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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. AOA,

    how do u do ?

    I like ur profile by the way ..

    Why Talib Johary ....u can ask me any Question I will reply as per our Shia fiqah ....which u can even confirm from any Ayatullah/Mujtahid.

  2. Shadi jaiz hai ,there is no any hadith of Imam ki gair syed se shadi haram hai, u can ask this question to any ulema

  3. plese give your views on my topic

  4. plese give me your view on my topic

  5. i want to ask same question from allama talib johri and want more information about this . can you help me in finding the email no or any contact number of him?

  6. i am agree with your reply and very happy k koi meri trhan bhe sochta hy. i belongs to a syed family but im agree with your reply . my family is against with the merrige of syed and ger_syed but i belives that fazilat ke buniad taqva hy . bibi fizza ko kitni fazilat hasil hy ,. hazarat bilal jo habshi thy unen ahlebet ny kitni respect de hy . islam zat k nizm ko nhe mant to kun hamary han ye concept bchpan sy bchn ko dia jata hy k ger sy shadi nah jaiz ger ko niaz nhe dyne ger sy km taluk rakhny han etc.. r u belongs to syed family?
  7. what is ur openion Syed lrki or gersyed lrky ke shadi jaiz hy ya haram . Reply me with solid reason and references.
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