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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hey thanks for everyones reply, i've sorted the problem out and also i think some of you misunderstood me its not because he's my cousinthat i dont want to be with him its more then thats its a bit complicated any way i left my future in gods hands, and god knows best
  2. hi i wold like to know how i can delete my account, posts and topics that i have started, if deleting an account cant be done i would like to know how i can change my user name and also delete a topic ihave started thank you, help would be appreiciated
  3. i went to iraq december 2009 and my cousin proposed to me, i didn't want him but when i told my aunty (not his mum) that i dont want him she was upset with me so then i said yes okay i will accept him and i went on saying this for the duration of the time we were there, before we left iraq i told my aunty(not his mum) that i dont want him and she really got made so i told her i was joking and i do want him. when i came back to australia he kept calling me and all and i then told my mum that i dont want him anymore and that i never wanted him and im not sure if im in the wrong because it is my life and i cant see me having a future with him because he doesn't me anything to me other then my cousin and know my aunty his mum and the other one are angrey with me!!! what should i do? is this my fault??, am i in the wrong for not wanting him??? P.S: my mums friends brother proposed 2 me and i accepted (but were not engaged yet )and im not sure how to break it to them sinse they still think that they can persuade me to want my cousin. :unsure:
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