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  1. I highly doubt Nayef is as anywhere near as allegedly "anti-US" as you claim. And if for some reason he was he will never get to be King while still holding such alleged views and the rest of the al-Saud "royal" family will make sure he never gets anywhere near the throne as they don't want the al-Saud family's gravy train from their US imperialist master's to end! For example in the past you had in the 1960s era the so-called "Free Princes Movement" of Saudi princes that supported Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt and had to go into exile living in Egypt for a time http://en.wikipedia....rinces_Movement. Also Saddam was not "anti-US" lol, he was the imperialist Amerikkkan's long time puppet (going back to 1959 even http://www.informati...article2849.htm "Saddam Was Key In Early CIA Plot" again from all the way back in 1959 against the then pro-Soviet Iraqi leader Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim who not only withdrew Iraq from the West's "Baghdad Pact" and was improving relations with the Soviet Union. Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim also started allowing many domestic Iraqi Communists to occupy positions of real political power in the Iraqi government, something that deeply angered and scared the imperialist US regime as this was in the height of the "Cold War" and the "Red scare" against Communism in Amerikkka itself)! Saddam only became an enemy of the US after he made the critical mistake of thinking he had a US green light to invade the monarchy in Kuwait. Read on Saddam and April Glaspie's meeting in Baghdad in 1990 (the then US ambassador to Saddam's Iraq April Glaspie who trickingly told Saddam that the US regime "has no opinion on your Arab-Arab affairs" like those Saddam had with the monarchy in Kuwait at that time).
  2. I think I red a recent story that said people in Libya found what they believe is the burial site of Imam Musa al-Sadr (ra) in Libya. They used modern equipment that can see stuff buried underground and they said they had reason to believe it is where Imam Musa al-Sadr (ra) was buried after Gaddafi's people apparently tortured and killed him. Anybody have a link on this?
  3. There are different forms of what you term "Afrocentrism" there are some very reliable respected "Afrocentric" historians and real academics like Cheikh Anta Diop, Molefi Asante, Walter Rodney, Basil Davidson (who was a British academic and expert on Africa, who was white), etc. These scholars always qualify their statements and historical views and make reasonable historical analysis that is then debated by other historians. For example Cheikh Anta Diop wrote a very interesting academic work photoed below, that many academic societies all over the world (including in Europe, etc) praised as a very important piece of academic work even if they didn't agree with all its findings and conclusions: On Egypt it is very easy to determine for example that the first people to inhabit Egypt proper were the Nubians as even French historians of the past stated. The French academic and historian of the 18th century Jean-Francois Champollion http://en.wikipedia....iki/Champollion who traveled around the world and to Egypt stated back then even in his work entitled "Egypte Ancienne" that "The first tribes that inhabited Egypt, that is, the Nile Valley between the Syene cataract and the sea, came from Abyssinia to Sennar. In the Copts of Egypt, we do not find any of the characteristic features of the Ancient Egyptian population. The Copts are the result of crossbreeding with all the nations that successfully dominated Egypt. It is wrong to seek in them the principal features of the old race." There are a small group of extreme, non-academic "Afrocentrists" that try to make claims to show that Africans (aka blacks) are somehow allegedly superior to whites (and other non-blacks); but these people are no more "scientists" then white supremacist quacks who try to claim the opposite (i.e. that whites are somehow allegedly "superior" to blacks and others).
  4. Quds Day is on the last Friday (Yawm al-Jumu'ah) of Ramadan because at that point everyone is very locked in (in a sense) spiritually and makes us work and protest harder on that day to show Muslim unity around the world. There is nothing wrong with the term Persian, if someone wants to use Persian instead of Iran that is fine but either works. I don't know of many Hezbollah supporters trying to claim Palestinians are allegedly "lazy" or something. Yes Palestinians have very high levels of education overall (which is the case with many refugees as different UN groups usually offer you some help with education, studying in different places in the West, etc). For example http://www.missionislam.com/nwo/littlefacts.htm "Did you know that despite every Israeli attempt to disrupt Palestinian education, Palestinians have the highest ratio of PhDs per capita in the world?" That's the Palestinians as a people (as the nation of Palestine was stolen by the Zionists, there is no nation of Palestine on today's map right now), the nation with the most PhDs per capita refuting Zionist propaganda on this is the island nation of Tonga which is again an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonga Tonga, nation with the most PhDs per capita: http://www.topix.com/forum/world/tonga/TKL7H0DJNSINK6N95 As for Syria, the current government has done a reasonably good job on improving Syria's economy while having to deal with many threats from the imperialist West and economic sanctions against Syria led by the Zionist controlled Amerikkkan regime. Also Syria, under the current Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, has very generously opened Syria's doors to millions of Palestinian refugees, Kurdish refugees (mostly from Turkey), and since 2003 upwards of a million Iraqi refugees that now live in exile from Iraq in Syria. Interesting read: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=24659 Quote- ... The unexpected arrival of these Iraqi refugees (in Syria) has had a dramatic impact on the infrastructure, on guaranteed free elementary and high schools, on free healthcare, on housing availability and other areas of the economy. It has led to a rise in costs across the board. The prices of foodstuffs and basic goods have gone up by 30 percent, property prices by 40 percent and housing rentals by 150 percent. Iraqi refugees also benefited from Syrian state subsidies in gasoline, food, water and other essential goods provided to everyone. Such a large mass of unemployed people led to the lowering of wages and increased competition for jobs. The impact of the global economic downturn during this difficult period added to the problems. (Middle East Institute, Dec. 10, 2010, report on Refugee Cooperation) The U.S. created the refugee crisis, which left more than 25 percent of the Iraqi population displaced by sectarian violence. Yet it accepts the lowest number of refugees and has donated less than the cost of one day of the war in Iraq toward U.N. relief costs. U.S. sanctions on Syria have increased the economic dislocations. end quote. As for people "going to the West" this is merely a result of the history of Western colonialism and imperialism, and is called the "brain drain" which is again a legacy of colonialism and in actuality is also modern day neocolonialism. http://revcom.us/a/189/BA_quotes-en.html Quote- ow I can just hear these reactionary fools saying “well Bob, answer this. If this country is so terrible, why do people come here from all over the world? Why are so many people trying to get in, not to get out?”... Why? I’ll tell you why. Because you have f***** up the rest of the world even worse than what you have done in this country. You have made it impossible for many people to live in their own countries as part of gaining your riches and power. end quote. In video form, with one expletive used be warned.
  5. Your completely wrong. And actually since you bring it up, it was largely the Serbs who did the most collaboration with the Nazis in WWII. Read about the Chetniks for example. http://en.wikipedia....s_collaboration A photo of Serbian Chetnik fighters in WWII with Nazi German forces in Yugoslavia. Also other Serbs who collaborated with the Nazis in WWII included: ZBOR fascists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZBOR "Serbian Volunteer Corp" of the Nazi SS http://en.wikipedia....World_War_II%29 Nazi Chetniks of the Pecanac Chetniks http://en.wikipedia....87anac_Chetniks And also during WWII Serbia was led by a Nazi backed Serb regime called "Nedic's Serbia" led by the Serb Nazi Milan Nedic http://en.wikipedia....edic%27s_Serbia http://en.wikipedia....ilan_Nedi%C4%87 Serbian leader Milan Nedic (who gives his named to Nedic's Serbia) meeting with his ally Adolf Hitler There was also a special Serbian led Serbian Gestapo (of the overall Nazi German Gestapo) that the Nazi's called the Serbian Gestapo http://en.wikipedia....Serbian_Gestapo The actual strongest force against the Nazis in the Balkans turn out to the be the Allied support (specifically Soviet Russia of Stalin supported) Communist Yugoslav Partisans of the Croatian Josep Broz Tito (aka Marshal Tito) http://en.wikipedia....Josip_Broz_Tito The Communist Yugoslav Partisans of the Croatian Tito included mostly Croatians but also a large amount of Bosnian Muslim fighters; particularly Tito's Communist Yugoslav Partisans had a section of fighters called the 16th Moslem Partisan Brigade under Tito. http://www.thecommen...treachery-3925/ A photo of the anti-fascist, anti-Nazi 16th Moslem Partisan Brigade of around 15,000 Bosniaks aka Serbo-Croatian speaking Bosnian Muslims fighters under the Croatian Communist leader and resistance hero Tito's command. But in the 1990s NATO and the US used al-Qaeda to commit imperialist crimes against all the people of the Balkans particularly today's Serbs. The Zionist Jews actually collaborated to a larger degree with the Nazis! http://www.ihr.org/j...4p29_Weber.htm Zionism and the Third Reich by Mark Weber See the Haavara agreement of 1933-1941 between Nazi Germany and the Zionist Jews! A Nazi-Zionist coin from the Haavara (Transfer) Agreement! Haavara (Transfer in Hebrew) Agreement between Nazi Germany and European Zionist Jews: http://www.codoh.com...n/inconhaa.html There was also the Nazi allied Zionist Jewish Stern Gang or "Lehi" that included future "Israeli" Likud PM Yitzhak Shamir as its leader. http://en.wikipedia....th_Nazi_Germany Document of the Zionist Stern Gang making an offer of alliance to Nazi Germany in 1941: http://articles.lati...30_1_stern-gang Also another great series of videos on Zionist Jews collaboration with the Nazis and Mussolini's fascist Italy; done by author and historian and anti-Zionist Jew Lenni Brenner (who wrote "51 Documents Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" http://www.counterpu...3/51-documents/ and http://www.counterpu...-on-amazon-com/) Also any group that had beef with the mass murdering imperialist "Allied powers" especially Britain or France sided with the Nazis and Axis powers in WWII (i.e. the enemy of my enemy is my friend); and that was the correct move anybody in the "Third World" fighting murderous British and French colonialism should have done at that time. For example there were Armenians in the Nazi SS because the Soviets occupied Armenia and Armenians wanted to be free from Soviet control; see the Armenische Legion of the Nazi SS: http://en.wikipedia....menische_Legion There were Indians (from India) in the Nazi SS, because these Indians want to fight off the murderous colonialist British occupation of India. See the Indische Legion of the Nazi SS. http://en.wikipedia....Indische_Legion We are also lied to about WWII; it was simply an inter-imperialist World War (http://libcom.org/hi...war-howard-zinn) And the evil colonialist "Allied powers" especially Amerikkkan and colonialist Britain killed far more people then any of the Axis powers (including Nazi Germany) did. http://www.countercu...polya230109.htm "Churchill's Crimes From Indian Holocaust To Palestinian Genocide" The imperialist Amerikkkans genocidal bombing of the German civilian women and children of Dresden, Germany, aka the Dresden Holocaust. http://www.rense.com...ral19/flame.htm Also for real information on the supposed "holocaust" aka the holohoax from WWII http://www.codoh.com/ CODOH Revisionists or "The Committee For Open Debate on the Holocaust"
  6. I am a Twelver Shi'a Muslim. I'm simply speaking the truth about the crimes al-Qaeda Wahhabis committed against the people of the Balkans particularly Serbs (Serbs who were then massacred and brutalized by aerial bombardment genocidal terrorism of al-Qaeda's owners in the imperialist US and NATO). All the anti-Serb propaganda is really pathetic and again nothing but completely false concoctions of the lying Wahhabis, al-Qaeda, and the Amerikkkans/NATO imperialists. http://www.globalres...&country=Serbia (A great archive of truthful articles on Serbia and the former Yugoslavia) http://www.globalres...text=va&aid=692 NATO War Crimes: Remember Srebrenica — a.k.a. ‘So what if we globalized Al Qaeda!’ by Julia Gorin al-Qaeda terrorist (backed by bin Laden himself who visited them) at work in the war Quote- Srebrenica Muslims "ravaged and ransacked neighbouring ethnic Serb villages," continues Kliphuis, "killing and maiming the residents, who were often too old to offer any resistance….The Serb villages were then set on fire." After his role in killing up to 2,000 Serbs, Oric himself fled Srebrenica just before it was stormed by the Bosnian Serb army. end quote. http://www.globalres...ext=va&aid=5847 "Still Slandering Serbia Manufacture of news, faithful service on behalf of powerful interests" by George Szamuely al-Qaeda terrorist fighters/criminals in Bosnia again backed by the imperialist NATO criminals
  7. The Islamic world and especially the Middle East will not be united, as Imam al-Mahdi (as) will reappear to fight the Dajjal (even Sunni sources tell us the Dajjal's followers will be lovers of Uthman ibn Affan) and the Sufyani who will be the leader of the Wahhabis that will more then likely be in the Middle East when Imam al-Mahdi (as) returns. http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/mahdi/en/chap10.php Quote- The Nawasib shall be the actual followers of Dajjal - Sufiyani ... Now who will be the follower of Dajjal be according to Sunnies themselves? Its answer is that: إن خرج الدجال تبعه من كان يحب عثمان "When Dajjal appears, his followers will be the lovers of Uthman" Mizan al-Eitadal, Volume 2 page 107 Translation No. 3031 Sunni scholar Yaqub Fasawi sought to cast doubts over the authenticity of the chain of narration in this tradition which incensed the grand Sunni Imam Dhahabi who stated: “That is what al-Fasawi rejected from the hadiths, no one did so before him, and if we follow such scruples we would be rejecting many correct Sunnah just because of wrong illusions” Not only Dajjal but Sufiyani will also be a staunch Uthmani/Nasibi as recorded by Imam Qurtubi: يقوم في أهل دمشق فيقول يا أهل دمشق : أنا رجل منكم و أنت خاصتنا جدي معاوية بن أبي سفيان “He shall address the people of Damishq: ‘O people of Damishq, I am from you and you people are special to us. My grandfather was Muawiyah bin Abi Sufiyan.” Tazkirah Qurtubi, page 693 Sufiyani being from the filthy progeny of Muawiyah and Dajjal’s followers being the lovers of Uthman it is no surprise that these two entities shall come into conflict with the followers of the Ahlubayt (as) and this continue to be the case until their Imam Sufiyani appears and is defeated by the final Imam from Ahlulbayt (as). end quote.
  8. You are correct. Africa had great civilizations like ancient Egypt (Kemet), the Kingdom of Kush in today's Sudan, the Songhai Empire, Timbuktu in Mali, etc. Colonialism and imperialism (along with European's stealing Africans as slaves) are the main reason for poverty on the African continent today. This Western imperialism and neocolonialism largely continues today with the US and other imperialist Western powers continuing to prop up puppet dictators and corrupt elites to do the West's bidding in different African nations. Also geographic is huge and this point was most clearly explained by a US academic named Professor Jared Diamond who wrote a masterpiece book called "Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies" http://en.wikipedia....erms,_and_Steel Jared Diamond proved what he calls the "geographic luck" theory, a National Geographic television special was made on Diamond's book "Guns, Germs, and Steel". Islam is for complete equality of the believers, Islam is completely against racism. And again there is no such thing as "race", "race" is a completely unscientific arbitrary social construct. Also what we considers whites today all evolve from black Africans, as black Africans are the original people as all science shows. On a religious sense Adam (as) and Eve (as) may have been black Africans or they were created in the heavens and then sent down to earth later; someone can bring what the Ulama say on this.
  9. I think your confused, the prisoner release that the Iran-Contra affair of the mid 1980s deals with is not the release of US prisoners in Iran; from when Iranian Revolutionaries captured these US spies in the US embassy the US controlled Shah allowed in Tehran during his dictatorship/monarchy. The prisoners being released in the Iran-Contra affair (for Iran to be allowed to purchase some US weapons, specifically TOW anti-tank missiles) were held by Iranian backed Hezbollah in Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990 and were mainly Amerikkkans and French. For example one of these Amerikkkan prisoners was a guy named Benjamin Weir in Lebanon http://en.wikipedia....i/Benjamin_Weir who was captured by a Shi'a Muslim armed group in Lebanon calling itself Islamic Jihad Organization (http://en.wikipedia....ad_Organization). There is a debate whether Islamic Jihad was simply a nom de guerre (or war name) for Hezbollah or whether it was a separate Shi'a Muslim group in Lebanon that then joined with Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad's leader is suppose to have been Shaheed Hajj Imad Mughniyah (ra). Islamic Jihad Organization (backed by Iran) in Lebanon particularly targeted Amerikkkans and French in Lebanon (again during the Lebanese civil war still) in the 1980s for capture as it was the imperialist US regime and France that were among those most heavily arming Saddam's Iraqi invasion of Iran.
  10. Hezbollah are the only people fighting to help the Palestinians be able to return to their homeland of Palestine (but I'm sure you espouse absurd Wahhabi propagandist claims that Hezbollah actually allegedly "works with Israel" to keep the Palestinians in Lebanon from fighting "Israel"; this is a very common Wahhabi claim that is hilarious in both its absurdity and falsehood!) Hezbollah always campaigns for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to be given more rights and to be treated better (alongside fighting to help them regain their land in Palestine that the Zionist invaders stole), but Lebanon has a very diffused confessional political system and the Maronite Christians (who have disproportionate representation and power in today's Lebanese political system; as compared to their minority of population today in Lebanon) who have right wing fascist groups like the Phalagne among them work hard to continue to oppress Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. So it is both Zionist "Israel" and right wingers among the Lebanese Maronite Christians that have the blame for the situation, first of course with the Zionists stealing Palestine and ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people from their homeland and then second with the right wingers like the Phalange among the Maronite Christians (Phalange are pro-Zionist and have ties with "Israel") who use their political power to stop any progress of more rights for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
  11. It is not a "double standard" at all; the current Syrian government is popular as the huge mass rallies in Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Homs, and every other major Syrian city confirms. President Bashar al-Assad is beloved by the majority of his people and the people want a process of comprehensive reforms from within; and the government is working on that and the true opposition is making sure these reforms progress as well. http://www.champress...cle/view/101892 "Sources: Russian solution bid with Syrian opposition yields 4 PM names" (these are real opposition members that met with a Russian mediation group to try to bring everyone together for dialogue) In Bahrain it is a US backed Wahhabi absolute monarchy with a King (in this case the puppet King Hamad ibn Isa al-Khalifa) and a "royal family" (the al-Khalifa's) who are not even from the island of Bahrain to start with (they are from the accursed region of Najd in Saudi Arabia, exactly where the al-Saud family comes from as well). The monarchy in Bahrain doesn't even have a "Bahraini military" all they have is foreign mercenaries they purchase and then bring in to serve them from among Sunnis in Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, etc. Also the Bahraini monarchy had to officially have another nation, the Wahhabi monarchy in Saudi Arabia, use their Saudi military to invade and occupy the nation of Bahrain and crush the completely unarmed protesters (who had nothing but signs and Bahraini national flags). In Syria the Syrian military is having to fight heavily armed al-Qaeda terrorist fighters who have the support of the US, Zionist "Israel", other Arab monarchy's and most of imperialist Europe. The armed terrorist insurgencies in Syria and Libya are both imperialist Western plots being spearheaded by the al-Qaeda terrorist ground forces of NATO and the West (read on al-Qaeda's Abdelhakim Belhadj in Libya who with NATO's assistance commands and controls the Libyan capitol Tripoli today; and see Ayman al-Zawahiri of al-Qaeda's leadership and "spiritual" guidance to the al-Qaeda terrorist rebel gangs in Syria). A photo of just one of many funeral processions for the brave Syrian military and security force martyrs (most of whom are Syrian Sunnis) that have been slain by heavily armed al-Qaeda rebels whom Wikileaks has confirmed are US regime backed!
  12. The Serbs were murdered and lied against by the imperialist NATO criminals; and your sickening "heroes" in the Balkans were all al-Qaeda terrorist criminals that not only slaughtered innocents but also stole Serbs organs and were involved in global human organ trafficking. Read about the al-Qaeda "KLA" which stands for the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" which is nothing but a genocidal mafia. http://www.bbc.co.uk...europe-14706242 Refuting your Wahhabi lies against the oppressed Serbian people http://www.globalres...xt=va&aid=13130 "Serb Demonization as Propaganda Coup" by Edward S. Herman Quote- ... caused the onetime head of the U.S. intelligence section in Sarajevo, Lieutenant Colonel John Sray, to state back in 1995 that America has not been so pathetically deceived since Robert McNamara helped to micromanage and escalate the Vietnam War.Popular perceptions pertaining to the Bosnian Muslim government.have been forged by a prolific propaganda machine. A strange combination of three major spin doctors, including public relations (PR) firms in the employ of the Bosniacs, media pundits, and sympathetic elements of the US State Department, have managed to manipulate illusions to further Muslim goals. end quote. What the imperialist US got out of destroying Yugoslavia and committing genocide against the people of the Balkans was a massive foreign military base (actual the Amerikkkan Empire's biggest foreign military base) called "Camp Bondsteel" in Kosovo. http://en.wikipedia..../Camp_Bondsteel http://www.wsws.org/...2/oil-a29.shtml "Camp Bondsteel and America’s plans to control Caspian oil" A photo of some of the many US and NATO supported al-Qaeda terrorist fighters in the Balkans that committed terrorist atrocities in the Balkans (note Osama bin Laden visited them in the Balkans himself personally) More reality refuting Wahhabi terrorist liars
  13. Some very important history from back in the 1990s of the links between al-Qaeda and the imperialist US and NATO in their genocidal attack against the oppressed Serbian people and the innocent Muslim people of the Balkans as well. "Al-Qaida's Jihad in Europe: The Afghan-Bosnian Network" that included Osama bin Laden A very good movie on what happened to Yugoslavia (aka Yugoslavia was destroyed by the US government and US based banking cartels like the IMF and World Bank) The truth about the Wahhabi terrorist den called "Srebrenica" http://www.globalres...text=va&aid=731 http://www.globalres...text=va&aid=750 Destroying the Wahhabi myth of "Srebrenica", where al-Qaeda terrorists were hiding and murdering civilians from. Also read on the "KLA" the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" which was and is an al-Qaeda connected group that is involved in not only mass murder and rape; but also in worldwide drug trafficking and human organ theft/human organ trafficking! http://www.guardian....like-mafia-boss http://www.globalres...es/BIS111A.html al-Qaeda KLA in Kosovo involved in human organ theft and illegal human organ trafficking with Zionist "Israel"! http://www.presstv.i...ail/155676.html 'Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade' News video on the "Kosovo Liberation Army" KLA which admits it is part of al-Qaeda and their crimes of human organ theft and trafficking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYPO0nMnXdk More about al-Qaeda's KLA so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" More information that refutes the false claims of al-Qaeda and their US and NATO supporters in the Balkans. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2000/aug/18/balkans3 Serb killings 'exaggerated' by west Claims of up to 100,000 ethnic Albanians massacred in Kosovo revised to under 3,000 as exhumations near end
  14. No I am not, I am a Twelver Shi'a Muslim but I greatly respect my brothers and sisters from the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
  15. I have never seen any information or sources linking Manucher Ghorbanifar (who was in and I believe still is in France) to Imam Khomeini (ra). From what I've seen and read, Imam Khomeini (ra) simply delayed releasing the prisoners/spies (whom the Iranian people captured at the den of Shaytan, aka the imperialist Amerikkkan spy embassy in Tehran that the US formerly had under their puppet the Shah before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran) as another slap in the face of Jimmy Carter! Basically Imam Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (ra) was just getting in one last jab at Carter (as Carter had supported the Shah and refused to give the Shah back to Iran so the Iranian people could enact justice against him i.e. execution for the Shah's crimes) so Imam Khomeini (ra) waited until Carter was no longer the "President" of Amerikkka and released the prisoners the first second that Reagan was then the new Amerikkkan "President". Meaning Carter never got the prisoners released on his watch lol!
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