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  1. the last statement by the reverand is funny "this man is insane"
  2. Dont we pray in Ziyarat Ashura for the life of Ahlul Bayt and for the death of Ahlul bayt?
  3. once your dead, your finished, your "free will" is gone and God takes hold of you, all this trapped spirits nonsense is like saying that God doesnt have any control over you understand that the media does anything it can to make you disbelieve in God first they take the idea of God's power away, and once they do that they take the idea of ghosts(spirit) away and your left with an atheist who doesnt believe in anything because the idea is very easily rebuked
  4. with all due respect to everyone, the whole kissing hand notion it belongs to kings and servants from old times, its one of those things that creeped into islam, and i feel that whether somebody does it or not has no significance, although its an akward tradition people practise, respect can be shown many ways, but all that kissing hands is just taboo
  5. There is so much more spirituality in shia islam which the Sunni dont even understand or begin to understand (except the sufis), however if you try with any of the other sects(in sunnism) about spirituality, it is like telling them a new religion and they look at you with this eye of almost accusation and hate not to mention screaming bidah and kafir etc at you
  6. no offence but seriously dont spread falsehood
  7. I find that wondering about this "secret knowledge" is very disastrous for those following this path. It is definitely there, but it does not give any privileges and it is very individual. In fact it is better to think and believe that it doesnt exist so that the person who comes to their path comes with only pure sincerity, then to think that it is there and to begin to look for it. If you look for it it corrupts all your efforts. However having said that, it definitely is there, and in reality one aspect which cannot be ignored is that, everything you knew before you discover them, still applies after you discover them i.e God will is the ultimate will, so that even if you can see the future, you also still see that God's will is the ultimate will so if you try to change the present by knowing the future, the future changes nevertheless and you are punished for trying to cross a divine law. God only reveals these things in order to strengthen the faith of a person, its not given as a way to allow you to manipulate God's will. In the end everything that happens is God's will, even if some innocent baby is going to die, God will intended it that way, and that baby's death as a trial for the parents, its not as if you can intervene and make that baby escape death etc So in conclusion you find that you are back to where you were before everything become clear to you. If God wants something to happen and to honour you by showing your superiority , God can do it nevertheless, and honor you, all that esoteric knowledge stuff is just for faith and it gives you understanding, faith and knowledge, but it is only for you and in order to take you to further level of tests and faith and belief.
  8. i wouldn't have surrendered, knowing the enemy is such, i would have fought until you die fighting, even if you have to fight with a knife or your bare fists, besides what is death? except that which we are waiting for anyway
  9. even if you do it once it will cause you damage far beyond which is tolerable, dont play for even one sin is enough to take you to hell
  10. if you want to see how music is haram, then purify your nafs until you remove the veils of sight, and then you wil SEE how it is haram, until then you must take the words of the Ahlul Bayt because it is not something light to take, music and listen to it, it is synonymous to a drill to your heart as to the damage it does to your soul and nafs if you could see its evil even music used in some "halal" ways is still damaging to you, the only problem is that most dont see it do your soul a favour and avoid it at all costs, you will be thanking your self for this when you see its effect in the next life, or God blesses you with sight and illumination so you can see evil while you are alive
  11. you need to find more discreet ways to deal with these questions, and not address the "sisters" on this issue, my God there is no more moral and ethics and modesty in people left
  12. they are not true, the Imams dont act out of anger, for if they did they would be like any other human being, and not at the status of the imams the Imam prayed for forgiveness of those who were mutilating him and striking his final blows on Kerbala, so why would you believe that he would hit somebody innocent? unless the Imams was imposing divine punishment in that the slave came and confessed some sin, and the Imam acted out the punishment based on divine laws
  13. I dont think this person is genuine. Some people come from he point of view as if they are your compatriots, but really coming as Christians, Jews or Muslims from other sects, and they try to cause doubt in your mind by "reasoning" with you. Any person who is truly Shia would have no problem in understanding Imam Mahdi's Jihad, because they would be well versed in Kerbala, so they would not ask such silly and ignorant questions as this person 'posed' for the reason of them becoming "agnostic" What kind of a person has such weak faith that they would leave their beliefs on such questions. Thats like saying you went fishing, caught a whale and a shakr, but just because your third fish was a 'puffer fish' you leave the lake and label it unprofitable. Anyways i say to you, stop with all the division and disunity and do yourself a favor and look deep inside yourself and ask the question "who you really are"
  14. what i find funny about all this finger pointing and complaining how others have all the money and the rest have little or none, is the fact that if any of those people had a reversed position with the owners of all this worldly gold, they wouldnt complain or change anything, they are only compliajing because they dont have it but want it its not a fact about how the money should be wqually distributed, or that the person complaining is happy to continue to earn and live at the current economic situation he/she is in, with the condition that the etremely rich lose all thier monies and it is spread amongst the poor and hungry the only real people who can complain is the one who is ready to take further cuts to his own econimic situation in order to avoid ever becoming greedy like them, and to help those who dont have anything and are in poverty the solution suggested or the complaints is usally, "why do they have this and not me" if anyone could do something about this, the first choice would be to put themself in the postion of having all that money its not about helping the poor and needy, but its an envious snare rant
  15. broken habits that seemed impossible to break, and kept up habits that seemed impossible to follow, truth is you cannot stop either until you are dead, or you kill your nafs the hardest habits to break are those most closest to survival, such as tasty food, or eating until you are full, but once broken, they result in beautiful results
  16. if these feelings are too strong, then you need to get married, these moments are dangerous and could cause you such damage and evil to accumulate in your heart, if you have call answer it legally, get married asap if you cannot get married, then as the Prophet had said u need to fast to weaken the feelings, also when you break the fast eat only a small amount otherwise the feelings will return at night dont play with your life, or you will go down a dark path and end up perverted or something
  17. '' If women knew how men perciveve them when they look at them,they would have covered themselves with an iron armour" imam khomeinih
  18. this is beyond funny, its a shame muslims are still so backwards
  19. to all those who mentioned krav magar, i adivise that you stay away from it because their funds go towards Israel, so you literally giving them money to kill Muslims
  20. The same way that God is infinite, some might argue that we are also infinite, in that we didnt exist and suddenly came into existance is only the Dunya part of our existance We existed in God's mind, however our bringing about into this life Dunya, and our being covered in veils "We have created Man in the best of makes, then we have rendered him to the lowest lows" "he is successfull who purifies it" And our goal is to return back to that, that "fana" or annihilation or return back to God because we are after al God's spirit, which God breathed into Adam, and God never ceased to exist, same way we never were not existing, we are apart of God might be the argument The Imams have said in famous hadeeth "We are the names of Allah" So when Allah created this universe in honor of them, it was in fact in honor of himself, and it is our limited understanding of them, that is blinding us from seeing the truth, which might be that everything is a part of God or reflection of God or name of God or attribute of God, and nothing exists outside of his kingdom So there is no Me being an external being from God, because that would make a space between me and God which would in turn mean that God is limited, when God is not limited, and God is unlimited and infinte , and we all exist within the realm of God
  21. is your studying causing you to forget/lose focus on God? perhaps your studying and your life goals are making you lose sight of the goals of the hereafter and God are you missing prayers? or doing less dhikr/mustahabaat that you did before you became stressed with Uni goals? perhaps the studying you are doing and your brother seeing you so focused on it and prioritizing on is changing his perspective, and he is starting ot see it as the most important thing, in that you are also causing your brother to forget God
  22. this is so littered with bias and stereotyping of human characters as if all humans are robots regrdless od what the background is of the girl, this life and God will test her, he will put her in situations which will entice her, and not to mention the weakness of the nafs, everyone will or has already been faced and will continue to face its struggles its not about leaving the meat outside for a dog to come eat it, but people do have urges which is normal, and which is how God test people, even Yusuf(a.s) was tested with this, so its not about "beating" anyone who you think you can control via this way and here is another problem, what if the guy is some problem like some "gangster" or "ufc fighter" and you go to beat him, and he beats you anyway my point is that you cant hold people on a leash, and people will be tested with that which they love, not that which they dont care about, the sister might be tested with some guy who she finds so appealing and handsome, and no matter what you do she might fall so much in love with him, that she leaves you and your family and even the country just to be with him how would you deal with that? disown her? get her away from your family? threaten her? this is the problem with muslims today, they are passionate but in the wrong things, they are ready to kill and hate for their own pride and ego, and claim it under Islam , also damage the face of Islam , and give truth to all the rumors about Islamic women and how they are msitreated and oppressed quiet frankly if my sister wants to be a prostitute i wouldnt try to physically stop her or supress her or cut relations with her, because i know in the end she belongs to God, not to me not to my family, and eventually when we are all dead, all relations will be cut anyway, and i will be answering for myself and her for herself, i dont own her nor control her, her life is her tests whatever they may be, but i will not allow myself to be manipulated by her action sso that she causes me to sin or become proud or a murderer or even abuse someone love of family is supposed to be uncoditional, and so is guidance and giving good avice, you dont give it from a postion of hate, if you want to give guidance you are giving it for the sake of God, not for the sake of your "honour" or "pride" you dont even own yourself why pretedn to own your female relatives, God is their owner and Rabb thats all u need to remember and keep your composore
  23. i think anyone who would do any kind of physical violence, is not really protecting his/her sister, they are only protecting their own pride, and they are forgetting God's control of oeverything and trying to impose their will on fate there would be nothing you can do or shoul do, best thing would be to pray to God for her guidance so that she sees the light and returns back tot he path you cant "force" religion, "la ikrahe fid'din" and you cant even force somebody to be subjucated to the imposition of your will, besides many such scenarios have proven to always end badly with a family torn or even worse like somebody ending up in jail or dead i remember once ages ago there was a similar issue with some brother and his sister, and the lady who was been hunted by her brother because of some similar scenario wher she went out with some guy, ran towards the local mosque to seek the help of the local sheikh to protect her from her brother, who was a machete weilding maniac and was ready to strike the sheikh down in order to teach her a "lesson" anyways he was so driven with rage and revenge that he crossed all boundries, and the thing he was supposed to be protecting, he ended up being its worst and first destructor, the lady would have suffered less dmage if she sold her body for satisfaction as compared tot he damage her brother could have caused
  24. You dont just "become" altruism, it takes much purification in order for it to be natural and normal. Everything else is just pride or shame or hidden agendas or othe things. This selfness which you describe is an end result after much and much tarrying.
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