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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Aleykum, It funny to say the least that the questions started out in a very good way, for example the brother had good decorum, but after the first response, he flipped the switch. brother, if you aren't ready to accept evidence, don't investigate. It's that simple. No ones believes has nothing to do with the discussion, matter of fact, everyones answers came from sahih books. That should let you know that these brothers/sisters know if not alot SOMETHING of what they are talking about, alhamdullilah. BTW.. I'm sure some of you are very bright.. I just said that for arguments sake!:) Anyhow, in any discussion you must understand that there will be differences. I suggest you get the book "Then I was guided" by Muhammad al-tijani-al-samawi. He was a Sunni who converted after years of research. My family was also sunni and my father converted first with my brothers following like 3-4 years, and then me. The only reason I was later in the ball game and was sitting on the bench for the longest was because I rarely cared for religion. I was sunni, but heck, I didn't even know who shias were. Alhamdullilah, Allah guides who he wills. Anyways, I don't need to give you a history of my life, just a lesson. This man tackles many issues in his book. BUT beware.. there is a PREREQUISITE to the book. I only ask you have a clear and open mind BC w/o that his words will be of no value. Anyhow.. coming amongst those your age might belittle you alittle for it seems they know more about your religion SUNNI than you, but reading a book in the corner of your room.. you will feel no ridicule. Anyways.. Just read the book. It's ramadhan, so take advantage of this blessed month. Inshallah, Allah will guide us all. Ramadhan Mubarak and I hope that first week went well for all of you!
  2. Assalamu Aleykum, All jokes aside, why do we have to call each other dumb and insult one another? If someone wants to make a point.. why not let them w/o having to insult them? That's not healthy because it doesn't get anywhere. If more sunnis on SC are becoming Shias, alhamdullilah, that's AMAZING! But, if there are some that are reluctant, help them.. provide information.. debate.. IF after everything they still want to hold onto their believes, then pray for them. We don't have to insult each other. That's not how bridging the gap btwn shiasm/and sunnism is going to work. We can never unite IF we attack each other. One group has to let go for the other. If a sunni person insults you take it as a cmpliment bc they probably don't have anything better to say. And if a shias person insults you, remind them that neither the prophet NOR Imam ali did anything of the sort and aren't they to follow their example. Come on guys. Lets be mindful of one another! Assalamu Aleykum
  3. Assalamu Aleykum bro/sis, You put that very eloquently. I am so happy, that you were able to find the truth for yourself, alhamdullilah. May Allah always guide us in our endeavors. Notice, they only hide what they are afraid of. It's a shame that even till today the prophet's family is being oppressed, but inshallah, it's not about numbers, being the amount of followrs, but the amount of FAITHFUL followers. Allah knows best and let's all just make Dua for each other and hope that Allah guides us and helps us and makes us see the truth and not be afaid of it, inshallah.
  4. I have been on Ebay relentlessly. Lol. Can't seem to find anything. I did find a painting, but it was rather cheap so I am not sure of the quality. I live, well I will be living in Maryland/DC area soon, so as you can see I am nowhere near London. I will be in London in Dec, inshallah, so I would definitely love to catch out those stores!
  5. There is NOTHING specifically special here in the states, however, in Muslim populated areas I'm sure they a lot of things. For me, Ramadhan is MOST special with my family. We pretty much talk and discuss things leading up to iftar, then we break fast.. then we talk and discuss more! Than it's bedtime! Lol. Are there special things that you guys do? I always wondered how muslim countries celebrate this time!
  6. Assalamu Aleykum All, Hope you are all well! I was just wondering IF any of you knew online stores that have Shia Islam art.. for example calligraphy.. paintings.. perhaps wall clocks? That's the main thing I"m looking for. My parents told me of a store that had the 12 Imam names on a Wall clock.. BUT I don't have access to that store so I was wondering if any of you knew any online stores?? It would be very helpful bc I will be decorating my house soon and the wall clock would be a perfect touch. Thanks in advance!! Ma3asslam.
  7. I actually didn't think that this topic wasn't talked about. I'm sure it was. My original reply was stating that I didn't think it's right. And that was in response to the original post. However, touching up on your response, for me, capital punishment should be for something bigger than adultery. I am NOT saying that adultery isn't a crime.. more so against Islam, what I am saying is, to take someones life, they should have done far worse. And regardless, I don't even like the death penalty. Personally, I think ONLY Allah should decide when a persons time has come. BUT again.. it's my opinion.. I guess every govt. will do whatever which they please. In the end.. everyone will still have to answer to Allah. May Allah have mercy on us all.
  8. Here, we are not talking about malnutrition. We are talking about what's going on in the topic. Somethings you can help and others you can't. That's why Allah tells us to give zakkat. Because we are mandated to help when we can. All I'm saying is.. I don't agree that Islam condones executing or stoning as part of religion for someone who commits a sin. If you kill that person, HOW are they EVER going to ask for forgiveness and repent for the mistake that they made. They will already die with their sin without asking Allah to forgive them. Personally, and it's MY own opinion.. I don't think it's right. Period. You are free to disagree, but that's pushing it to me. Just because it's an Islamic nation and they FOLLOW Islamic law (or what they perceive to be Islamic law).. does NOT mean that they are free from mistakes or what they are doing is right. But like I said.. it's my own opinion.. and I'm free to think as I wish.
  9. I don't know if it's just me.. BUT i don't like the idea of Islam being associated with actions like that.
  10. I don't disagree... trust me.. I LUV the idea of going out the BOX... just some people are like that. They believe there is no reason why u wud need to do that.. if there are suitable ppl within ur relations. Why BOTHER going out to look.. when they are already available.. you know.. thats their mindset.
  11. OH MY WOW! Being a small church or NOT.. this is going to be bad! I really hope and pray it doesn't happen.. BUT honestly.. is burning the Quran going to change our faith? Really.. no! Let them burn whatever they want.. and we will pray for their souls. I have christian friends and they are NOT like these two idiots who run this parish or the parishioners. Some people have a brain.. and they tend to think for themselves!! If anything.. they will give Islam so much attention.. it will get people to actually LEARN about it.. and end up converting!!!!! We just have to be strong and not react in a crazy way. Let them do what they gotta go. In the end.. in this life or the next.. they will pay for it. We should all try to be kind to each other no matter what. 2 wrongs don't make a right. I hope that if this does happen.. there isn't a retaliation from this Islamic community.. because it will just get more ugly. Inshallah.. believers and NON believers.. let's all try to remain peaceful individuals. Allah knowz best!
  12. CRAAAZZZYYYYYY..... I don't really think its right either.
  13. some would say that there are ppl here already who share your same values.. cultures.. WHY go outside of it.. some ppl think that. I'm not saying I do.. I just know that some do.
  14. Assalamu Aleykum, I was going to comment to that person, but you beat me to it. I think it's a sis, though. IDK. Well.. MY parents are first cousins.. and so are my grand parents on BOTH sides.. I have like 18 aunts and uncles from one side.. my grandfather had another wive.. and on the other side I have 9, I think.. i lose track sometimes (you could imagine whyyy). lol I have TONS of cousins and had 13 siblings.. one died when she was younger... like 4 weeks.. idk what was wrong with her. BUT my family is as CLEAN as a whistle... science talks about many things... HOWEVER doesn't mean they need to be right about everything!! I don't have any family members who have ANY type of mental retardation OR deformity. I don't have a preference EITHER way.. I like to mix cultures.. that's why I married OUTSIDE of my culture and background.. BUT.. honestly.. I don't really fall for the science behind it. There are PLENTY of mentally retarded and deformed children born to ppl who aren't cousins!!! I think more than cousins.. ALTHOUGH... that's just my opinion.. so DON'T quote me on it.. lol But yea.. I am neither for or against... my sister is married to her cousin(my cousin too) and the only problem they have is my oldest niece has exsema.. and that's because HER dad has a BAD case of it.. that's it!!!! Either way.. people have married there cousins waaay before us.. and they will marry there cousins WAAY after us.. heck.. its considered so nasty here in the US.. BUT some states ALLOW it.. how about the irony of that!!! anyhow... people can do whatever which they choose.. Allah knowz best!!!! :)
  15. I would say that if you are very SERIOUS about her and thought about getting married... you should DEF take the above advice VERY seriously. I think this brother(sry if i"m wrong in your gender) really makes some gd points. You have to think about all these things whenever marrying outside of your religion. If she is devout, that means she would probably want to raise the kids as christians.. and IF she traditional.. it would make it hard to raise them as muslims because she would be home with them more than you. It's important to thing about these things. I think there are plenty of nice muslim sisters out there. I'm sure you could find a nice one.. however, if you decide that this is the girl you want.. then you are going to have to take a lot into consideration. Goodluck to you bro. Inshallah, Allah will guide you and help you figure out whats best!
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