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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes that's exactly what I said. Even if she completely lacked Hijab it has nothing to do with how well she can judge. Just because she doesn't follow a specific ruling it doesn't mean that she doesn't understand the meaning of that ruling or other rulings and can't make judgements based on those rulings. People do not always practice what they understand and know to be right. Her hijab has nothing to do with her passing a judgment when a person has stolen something, or there's a custody battle, or murder or whatever... Again I ask the question: do all male Muslim judges follow the Shariah 10
  2. Nice move! I hope Iran is next! You think all the male judges in Islamic countries follow Islam 100%?? Her hijab has nothing to do with how well she can judge based on Sharia laws.
  3. Funny thread.. First of all to those of you who said things like it's his hormones talking etc.. that's not a very nice thing to say. Remember there is a person with feelings and pride behind the screen. Secondly, to the OP: You are saying you see men all around you committing sins because their wives don't make themselves available to them. And your solution to this problem is to marry other women temporarily. Is'nt the more obvious logical solution to FIND OUT why their wives are avoiding them and to solve the ROOT of the problem rather than cause a whole lot of other problems that com
  4. When that happens to me it's usually because I have committed a sin or have been persistent in committing a sin, either consciously or out of ignorance... So just try to find out what you're doing wrong, and stop yourself.
  5. ^ Netanyahu IS paranoid, irrational and a lunatic. But not enough to bomb Iran. Unless they attack with a nuclear bomb which would be highly unlikely, It wouldn't take long for Iran and Hezbollah to wipe Israel off the map, for good. Iran is not another Iraq or Afghanistan. -- I just noticed, you have a very weird username. I have a feeling that there is more to these new sanctions than meets the eye. Iran has probably negotiated some deal behind closed doors in return for allowing these sanctions to be implemented without Iran showing a drastic reaction and leaving the talks. Iran unders
  6. I was just wondering if that's what she believes. I'm not here to argue for or against the enforcement of hijab. On one hand I acknowledge the social aspects of it and the need to make it mandatory. On the other hand I think that the way some Iranians wear it is a huge disrespect to hijab.
  7. So under the ruling of Imam Mahdi (as), do you think hijab would not be mandatory? Just like London, Tehran has good and bad areas. I personally feel 10x safer in Tehran than in London.
  8. This took me a good few minutes to read! ای دلبر ما مباش بی دل بر ما --- یک دلبر ما به که دو صد دل بر ما نه دل بر ما نه دلبر اندر بر ما --- یا دل بر ما فرست یا دلبر ما ابوسعید ابوالخیر
  9. Can you also ask what food they are serving? If it's Indian or Pakistani food then I'm not coming. So bloody spicy!
  10. The officials should abide by the constitution and should therefore believe in Islamic government, WF and leadership of Khamenei. I'm neither a Hojjatieh nor an Akhbari. I don't have a problem with the concept of WF if implemented correctly. My problem is with Khamenei who has created a system which is unable reform itself through criticism..and look how this mentality has been passed down to his followers; you must either be ignorant or doing it out of fashion if you criticize.
  11. Fixed your spelling. You and Hawra should both leave this thread to me.
  12. yeah it can't POSSIBLY be because the Iranian government and the rahbar actually make mistakes!
  13. I would feel insulted if I found out someone is talking to me for the sake of it and is not actually interested in what I'm saying. So my advice is be yourself, don't try too hard, and if you genuinely don't care what your cousin has been up to, don't ask!
  14. Are you talking about saying salam to a stranger or an acquaintance?
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