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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa Alaykum Al Salam, no I am not Abdullah Hashem but I do watch his films :)

  2. (salam) I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I've spent too much money on unnecessary things like buying PS3 Games, celebrating my grand birthday,etc,etc.. I feel kinda regretful about it, and I know it's obligatory to pay Zakah and Khums.. in fact it's VERY important.. The problem is that I've never done so. I just turned 20, and right now I have approximately 800USD in my bank account. I spent at least 350USD on that stuff, and now I hope to pay around 300USD in Zakat, Khums.. I don't know who to pay it to and how.. If there's anyone who lives near where I do, I could really use your help.. Jazakallah
  3. (salam) Bro, I think most of the Shi'a here who are willing to make a contribution to the Ahlul Bayt(as), are already preoccupied with their own projects. You should personally contact those users who know both Farsi and Arabic. Add them on MSN and keep contact with them. Sooner or perhaps later, some of them would start to work with you. So personally reach out to them, because I don't think advertising around like this would help. May Allah help you in your cause bro.. take care
  4. Wsalam!

    See you around.. ;)

  5. Salaam bro!

    thanks for the comment bro! ;)

  6. (salam) Thank you for sharing.. May Allah(swt) bless your efforts
  7. Salam bro, It's 'Guardian' from Y!A...

    Welcome here! :)

  8. Cool! I like Naruto, Death Note, etc as well. Though Gintama is THE best Anime EVER!! :D


    I didn't know about that because i did not read the last 2 chapters of Bleach since It got pretty boring and the Anime was catching up..

  9. A Bleach fan like me. Cool :D

    Btw, I think the way the manga ended was one SUCKtacular way to end it...

  10. Thanks bro for your love. You can contact me on slaveofali@yahoo.com.

  11. (wasalam) Well, I've loaded It from Gravatar. I've uploaded Pictures of different Sizes and Dimensions on Gravatar, and my Avatar stays the same. Do you know any other way I can upload an Avatar (besides Gravatar)?
  12. (wasalam) I don't think It's wise to create certain scenarios for which abandoning Wilayah takes you out of the fold of Islam. Like I said, you could use the same excuse for Non-Muslims who are ignorant of Islam and not make Takfeer on them. The point is simple: If rejecting one pillar of Islam, i.e. Nabuwwa, makes you a Kaffir no matter what the circumstances, then why can't this be applied for another pillar of Islam, Wassiyah? Why do we keeping making excuses for those who reject this fundamental part of Islam?
  13. (wasalam) I've tried that and It's still the same. Is It because I've loaded it from Gravatar?
  14. Salaam brother, are you Abdullah Hashem?

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