is allowed to get an abortion even if the father wants to keep the baby, it is a mainstream position for them ( https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/11/men-help-decide-woman-abortion )
  3. Ever since Texas banned abortion, I've come across quite a few Shias on twitter being heavily critical of the new law - giving the impression that Islam is generally in favour of a woman's right to what she wants with her own body. Which is really an absurd position for a Muslim to take, especially in public.
  4. I think that he is talking about the attitudes that people take towards marrying outside of their ethnicity rather than the Islamic position on it.
  5. If a man feels that he is a woman "trapped" in a man's body, do you think he is attracted to men or women? Whether or not he specified that being a 'gay' is the primary reason for permitting this doesn't mean much because the vast majority of transgenders are attracted to the same sex. The bottom line is that it is a disgusting fatwa that opened the door to transgenderism being normalised within the Shi'a world, and sayed Khomayni was the instigator of it. Even in liberal circles in the west they are still debating whether a man who has a sex change is a 'real woman' but for the radical taqlidists in our madhhab, such a person is a 'real woman' - because they believe that not accepting any fatwa of their marja' is tantamount to being against the marja'iyya system. They didn't show the whole clip, but the shaykh near the end, Asad Qasir who is the wakil of sayed Khamene'i gives a load of example of how it is allowed under any circumstances without mentioning that there needs to be a psychological issue. This whole mess makes the passing away of sayed al-Hakim even more painful because he was the one high profile marja' who stood against transgenderism, whilst the others sadly support it, may Allah forgive them.
  6. Apparently they are pelting stones at the house of one of the women's husband's second wife.
  7. Personally I hope for the best and believe there is a slight chance that this version of the Taliban is a bit less extreme than the version from the 90s. However I'm not holding my breath, apparently there are already stories of abuses but I haven't seen any reports about this and so am not sure about their authenticity. Another two decades of a foreign led war will be pointless as the Taliban are clearly by far the strongest force in the country and if the Afghan people really don't want to be under their rule they will need a homegrown resistance movement. We should keep the Afghan people in our prayers, especially the Hazara.
  8. Because firtility symbols or amulets to ward off the 'evil eye' are symbols of shirk. What is the correct terminology for this paganism?
  9. It isn't really about it being shirk or not, obviously if people want to hide the fact that they use pagan symbols and pretend they are something else means that they reject the origin of the symbol. My point is why do this? Especially when people want to make such a big deal about wearing a tie for example because it is imitation of the kuffar but then have no issues taking from the kuffar when it suits them. It is the attitude that is wrong, it makes people hard hearted and stupid because even though they know that something is wrong, because they love it so much they turn their brain off and that will affect other aspects of their religion.
  10. Clarify what? That hand, whether you want to call it a hamsa a khamsa, hand of Fatima, kiff 'Abbas, whatever name you want to give it to divert from its origins, is blatantly the most famous pagan symbol currently in use around the world.
  11. This probably isn't a decision that you can make based on what people tell you online, some people commit sins and repent sincerely whilst others don't. Her past isn't necessarily a reflection or indication on how she is now.
  12. That hand symbol is probably the most commonly used shirki symbol for Shias, but you do see that eye amulet thing quite frequently as well.
  13. wa 'alaykum assalam, If it is bothering you so much, why don't you have it removed or covered?
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