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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dude. Your screen name sounds so shadyy...

  2. (salam) how do you open a private conversation?
  3. (salam) So I'm allowed to download them but im not allowed to copy them. Seems fair enough
  4. Salams

    Don't worry, I'll start a private conversation and invite people to it.

  5. I was wondering if downloading torrents are haram or not?. It is a form of filesharing but it is against the copyrights. How legit are copyrights?
  6. AsSalamo Alaikom. How i start a private conversation and invite people to it?

  7. Aselam alaikom Thank you Bonafide Hustler and Calm for the advices you had given me. Zareen, I read the link you posted, and even though i agree with you, don't you think it is taking along time for it to get reviewed? Please understand that it is the only solution to relieve some pressure is by talking about it and reading the replies from the people here with their ideas. would you please talk to the (BSC) and let them review it faster? Thank you in advance Allah me3ach
  8. Thank you S.a.b I will continue with school. I have one more semester left and thats it. Thank you so much for your suggestion though, really nice of you to offer your help. May Allah be pleased with you

  9. I posted something on the mutaa section and an admin named zareen locked it "for review". I was getting good advice and wanted to thank and discuss couple of things with some people who posted on it but i can't. Why is it that you say "locked for review" but youdon't actually review it. so do i start a topic everytime i want to reply to some people?. She suggested that i read a link she posted and i read it and it is no where near to what i was looking for. She didn't even post a reason as to why she locked it.
  10. I wanted to reply on your topic but its locked. I just wanted to give you suggestion that if you don't want to go to school at that age you can do G.E.D its is equal to high school degree. I don't know if Canada offer it or not but here in states lot of people do it. Good Luck

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