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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamu Alaykum I am like that as well. I give my all for others, I don't kow how to do less than that. I came across this quote and loved it,Im sure you will too... "People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway." — Mother Teresa
  2. Hahaha this is gold. Alhamdullilah for communicators like him.. and it's always nice to hear a brother stick up for Hijab.
  3. Salamu Alaykum Wearing sandals with socks defeats the purpose I think, and it looks weird. I'd rather avoid it all together.
  4. MashaAllah ! I really felt each line. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Are you Chuck Norris ?
  6. cupcake22


    Once upon a time... I enjoyed this cheerful rhyme. Now sadness, That's what I feel, To realize none of it is real. Why are we fed lies? Fooled by what we hear with our ears, And see with our eyes. I fantasized, Hoped deep inside, That one day my fairytale will finally materialize. But Now I realize, I was being hypnotized.... They call it make-believe. They make us believe what we perceive, is the perfect story we can all achieve, But inevitably, time kills the magic, And It's rather tragic, To lose faith in fairytale love.... When all I ever wished for, Was an ending with laughter, To have my own... Happily Ever After.
  7. Salamu Alaykum I have to say, if you are going to dance it is most probably going to look sexual in some way, whether you mean to or not. On the extreme side, I have been to occasions female only and it is like women are bursting to show their girlfriends their sultry moves. It made me feel so uncomfortable and weird. And the way they dress is inappropriate .that's not right at all. I love dancing but to a limit. my intention isn't to act sexual, but to have a good time and get my body moving. However its going to look sexual bcos the female body is designed to be sexy! I have to agree with Scholars that have ruled it as an obligatory precaution.
  8. Salamu Alaykum That Hadith upsets me :( :( Trust me, I know it's haram I have acknowledged it many times, but fail many times in persevering without it. I have read a lot about music, I have read Hadith, and I totally agree that the songs out today are way immoral, however I can't seem to stop "enjoying" it, even if I know the lyrics are against my principles! I also do listen to latmiyat, nasheed and most importantly Quran.. I love them and I can't do without them either, I get a lot of spiritual uplift from them, they're nothing like music! I understand that... And I'll always have religion as my first priority, giving more of my mind, heart and soul to Allah... BUT music gives me like a creative, emotional outlet as well. I enjoy music that has good lyrics mostly, and classics. I don't feel like a bad person when I listen to something which isn't so "bad" ... But then what would I know! God knows best. I pray I'm guided to what is good for me rather than what takes me away from Allah.. Another thing is after a tiring day, or if I have had a headache of a day, I like to play music and think of something else, and enjoy myself. Its hard to smile sometimes and if music is going to lift me up so I can strive on with getting important things done (eg I'm not listening for selfish lustful reasons), I think it helps me in a way. Thanks for your replies !
  9. What has come to be after the choices you made, Can only be what's meant to be, Its your destiny God has laid. What could of, should of, would of, has passed, Trust in what IS and forget about the rest, After all this is a test, Are you succeeding or failing? Are you trying your best? These ought to be the thoughts to determine your choices ahead. And worry not, the future looks bright. What will be, will be, With so much to do, so much to see, The spiritual journey, On the path that is right.
  10. Salamu Alaykum I love music. What do I do???? I love listening to it, I love dancing to it, I love singing it, I love the words, I love the beats, it's fun and makes me feel good! I've tried to stop, convince myself all the wrong things about it, but I still can't help it. Anyone here the same???
  11. Salam sisters! I've been thinking a lot about Hajj and Ziyarat, and really would love to take that step to do something so pure for Allah swt while struggling.. And its a sincere feeling for myself alone and for Allah swt, not to impress anyone. Anyway, I'm single in my 20's and i haven't been 'religious' all my life, I'm still not perfect, but I do all the wajib acts now like prayer fast wear hijab charity etc hamdillah :) only thing is I still slip up sometimes, and maybe cos of my age and single lifestyle I can't commit to doing everything right. Like I might still listen to some music which I'm fond of the words, or attend weddings which are mixed with music, or sometimes I might not be wearing complete shariah clothing (although I am close). I've been improving myself starting 3yrs ago, and that's when I wore Hijab too hamdillah. So I just wanted to ask you all for your thoughts ? Do you think I will have a change of heart if I go to Hajj and I will improve myself when I come back so I don't conciusly do any sin (even if it's small)..? or will it be OK if I'm atleast trying to do better and learning more about Islam, and will change when I'm ready, and I go to Hajj because inshallah I have the pure intention, and Allah swt wants us to go if we have the means...? I hope you all know what I mean lol PEACE :)
  12. Mashallah I really loved the piece of writing Beauty of Concealment and Concealment of Beauty. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Salammu Alaykum, It was quite a mission for me to find a job! I would hand in or email my resume, and when i was called for an interview and met them in person It was awkward... I was confident in myself, my experience, and my knowledge, however because of the lack of *positive* education out there about Islam and hijab, the employer feels confused and doesn't know how to accept you,... Especially when females in the workplace are *normally* using their bodies, looks, flirty behavior to do business, because ofcourse, sex sells. Hamdillah I have a job now after being drilled to meet ALL head employers (I recently asked a very attractive non hijabi how long it took her till she got the job? And she replied saying only after one interview with HR.). Honestly, there are days where I want to scream! lol. My fellow collegues, most of them, find it normal to pick on the opposite sex in a supposedly funny flirty battle of the sexes in the workplace. Out of all my jobs I've held in the past, this environment has got to be the most supercial. I'm not exaggerating, the females only ever talk about weight loss, hair, makeup, fake nails, shopping, and the most *important* whinging and gossiping! I feel releived hamdillah that I'm not like these woman, and although it makes my hijab (inner and outer hijab) a struggle sometimes I'm happy to do it. I want to make a point! And truly feel empowered with my modesty; even if they look at me like I'm the stupid one for covering up my beauty. Theyre content with being an object of desire and I'm content with being human. :D Anyway, what ever job you do get, or are finding it hard to get, it might be a struggle in one way or another with Hijab, however trust me we are blessed and the struggle is worth every bit of the way! And if you feel like you're not respected because of a simple cloth, then you're better off not work with such ignorant people... I'm considering changing jobs lol maybe pursue some more studying... Im feeling dumbed down because of work lol :P Wasalam ;)
  14. cupcake22

    Night Sky

    This is beautiful! I love the emotion and sincerity you've put into it... And im sure each believer can relate to it... Well done (:
  15. You want me to tell you, Yet you dont want to hear! Don't ask me for the answer, If you can't ask the question! You run away hiding, When nothing is following you! You fight hard against it, When it's nothing to fear! You're determined to make it hard, When it's simple and straight forward! Why are you going in circles? When the path is clearly shown! Why are you being stubborn? When you have been given an opportunity! - - - Ya Allah as I reflect in my misery, I pray you help my soul... There is a big part of me is missing, And I feel the internal hole... That which prevents me to surrender to You, Completely, as a whole... I will forever be my own frustration, Because self perfection is my goal...
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