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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well hasanhh, dont know how Ludicrous you or others find my Experience but here it is. I will just write summary instead a long post. 1.Because of no physical activity, my immune system was very bad. 2. One night a Jinn attacked me and damaged my nervous system. 3.It was able to inflict much damage in the first place because of my weak immunity. 4.After few weeks my friend took me to Clubs for the first time but as an introvert I never liked those kind of places. Once I did I started to like going there(Haram I know). 5.Soon after Jinn attack and many days of listening to Loud Music in Clubs, I found out I had an inflammatory disease. 6.Only good thing I got out of this is my faith in Islam increased because of this as music is a very big sin. 7.In my case just Music cant be only thing which accelerates that illness as million go to clubs for years and stay fine.
  2. Loud music has part in causing these disorders if you have a weakened immune system.
  3. I have known about him since more than a year. He also had a discussion with Bayt al Ghadeer team of London. Now obviously salafis cant handle anyone who presents a different view so Sunn Defense channel has been posting content against him. NOT surprised.
  4. Salam Alaykum. Just warning that this post may be sensitive to viewers. Warning that Just sharing what occured to me and hope it doesn't happen to others. I thought of writing "brothers only" in topic title but thought then sisters also can learn from this. Maybe some of you wont think it's true and may find it funny. Ok so I was just driving at night and had to take a leak. I did it under a very short tree. Next morning when I woke up, I felt a burden inside my neck. The feeling you get when someone is literally holding your neck and I was feeling extremely thirsty. I drank large amounts of water and lemonade soon after I woke up. It was winter in New York and was very cold. I was in my room and felt my forehead started to sweat and I just couldn't believe I was sweating when it was cold. Another symptom was that it was really painful whenever I went to bathroom to let my urine out. Just a terrible experience. This Pain in neck, extreme thirst and not feelin hungry but just thirsty went on for 3 days till I went to a doctor and they just said it's some kind of viral infection. Then later I realized it was a jinn that attacked me because of what I did under that tree. I dont know if this fact is important or not but I was not really religious or a ideal Muslim during those years. I hope you brothers and sisters can take lesson from this and be cautious.
  5. Just try to stay busy. Doing nothing makes mind house of devil.
  6. Isn't apostate the one accepts Islam and then leaves it? Not talking about born Muslims.
  7. Anxiety might have to do with environment of place where you live. I moved to a different city and I started to experience it.
  8. Well I am not sure in which book its written about origin of term "Rafidha" but Rijal Scholer kashi writes that when some people came to Imam Muhammad Baqir while he was with his brother Zaid bin Ali. They said we revere Ahlul Bayt but also revere shaykhain, Zaid bin Ali said you have cut off/dissociated right of Fatima and called them "Batriyya."
  9. This is a very good news. A great progress in ocean cleanup system:
  10. Shiekh imran Hosein believes that Barrier is located in Caucasus Mountains in a place called Darial Gorge but is now destroyed as yajooj majooj have been released. He has also revealed Travel path of Dhul-qarnain(عليه السلام) which is between Caspian and black sea(so basically Caucasus mountains Range). You can do more research on this subject yourself too.
  11. Good job at derailing the thread. It's clear you think you know every bit about people.
  12. Why are you showing rude attitude to @AkhiraisReal? And do YOU know what's going on in Everyones head?
  13. I feel reluctant to post on these kind of topics but I guess I will this time. People are more likely to let go of a habit if they find out the real damage it causes and also depends If they can deal with that kind of loss or no. I hope you know that excessive masterbation can cause nerve damage and erectile dysfunction. Do some research on its side effects brother. I know it's hard to get married these days. Many people just want a high earning dude with every kind of degree who can spend a fortune on the wedding.
  14. Wasnt Mufadal bin Umar one of most reliable companions of Imam Jafar?
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