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  1. No why would i be kidding? i own several designers including Chanel and Hermes. Its the best of investments. I always resell them at a higher price. i also own two houses and financially well off (Alhamdulilah) . I always travel business.. sorry im not to brag but if i ever marry, it will be with a financially successful man too who is a provider.. some people are triggered by what i write because you represent something that you obviously want to be.. a lot of people want to be at that place, its just standards. If i can trigger you then im powerful. women in general are a luxury , you need to be able to provide the mahr that she wants if you want to earn her respect ( and also provide provide!! Especially if she is a divorcee, the prophet told you to spoil divorcees and widowed women)
  2. I understand! I was being sarcastic:) because the brother mentioned “ i will get a sunni girl they dont demand a high mahr”. I love sunnis and don’t make a difference
  3. Wait so there is a set amount of how much a girl should receive whether she is a divorced, a widowed or whatever? Brother, we don’t follow Iraqism, we follow Islam. but now that you gave me this info, i’ll make sure to tell any divorced lady not to accept an Iraqi man as he might be financially abusive since according to that culture, divorced women are expected to be lowballed , especially if she left a marriage due to a husband being abusive
  4. our Ahadeeths encourage women to set the standards high, ladies, don’t be shy to ask for Chanel bags and trips to Umrah. It’s a man’s job to provide if men can’t afford shia girls, they can get something cheaper like a sunni woman, like a user above suggested , but i mean, women in general (both divorced, widowed, sunni and shias) especially from the gulf countries have higher standards.
  5. I had to play the snake ladder to find this topic. I didn’t know there would be a different thoughts topic every year lol
  6. Omg i am obsessed! I love this scarf. Its so beautiful. Keep wearing it! i ordered a beige Lv scarf but it won’t look like this, mine is more of a winter scarf.
  7. Your wife has been cheated on .... with a sex worker.. If you want her trust, you need to give her at least a million dollars, the same amount of money you spent on sex workers times 100. Also you need to take an STD test your wife will probably never trust you again, its better if she moves on with her life taking care of YOUR kids while you pay her child support instead of paying these sex workers
  8. Once a cheater, forever a cheater. I have no empathy for you, you should have gone to counselling before going to a prostitution worker and given her your money. It seems like you are begging for a second chance? Go to counselling and seek spiritual help
  9. LOL this was funny!!! I'm excited to see you still here!!
  10. Salam ! I am back too! Feeling nostalgic
  11. Do people still go on shiachat? Lol i haven't been here for so long

  12. Salam. so this isn't really a question, I guess i just need to gossip about somebody and I dont know who to talk to because I dont want to talk behind other people's back. I figured it would be okay to post in here since everyone is anonymous so I was qualifying my clients for a house purchase because that's what I do for a living, I found out through their income and taxes that they were making over 100K a year in profit. They had a lot of cash in their home that was not claimed in their taxes. I got to know these clients from the shia community , they cooked food for Aba Abdillah for Ashura and they distributed it amongst the people in the community. My issue is that they used FOOD STAMP SNAP GOVERNMENT to buy the ingredients to cook the food and give it to people. They also owed the butcher guy money and they refused to give him. I asked how did they qualify for food stamp since they're not supposed to if they make this much.. They were like "oh we just applied and told them we don't have any money, it doesn't go into the system and no one will know" . i mean, is it even okay to cook for Imam Hussain using government money knowing that these people are super rich? Mind you, we were talking about million dollar transactions.. Anyways sorry for being mean. I know i should be minding my own business but this is bothering me. Did i just eat the food that was meant to be spent for actual poor people ? is the system that messed up that we can easily scam it ? also for those of you who aren't in the US, food stamp is a program that is given to low income people to help them buy food from groceries.
  13. What if someone took the Johnson&Johnson vaccine? Its not a mRNA one
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