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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. from experience with doing muta because i thought that the brother and i would end up getting married and that didnt happen.... i suggest you dont do it. it's not haraam or anything (if you have fathers permission) BUT trust me... there is this feeling of regret afterwards. I wish I didnt have this past that I either have to tell my future husband about or keep it to myself forever. I wish that my future husband could be the only person that i'm with (even if i'm not the only girl he's been with). So for me its not even as issue of sinning/ being impure or whatever its just a longing to have waited and inside i feel like i have no worth and that i don't deserve a really good brother.
  2. as salaamu alaykum

    sister I wanted to talk to you but you don't have 50 posts yet and you haven't been on in awhile. I hope you're doing alright inshaa Allaah. Please comment on my page next time you come on because I'd like to exchange email addresses =]

  3. Alsalalm alikum,

    How are you sister?

    Do you need any help?

  4. haha that is right around the time that i became shia :) and masha'Allah to you for being a double convert.. thats awesome! that must have been quite the struggle. I haven't told my family of me being shia yet; i brought it up to them once and they flipped out, so i'm just waiting it out for now.

  5. I officially became shi'a in summer of 2009. What about you? I read that you became shi'a in college? That's also what happened to me lol

    I'm a double convert, raised Christian in an American home.

  6. I am planning to do this and would like to hear your stories. Especially Arab families...
  7. yup yup :) when did you become shia? where are you from ethnically?

  8. saw you visited my page =]

    I'm a sister btw, it doesn't say that on my page.

    I see you're also a sunni to shi'ia convert.

  9. It says invitation only.. how can i get invited?
  10. salaam, can you please delete my account? please it is very very important and it is an emergency.

  11. hahaha thank you for the inspiring / funny story :)

  12. Asalaamu Alaikum, I am a sister who has come to find and accept Shia Islam, alhamdulillah. I am 100% content with this decision, i know its the truth. However, everything has been so overwhelming lately. My family is Sunni and my mom cries so much when i try to tell her... it seriously feels like i'm ruining her health. She wont talk to me and she cries so much, so i tell her that i changed my mind and that shi'ism isn't right for me. Some time has passed since this last happened and i've been content with just hiding my Shi'ism from everyone who isn't Shia, but now I can't stop thinking about my future. I've had both sunni and shia guys offer marriage proposals... and I don't want to marry a Sunni. But my parents wont let me marry a Shia ( and his family was even against marrying into my family). I feel like nobody wants me... the shia side doesnt and the sunni side doesnt either because they are suspicious of me being Shia. I feel like i'm about to throw in the towel and just become "just muslim"... be nothing... stop caring. what else am i supposed to do........... I try and try but i just can't gather the courage to talk to my family about this again. Sometimes i wish i never found it.
  13. Salam

    I m from Karachi has done my O Levels

    I m looking for a friend .................

    So if u consider me den ........ contact me

    Take Care

    Allah Hafiz

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