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  1. girl where you at long time !!

  2. thats it get stuffed you ape =D

  3. lol nah i dont want to kill her lol shes the one who put you on mod preview hahahahahaah LOL and nah im not abusive im a nice girl =)

  4. yeah? and whose that tell me please i want to thank her soo much for becoming your maid LOL =P

  5. loooooooooooooooooooooooool yeah alright mate shut it lol im back just staying on my profile allow the forum

  6. OMG! u r REALLY alive! I can't believe it, lol!

  7. im a straight superstar =D

  8. don't mess with my stars =) and o hi =) how you been hungry foxxx

  9. hello bacho how are you?

  10. some people are so G*A*Y

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