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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. no that is not true, most Muslim men dont dream about such things, i dont understand why you come with such bias and bigotry
  2. “If any of you have not the means wherewith to wed free believing women, they may wed believing girls from among those whom your right hands possess: And God has full knowledge about your faith. Ye are one from another: Wed them with the leave of their owners, and give them their dowers, according to what is reasonable: They should be chaste, not lustful, nor taking paramours: when they are taken in wedlock, if they fall into shame, their punishment is half that for free women. This (permission) is for those among you who fear sin; but it is better for you that ye practice self-restraint. And God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.” "Let those who find not the wherewithal for marriage keep themselves chaste, until God gives them means out of His grace. And if any of your slaves ask for a deed in writing, give them such a deed if you know any good in them and give them from the wealth of God which He has given you. But force not your slave girls (Arabic: fatayatikum) to prostitution when they desire chastity, in order that ye may make a gain in the goods of this life. But if anyone compels them, yet, after such compulsion, is God, Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (to them)" "...Thus has God ordained (Prohibitions) against you: Except for these, all others are lawful, provided ye seek (them in marriage) with gifts from your property,- desiring chastity, not lust, seeing that ye derive benefit from them, give them their dowers as prescribed ; but if, after a dower is prescribed, agree mutually, there is no blame on you, and God is All-knowing, All-wise" "If you fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice" "And marry those among you who are single and those who are righteous among your male slaves and your female slaves; if they are needy, God will make them free from want out of His grace; and God is Ample-giving, Knowing"
  3. if you read the books of many arifs in Shia islam you will see that they talk about this "unity" with God also if you remember that hadith where Imam Ali says that if Zubayr knew what was in the heart of Salman farsi he would have killed him for heresy and do keep in midn the hadith where the Prophet/Imam Ali says to Salamn farsi "that you have nearly become one of us the Ahlul Bayt" this should make you contemplate these issues before coming to quick rash decisions
  4. Its a shame how muslims have become, especially the Shia, they have lost all spirituality and they seek pleasure and the worldly love. They know so much knoweldge and they know what is right and wrong, but the bottom line is that they have followed their lusts. "have you seen the one who has taken as his Lord his own vein desires?"
  5. In the Quran it says if you had a slave girl says you are not allowed to be "intimate" with them , unless you marry them it really is a shame that muslims have become like this, they have become lustful and pleasure seeking, and God in the quran talks much about such people in a very negative connotation
  6. whats more important is the question as to why people want polygamy? is it purely to do with "variety" or some unfulfilled purpose, whether sexual, or personal, boredom, change , or something to do with having a full home the prophet has said, and people often forget this, "the root of all evil is love for this world" and hence they chase after the worlds pleasures, but remember and remind yourself, that the point of our existence is not the world pleasures and comforts, in fact that goes against our purpose, the purpose is to "he is successful who purifies it" O Allah, I ask You for protection on the day when property will not avail, nor sons except he who comes with a heart free (from evil)(26: 88) And I ask You for protection on the day when the unjust one will bite his hands saying: O would that I had taken a way with the messenger.(25; 27) and I ask You for protection on the day when the guilty shall be recognized by their marks so they shall be seized by the forelocks and the feet.(55; 41) and I ask You for protection on the day when a father shall not give any satisfaction for his son nor shall the child give any satisfaction for his father, Surely the promise of Allah is true.31; 33) and I ask You for protection on the day when the unjust shall not benefit from their excuse and for them is curse and for them is the evil abode.(40; 52) and I ask You for protection on the day when no soul shall control anything for (another) soul and the command on that day shall be entirely Allah's.(82; 19) and I ask You for protection on the day when a man shall flee from his brother, and his mother, his father, his spouse, and his children, each one of them on that day will have a concern which will occupy him.(80;34) and I ask You for protection on the day when the guilty will wish to redeem himself from the chastisement of that day by (sacrificing) his children, and the near of kin who gave him shelter and all those that are in the earth (wising) that this might deliver him. by no means! Surely it is a flaming fire, dragging by the head (70; 11; 16) dont people ever ponder over these verses?
  7. one other one from the Prophet which i dont know has already been mentioned, but is very relevant today "holding onto religious principals and morals will be so hard that it will be like holding burning coal, you would only be able to hold onto it for a few seconds" from the Prophet himself and another one from the Prophet "When people leave their house int he morning they will leave as muslims, but when they return home at night they will return as disbelievers/kafir/mushrik" and as you know today people struggle to hold onto religious morals and principals and people do leave their houses in the morning having done all the muslims rituals i.e pray and and not do anything wrong, but after they leave to go to work, they commit every sin in that time, they lie, they backbite, they dont pray(have no time to pray), they chase after the world, the dont lower the gaze etc and so on and so forth"
  8. it looks as if there is much light coming from his face, if i am not mistaken
  9. You want God to walk this earth? Dont you now God is already walking this earth? God is not irresponsible and in the Quran God says that God ois closer to you then your jugular vein, so you do not need to wait any longer for God to walk this earth. You need to unveil your heart in order so that you can see God , that it is which you seek A beautiful line from Ibn Arabi in the book , "contemplation of the holy mysteries" , that God said to him(talking about Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) the beloved of God journey on the Miraj: [God] says, “I only made him journey by night in order that he see the signs, not [to bring him] to Me: because no place can hold Me and the relation of all places to Me is the same. For I am such that [only] ‘the heart of My servant, the man of true faith, encompasses Me’, so how could he be ‘made to journey to Me’ while I am ‘with him wherever he is’?!” So take from it what you may
  10. Ask God to give you death while your soul and body are not yet to be disunited. So you can be like Imam Ali "A dead man walking" The death away from life is one thing, and the death of separation from body and soul is another thing, if you want to wish for death then wish for the former one, the first i mentioned. This death is also a death in which you leave everything but your still physically connected.
  11. its simple, avoid sins and resist evil of the nafs and your salat will improve also like the Prophet said, pray to God as if you see him, if you cannot see him pray knowing he sees you
  12. I dont think anybody can explain this to us, what that creature was, on which plane it was, and how it took the Prophet where it took the Prophet, we can speculate, we can try to reason, but regardless one thing is for sure, that we believe and accept it 100% Perhaps the Mir'aj was completely on a physical level, and we dont doubt that God can do anything so it is not impossible that God can create whatever do transcend whatever limits, it is God after all who created it and can break any laws God set, or allow for things which we cannot achieve based on the normal circumstances. It could have been on a spiritual level, and on a spiritual level it is more real then the physical level, the spiritual plane is a phenomenal one, it transcends space, time, and all laws, it is infinite and can take you back and forth in the future and you can enter any dimension, like in a dream, although if it happens during waking, it happens in a span of timeless space and space less time, to the person who experiences it, during its moments, it feels like it is on aplane of time, but once the person returns to them selves, it feels like it didnt happen, because that frame of space of time that it happened since it is timeless, causes the person to who experiences it to wonder about whether it did happen due to the not missing blink while it happened feeling. However the memory of its experience which becomes written like in stone int he persons mind, is proof for its reality. In my opinion i dont think that the Prophet experienced it on this level, because this is low level experience and is seen by beginners-intermediate in the spiritual way referring world, and is there to serve lesson purposes, but Allahu Alim . Anyway this is known as the arifs slep, but it has nothing to do with sleeping, it just appears that way to outside viewers. In the Quran it says that the Prophet returned and seen a caravan and greeted them, so for this reason i think this is does not belong to the second section rather to the first. Interestingly the Prophet wasnt the only one to have been reported to experience the Miraj , if you look at Ibn Arabi's story he also has his own Miraj to describe which he experienced, and he says it is accessible to everyone and everyone can experience it.
  13. tabtabai suggests that when you do something wrong, that you punish yourself so if there is something you like doing, of course it has to be reasonable, then take that away from yourself , otherwise if you dont have something which would make you feel like you are fighting with yourself to have it then fast or make a vow to give certain amount of significant zakaat, or do certain prayers, do something which makes you suffer for having done that evil also do it for a significant amount of time, if you can break a bad habit then do so which usually takes 40 days of doing something or not doing something also seek forgiveness for your sin and promise that you will never do it again, and if you do break that promise impose upon yourself a difficult punishment i.e fast for a whole year, give half od your salary to charity, pray 100 rakaat a day wake up early and do istighfaar, but do not ever break a promise you made after doing sin or you will cause yourself so much problems bottom line is make an effort to please God, so treat God like the love of your life i.e wife/gf etc same way that when you make her upset you have to go out of your way to do good to impress her, give the same treatment to God really make yourself make an impression that you are trying to please God, and never ever ever ever again go back to that sin, you must completely cut yourself away from it if you cannot think of a reasonable punishment for your self, then msg me and we can discus some suggestions
  14. paco rabanne one million is good, so is ralph lauren polo blue(although i dont recommend buying ralph lauren perfumes he is a major israel supporter) armani code black joop pour homme armani acqua di gio my favourites and as they call them , signature scents
  15. from the empirical evidence, it seems that while he died he was on his right side, according to sources he was buried alive, so i imagine he would have positioned himself to his right to face the Qiblah, and the blood came from his nose due to suffocation , and ran down his face as can be seen that his nose is bloody or it could be that he was beat or hit and split on the face, those people were the cruelest people who did this to them so there is no surprise to the way they would have handled him, and do remember this was the lead up to kerbala, so their hearts were reaching the pinnacle of evil the blood would never dry up just the same way the blood of Imam Husayn doesnt dry up in his shrine, especially since this man died for the love of ameer ul mumineen , im sure God would have honored him greatly
  16. to be quiet honest i just answered your question, i am not trying to make you believe anything, belief is between man and God and i or anyone else cannot convince you otherwise, im simply answering your questions, i do not wish you evil, nor do i wish you good, i do not wish you to be my brother nor do i wish you to be my enemy, i do not need you, nor does God need you, nor does God need me, nor does the Imam need me, all that God wants to achieve God can achieve without anyone, however i need God and i need the Imam and that is all i pursue, you are still my brother as we are the children of adam, but even that fact doesnt matter, if you are interested to know how i think i will tell you, but what you believe and what i believe is to our own peril or gain or loss, it really affects nobody, my behaviour towardds you is simply me taking a glass of water from my well and serving you with what i have, i am not affected by you in that my emotions race at your words, im am simply being me these are all titles and states of mind, and i am not trying to make you believe anything, , but if you sincerely view the efforts of people like Imam Khomeinih as individual and lone and to no purpose, well i guess we will leave it at that, however i am viewing their mean and their end, and their mean and beginning and end has sent the world in a spiral even after his death, even Lebanon and Palestine and all the world muslim or not ,knows his name and has felt his efforts, which from the main source are effects of the Imam via the training the Imams had through their teachings on this man via his Islamic learning and understanding and reading about the Imams and their lessons reaching him, especially Imam Husayn(a.s), Islamic leaders are spiritual leaders and scholars and their foundations are islamic principals and imams wisdom, that is where the outcome comes from the whole middle east and west has been affected by imam khomeinih, but that is because it is on a physical front it is so visible, its the ones that fight on different planes you do not see that also still affect you, even now as we speak these words are changing you in some way, they are affecting your ideas and understanding, however i am not trying to make any effect, i do not need to my purpose is to purify my soul and God can do with me as god pleases, i am not trying to change the state of mind of another person because only another can change his own mind and it is to his gain or loss, i answer for my actions and beliefs to God, not for anybody elses, and you answer to God for your own action i wish you good luck in that, but its impossible not to be affected when you read my words as god says 'Do you wish to guide the one whom we have sent astray?" and i am not saying you have been sent astray i am only saying with this statement from the Quran it is God who guides and it is God who sends astray, so i do not need to pretend or waste my effort in doing that which is in the hands of God , i can pray for you if you like? thats the most i can do
  17. i didnt say that at all, i dont know whether there is 313 people who are free, but clearly the time does not correspond with the moment when God will release him, however understand this and the point of my message the Imam is the final blow and the cherry on top of the cake, up until that moment there is much effort already being laid, for example Imam Khomeini was a free man, and look just what one person achieved in Iran, and look how much his effort has sent waves of shock through the world which have even surpassed his life this final war i believe is not like the other wars, it is not about one huge army verses another huge army, it is one man against the time and against the focus he puts on the front which he is facing, this is a timeless and space less battle, yes there will be the final manifestation where one huge army meets another, but this will not be the one and only occasion, and it will as it has been happening , over time, slowly chipping and destroying and changing and inspiring, almost each individual is fighting this war but some dont even know it the efforts and the change is occurring the individual people who are setting themselves free are having a huge impact on the world, and it takes time for the change to occur, but we have already passed the turning point, and know this, that thing are going up and looking good, also bear in mind that this war is not a physical war, there is many borders and fronts which are involved and these borders involve and spread from the psychical plain to the spiritual plane, many wars are being fought, and many leaders are leading the wars in many different planes, int he spiritual plane people are waking up and abstaining from evil, they are adhering to religion, they are getting more holier, while on the physical plane the oppressed are being freed, and the people are fighting until they give up their blood, on the literal plane, people are writing books inspiring minds to be free, on the media plane people are sharing truth and opening eyes , every one of them soldiers from the same army but on different fronts, changing the world , they fight against one perception, but they effect every one and every part of the world the soldiers of the Imam are not hibernating, they are already active, they have set and destroyed so many of the enemies plot, the enemy cannot even do that what they desire anymore , they are stuck and all their actions only tighten the grip of the effects just because there is not an instant transformation doesnt mean things are not happening, Iran is powerful int the region thanks to the one mans actions Khomeinih, and also Saddam has been toppled, other dictators have been toppled, people are awake, yes there is still blood being spilled, but that is in accordance with God's plan, when it is time for you to die it is time, whether your death is a humiliation or a honor is up to God, but had there been peace or oppression the time of individuals deaths takes place nevertheless as the Quran states in that verse the Imam and he Imams have been writing the strategy for this war for years and years, and Imam husayn showed this war in practice at Kerbala, all the strategy was deeply rooted with the faith and belief of Islam it is just a matter of time before this plan already in motion reaches the final moments of victory
  18. "He is successful who purifies it" Quran "be the change you want to see in the world" Ghandi The people in the west who are free to practice what they want, unfortunately have instead took to oppressing their souls with love of this world, and pleasures and desires While in the east the people are not free to practice what hey want, they are oppressed and they are experiencing ostentation and unjust persecution So the key to this puzzle is that the free people in the west first free their souls to become free from the souls chains, which then would give rise for the freed souls to gather and fight together to help those oppressed and persecuted in the world by unjust rulers become free to practice what they like, so that they in turn can then be free to free their own souls to reach Heaven this is the forumlae for world freedom, there is a free people who are free to roam the world but are unfortunately captives of their own desires, and there are a people who are captives of external unjust tyrants who stop them from practicing what they desire and in Islam "la ikrahe fid'din" there is no compulsion in religion, so they must be freed first externally before they can be tested internally for true freedom so in order for Mahdi to do what Mahdi is supposed to do, then there must arise those who are already free partially(externally) to become completely free(internally), and unchain those who are externally oppressed and suppressed by tyrants, so that they can be given an opportunity to practice freeing their own souls from desires and whims, and reach ultimate and true freedom (he is successful who purifies it) the Madi(ajtf) is a free soul, but he is only one, and he requires other free souls to come and free the bodies whose souls need to enter a battle for their true freedom remember our end goal in this life is to purify ourselves from all but God, and that is the ultimate and end test for all people whether muslims or atheists, they are constantly tested in free choice whether they want to achieve this or not, so in order for all people to have this opportunity then the world must be free from all external influence and control to take away their freedom to decide for internal freedom and soul wayfaring
  19. subhanallah what has become of Islam , each in our own way, we are destroying this religion
  20. if you would like to know what to do when the Imam arises, then you must do the first part and that is do what you are supposed to be doing before he arrives, if you do this correctly then you will know exactly what to do when the Imam arrives. The reason you dont know is because you are not doing/have not done what you need to do before he arrives.
  21. wow that is amazing, this guy should be watched, he will be performing miracles soon enough
  22. there is a hadeeth that his arrival will be announced in ever language and to every people, there will be noone who will be ignorant of his arrival
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