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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Some scholars believe that it a forbidden act per fair that you may worship the prophet , that's why in ancient mosques, there are only calligraphies and not drawings , but i still like the shabe-e me'raj drawing that was made in teheran (the one that Yoel just posted).
  2. The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." - Steve Furtick
  3. That person is so organized :D these are not a lot of missed prayers . Just pray once a day a missed prayer until it gets over
  4. and you are the salafi guy that killed charlie ..
  5. btw guys i'm not carrying a grocery bag, i was just kidding :P
  6. you're carrying a grocery bag too ? guess we're in fashion ^_^
  7. I can relate. I don't like being asked where I'm from just because I have a Hijab, even if I'm coming from Immigrant parents . It just causes trouble.. nothing personal. But trouble like language barriers . For instance, they assume if my parents are Iraqi that I fully understand 100% arabic, including all dilaects , egyptian, algerian, lebanese ,(which I don't) Then they speak to me in their language and I just end up nodding my head, pretending I understood lol
  8. Whatever you chose to buy, avoid real fur due to animal cruelty . I would go with the 'north face' or 'tommy hilfigers' . These coats are super warm I have a Canada Goose, but i really regret.. I just hope they didn't actually kill the animal and that they just got the fur out of him and let him live after wards :no: I'll probably sell mine on the internet and buy a cruelty-free coat instead.. I feel bad wearing Hijab and a Canada goose.. People think how cruel can these muslims be !! lol
  9. can someone post the link where I can watch live ?
  10. I didn't want to reply to this topic again, but I have to speak up over here. Forgive me for being rude to you Smoking cigarette to decrease libido is the worst advice I have ever come across. Furthermore, not many girls would marry smokers. sistani doesn't like it as well http://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2060/ a shisha once in a while, okay.. but not cigarette addiction . Do you how harmful that is ? Are you aware that appoximately 7 people die in a day ,only in 1 canadian province because of cigarettes ? that makes millions of death just because of that. simpy no. If you can, delete your post.. this is the worst advice ever
  11. all ladies must have this perfume : smells like heaven. At the begining, it smells like the shrine of Imam Hussain, then it smells like flowers and it stays on you for a very long time time, when the smell is about to fade, it smells like clean laundry :D
  12. salam Alaikom I don't understand your question, you said that you took off your flip flops and walked to your room, is that right ? if so, i don't see what's wrong in it
  13. where you born in the year 2000? that's new generation over here =D welcome
  14. This is the caricature [edited] Mod note: I am very sorry sister; I cannot bear to see that cartoon of our saviour on this forum.
  15. Buy all three !! They're really nice . :) The green one is like a set, I like it. The one in gold has the word ''Allah'' in it, I wouldn't be comfortable wearing it when I'm not in Wudhu ,but its really nice- I'd chose it if it wasn't for the wudhu .
  16. Accept every circumstance that you're in and you will find happiness ^_^
  17. Hello, sincere people should stop labelling themselves as Muslims, christians or Jews. A hijab is not a religious sign, its a clothing that represents modesty and can be worn by any woman. On world Hijab day, many women of different faiths have worn a Hijab, some people of no faith continued to wear the Hijab until today because it is a modest clothing. I don't mind wearing the nun's uniform, and I don't mind being mistaken for a christian, because I know that the covering I am wearing is not a symbol to send a message to the people or to show off my religion, but a clothing of modesty to please my creator. covering the hair has never ever been an Islamic invention - It was there even during the pre-islamic era.
  18. do we have the same brother ? cause my brother is the same exact thing ! :P i just hope he doesn't read this cause he is on shiachat too lol (although he is a quiet member)
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