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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Which state are you in? Do you think you are qualified to buy a house? As long as you have a 2 years of work history, you can get a house , i can help with this. Yes most rental places require 3 x the income, but the real problem is that there aren't enough space in those apartments, I've had clients who paid for the application fee and never got a call back because not enough empty units . I wouldn't mind living in a motel if i was a single man who carries, but its not suitable for women or families with kids. you can find a private landlord too going back to renting an appartement, how much can you afford to pay? I know places that are flexible with the income criteria. Message me so i can work something with you
  2. This looks extremely interesting! Go women in engineering! I'm sure you'll get picked for the remote position . Sending prayers
  3. Did you get the job? and congratulations on passing
  4. In regards to the community, you don't need to join a mosque. I'm born-shia, living in the USA now and I've been secluded from all mosques, i completely understand when you say that they're not welcoming if you're not "from them" , i can relate .. plus, its covid so you don't want to mix with people either. Shiachat.com is a great online community and you'll always feel welcomed here
  5. That's so cool. Where can i get a special ring like that?
  6. Yes this article speaks some truth. May Allah guide us all in the straight path
  7. Married is almost considered as a form of worship. It is highly recommended if not wajib in some cases. Just make sure you marry the right person
  8. I'm not active on social media much, but i run Facebook ads
  9. You'll make a great lawyer. I see you're very determined and you are so passionate, you will find a way to make it to law school. (Lawyers are good liars too ;) lol jk!) Im not too familiar with the British education system but your whole story would make a good scholarship application. If i was the judge, i would grant you the scholarship especially seeing that you've done your best to convince your parents and you've shown them you had control financially. I don't think your parents have a problem with you going into law school, I think they had a problem with the cost involved with it. Just keep doing whatever you are doing. You'll get there and they will be proud of you on your graduation
  10. Today was my love's birthday!!! Love him so much! ❤️❤️❤️ He runs behind me and calls me "Mama" . My baby just turned two
  11. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to your grandma too! may you live a long and healthy life with many more birthdays
  12. Salam sister! Hope you are well. I can't seem to access the sisters forum. Would you mind sending me the password on PM? Thank you :)

    1. Hameedeh


      @-Enlightened Salam, Sister. The Sisters Forum and the Brothers Forum are temporarily closed for maintenance. Not sure when the Site Admins will open them. Mods and Forum Admins don't have the passwords. 

  13. This verse would be recited during Salat Al ghufayla between the Maghrib and Isha. It is a 2 rakaat prayer to ask Allah for help. http://www.duas.org/gufaylah_new.htm
  14.  There used to be at least 300 online members online back in 2010, now there's just 5. Where did everyone go

    1. Cool


      Some got banned and perhaps most were not ready to listen to the objections raised here by shia & non-twelver on shia religious practices.

      I think most people are not willing to do extensive research for finding the truth. They think that what they believe and are doing, is the truth.

      This site is a best learning site I have ever seen, specially for twelver shias. 

  15. I just had aloo tikka burger for Take-out ! Its the indian version of Vegetarian Burger.
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