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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well I am not sure in which book its written about origin of term "Rafidha" but Rijal Scholer kashi writes that when some people came to Imam Muhammad Baqir while he was with his brother Zaid bin Ali. They said we revere Ahlul Bayt but also revere shaykhain, Zaid bin Ali said you have cut off/dissociated right of Fatima and called them "Batriyya."
  2. This is a very good news. A great progress in ocean cleanup system:
  3. Shiekh imran Hosein believes that Barrier is located in Caucasus Mountains in a place called Darial Gorge but is now destroyed as yajooj majooj have been released. He has also revealed Travel path of Dhul-qarnain(عليه السلام) which is between Caspian and black sea(so basically Caucasus mountains Range). You can do more research on this subject yourself too.
  4. Good job at derailing the thread. It's clear you think you know every bit about people.
  5. Why are you showing rude attitude to @AkhiraisReal? And do YOU know what's going on in Everyones head?
  6. I feel reluctant to post on these kind of topics but I guess I will this time. People are more likely to let go of a habit if they find out the real damage it causes and also depends If they can deal with that kind of loss or no. I hope you know that excessive masterbation can cause nerve damage and erectile dysfunction. Do some research on its side effects brother. I know it's hard to get married these days. Many people just want a high earning dude with every kind of degree who can spend a fortune on the wedding.
  7. Wasnt Mufadal bin Umar one of most reliable companions of Imam Jafar?
  8. What do people know about love? Imam jafar Sadiq has said love should be after marriage. My advise is people should wait after marriage for such things.
  9. Cast system is haram in Islam. There is only identity so we can know each other. Sayids should be respected because after all we recite their ancestor's shahada but not to the point where it crosses the limit in venerating them. Many of people claiming to be syeds are fake anyway so there are few real ones.
  10. Well it's a good thing that he is exposing these people who cause fitna. Thats who they really are. They constantly deceive Muslims. There foul words should not go unchecked.
  11. He is just a wanabe Muslim. A fake Muslim. Why are you concerned about what these khawarij mentality people say?
  12. Luckily the cat survived. The street I lived at had many Feral cats running around but it was first time it happend to me. @starlight, Maybe it was just a coincidence who knows. It has to be more than just a black cat crossing your way, like an accident. Doesnt a concept of evil eye exist in Islam? And I heard there are some ways to ward it off? Like not telling others about your happiness or working till you sweat a little bit.
  13. Actually it almost got killed under my car. Obviously you have to change your views if something like this happens. I never believed in these things before that incident. Constructive reply @Propaganda_of_the_Deed
  14. I know a that black cat has something to do with facing a misfortune. NOT saying in anyway that they cause bad stuff but it's just a sign that you about to be in bad situation as it did happen to me.
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