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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam-o-alaikum: For those who wish to know how the Peace Caravan shall reach its destination: a major purpose of this exercise, besides taking much needed food and medicine to Parachinar is to focus people's attention on this 5-year old siege. The caravan, to this extent, is like the Gaza flotillas. All are welcome to contribute in shape of material, money and prayers, but only those who can knowingly take the attendant risks should accompany the caravan. The federal and provincial governments and the media have been informed, and it is expected that armed forces and media shall accompany t
  2. At least now people pressure has some relevance in Pakistan. If this had happened 10 years ago, Raymond would have by now been sitting in his Colorado ranch rather than Kot Lakhpat jail.
  3. Interestingly, the Punjab Chief Minister lives in the same block where this mosque is located, and there are much more road blocks around his residence, but no protest!
  4. Salamun alaikum brother.

    Just saw one of your posts of 2007 regarding majalis in lahore. So just wanted to ask if u know where Maulana Zaighamur rizvi sahab is reciting majalis this year?


  5. 10 have escaped and 40 have been released after it was determined that they were not Shia. Remaining 10 are still held by terrorists as they did not have National Identity Cards which would have indicated whether or not they were Shia.
  6. I am a relatively infrequent visitor here for quite some time, so it was for the first time I viewed this thread today. I respect the right of all who have participated above to express their views. As a follower of Islam-e Muhammadi (sawas) I believe that we should have openness to accept the others' right to their viewpoint, and at the same time find logical bases for our own beliefs so as to strengthen our conviction therein. We should realize that something is not correct just because "I" happen to say so. That is what Satan believed. Now let me share some of my views and some facts with r
  7. Bab ul Ilm Foundation is inshaAllah arranging majalis-e aza as per following programme at 102-E, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan: Dates: 9th to 13th May 2010 Time: 8.30 p.m. Speaker: Maulana Syed Hasan Zafar Naqvi If you are in the vicinity, do attend. The majalis shall subsequently be uploaded to www.karbalawaley.org
  8. Special Analysis Report of Shiite News on PML-N Leadership association with outlawed terrorists organization SSP Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) has sacrificed its election manifesto to secure support from a pro-Taliban and pro-Al-Qaeda sectarian terrorist outfit in the bye-election for a vacant seat (PP-82) of Punjab Assembly from District Jhang. First, one must know what the PMLN said in the manifesto for Elections February-2008. Extremism and Terrorism is 8th point of 22-points manifesto that was released in December 2007: "The number of people with an extremist mindset in Pakistan is
  9. Unlike some earlier discussants on the thread, I do not feign to be an expert of Ilm ur Rijaal and would not be able to determine if a hadeeth was "trash" or treasure! Having said that, let me quote this hadeeth of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that I heard from Maulana Mirza Sadiq Hasan in a lecture on Sadaat-e Karaam ki Qurbaniyaan (Sacrifices of Noble Sadaat): "Respect those from my progeny who are pious for Allah's sake, and the others for my sake." Fiqh differentiates treatment of Sadaat as regards Sadqa (haraam for Sadaat) and Khums (half restricted only to Sadaat from the progeny of Imams (as
  10. On the point of Dr. Siddiqui supposedly being one who has learnt Qura'an by heart, what is intended to be implied? There were huffaz in the army of Yazid ibne Muavia (la'anat Ullah alaihim) as well. Being huffaz does not per se make their other actions positive.
  11. Two questions: if Dr. Siddiqui was just another Muslimah going about her daily routines, what possible motivation(s) did the United States or their Pakistani henchmen have to pick her out of over a billion Muslims for abduction? her protagonists say she was abducted in March 2003. If this is so, why the silence till 2008 before publicizing/protesting her abduction? An observation: She has been convicted by a jury of her peers in accordance with the law of the country where she has faced prosecution, with the right to appeal. I do not deny the right of those Pakistanis who protest against th
  12. W/S Yes, he went to Karachi immediately upon hearing of the twin blasts. It was addressed by another aalim.
  13. S/A..

    someone has asked questions on MWM.. i thought u might be the best person on Shiachat to answer it.. link to thread is below

  14. Facebook Page of Maulana Syed Hasan Zafar Naqvi
  15. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a Blast......Enjoy !

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