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  1. can someone post the link where I can watch live ?
  2. I didn't want to reply to this topic again, but I have to speak up over here. Forgive me for being rude to you Smoking cigarette to decrease libido is the worst advice I have ever come across. Furthermore, not many girls would marry smokers. sistani doesn't like it as well http://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2060/ a shisha once in a while, okay.. but not cigarette addiction . Do you how harmful that is ? Are you aware that appoximately 7 people die in a day ,only in 1 canadian province because of cigarettes ? that makes millions of death just because of that. simpy no. If you can, delete your post.. this is the worst advice ever
  3. all ladies must have this perfume : smells like heaven. At the begining, it smells like the shrine of Imam Hussain, then it smells like flowers and it stays on you for a very long time time, when the smell is about to fade, it smells like clean laundry :D
  4. salam Alaikom I don't understand your question, you said that you took off your flip flops and walked to your room, is that right ? if so, i don't see what's wrong in it
  5. where you born in the year 2000? that's new generation over here =D welcome
  6. This is the caricature [edited] Mod note: I am very sorry sister; I cannot bear to see that cartoon of our saviour on this forum.
  7. Buy all three !! They're really nice . :) The green one is like a set, I like it. The one in gold has the word ''Allah'' in it, I wouldn't be comfortable wearing it when I'm not in Wudhu ,but its really nice- I'd chose it if it wasn't for the wudhu .
  8. Accept every circumstance that you're in and you will find happiness ^_^
  9. Hello, sincere people should stop labelling themselves as Muslims, christians or Jews. A hijab is not a religious sign, its a clothing that represents modesty and can be worn by any woman. On world Hijab day, many women of different faiths have worn a Hijab, some people of no faith continued to wear the Hijab until today because it is a modest clothing. I don't mind wearing the nun's uniform, and I don't mind being mistaken for a christian, because I know that the covering I am wearing is not a symbol to send a message to the people or to show off my religion, but a clothing of modesty to please my creator. covering the hair has never ever been an Islamic invention - It was there even during the pre-islamic era.
  10. do we have the same brother ? cause my brother is the same exact thing ! :P i just hope he doesn't read this cause he is on shiachat too lol (although he is a quiet member)
  11. I've been wanting to go to Iran ,but Canadian embassy does not give visa's either. We had to go through a longer process and to get it from the states.. I didn't end up going to Iran
  12. Anisa! why are you copying me :P i swear i was just looking at eye contact lenses last week and the search continues until today some brands that sell natural contact lenses that i'm considering - Fxeyes Although the price is high, i am willing to get a job and purchase these, because they really look natural on you. -Desio (I put it on second because when someone gets closer to you, they know its a fake eye contact)
  13. Edited :) If islam did not exist (if the prophet hadn't received a revelation) What religion would you follow and why??
  14. For born Muslims: If you were not born as a Muslim, would you still research and convert to Islam? If not ,to what religion would you be more drawn to ? For already converts : If islam did not exist, what religion would you follow ? why? For non muslims on this website : which religion are you most draw to and why? I'm editing all this because its too complicated I find , so let's stick with one question If islam did not exist (if the prophet hadn't received a revelation) What religion would you follow and why??
  15. best friends type of marriage works better if its in a love marriage rather than an arranged marriage,( but i personally think that both can equally work successfully) ..In addition to being best friends, the couple had to know eachother before getting married for at least 3 years , the study suggests.
  16. I would like that more christian women wear the head covering. Hijab is not limited to only Muslims. I hate how its being limited to only muslims now and that i am easily being labeled as an extremist if I wear it. make hijab more universal, every woman could wear one to be more modest.
  17. these brands are like 2000$coats . only a millionaire would own one.
  18. Its true but the world does not differentiate between those groups.. When i go out with a hijab wrapped around my head, receiving so much criticism and insult, no one knows that I'm shiite or sufi ,or whatever .. they just assume that I'm a conservative Muslim. Some even say that Hijabis are the extreme one's and non-Hijabis are the good moderate one's . that's why I'm concerned .. if it was not for the religious symbol i wear on my head, I probably wouldn't have cared .
  19. for those who read french, please go on this link to check some caricatures that Charlie Hebdo made.. I'm sorry,but they go above the limit, in the sense that they are criticizing jews and christians.. People with the hashtag '#JeSuisCharlie'' are blind http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2015/01/07/les-couvertures-les-plus-controversees-de-charlie-hebdo
  20. The first imam who condemned this attack was a Sunni Imam living in France.
  21. This was charlie Hebdo's latest edition , a caricature depicting Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (though its unclear if its actually depicting Al baghdadi, or is it depicting a random muslim) .I will translate it below . 'Still no shootings in france ? hold on, we have until end of January to send our prayers'
  22. great posts sahar!! keep it up

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      JazakAllah khair, my dear sister. It is all His grace, alhamdolillah. I only hope I can do justice to whatever truth I have come to learn so far.

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