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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No offense taken ...but Thank you for your note..nuggeteer.gif

    That is the quality of the true Muslim. Just rewrite this poem, but think about each sentence and what it is that it is meant to produce, what purpose it is meant to inspire, and what message it is supposed to transpire.

    if you can not think of anything, tell me what was the purpose behind the poem, and i will help you to achieve it.

  2. The story is untouchable, i think you guys just need to make more effort so that it does not sound like a nursery rhyme. Poetry is not for everyone, you might need to study what poetry is about and how to carry along the message. It is not like a book which sole purpose is to carry information, rather your point is to play the keys of the heart like a piano, so that it produces the effect of the tune which rang in your mind/heart.

  3. What an hour.

    The weak become Strong.

    The Strong become weak.

    The child quickly understands something is wrong, and there is no better way to say it, but the way the child says it, the best avenue, words would not suffice.

    This is a higher level of communication, this is speaking to the angels, and the devils, and is most fluently talking to those who don’t understand a word.

    Every laymen understood clearly.

    Some of them think of you, some of them think of themselves, some of them think of others, but the tears flow all together in the same direction. The ocean of pearls, and suddenly it looks all so beautiful, what a sight, Gosh I wish I can bask in its beauty for ever.

    Beauty in the most outrages of acts. Anybody petrified of a little bit of sacrifice will not see what I see, will not be pleased how I am pleased, and would not be wishing to be in their duty as I wish to be in their duty.

    We cry, Alas!, can anybody do what you have done?

    We are not separated by time, rather we are separated by will, and duty, and persistence, and consistence, and Ahlaq, Iman, Love, truth, courage. Maybe if it was only time, we would eventually reach you.

    Praises and Selams be on to you, oh warrior independent of all, dependent on the bond of everything.

    Your time has come to farewell us again, how I wish to come with you, your visit to us was long overdue, your leaving us has always left an impression, a will, a way, but time had shown us it was indeed not that which kept us apart.

  4. Ya Husayn, your story always hurts my heart,

    your reminder opens again the mended cracks which broke in the first place,

    that once broke when it received your love in the first place, because like Ka'ba opened to receive Ali into this world - my heart opened and broke when it was introduced to you,

    it broke(opened) because it could not leave you on the outside when everyone else left you out

    alone on the sand,

    so it broke to let you inside to try to comfort you, but your pain it could not bear,

    so it cracked again

    and broke

    for as long as it remembers your name.

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